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No. Item


Election of Chairman


As there were new members of the Forum and not all members in attendance it was agreed that the Election of Chairman be delayed until the next meeting.


Members agreed that Mike Farley be Chairman for the meeting.


Mike Farley in the Chair.


Apologies for Absence / Changes in Membership


Apologies of absence were received from Brett Thorn, Sue Polhill and Hugh McCarthy and Corry Cashman.


Declarations of Interest

To disclose any Personal or Disclosable Pecuniary Interests


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 165 KB

of the meeting held on 26 September 2012 to be confirmed


The minutes of the meeting held on 26 September 2012 were confirmed subject to the following:


Item 9, County Museum Report, Paragraph 6 should read:


"Mike Farley said that the bulk of the premises of the County Museum were

actually the property of the Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society. The Trust

would take over the running of the Museum and staff in Aylesbury, as well as

the Halton site, once it was redeveloped. The Trust would not take ownership

of the collections or the premises".








Matters Arising


Mr Roger Evans advised that he had resigned from the Diocese. He said that he had tried to contact Mr Julian Mumby regarding a replacement but had not as yet been able to speak to him. Roger said he felt it was useful for the Forum to know what the Diocese was doing. Roger informed the Forum that he would no longer be attending.


On behalf of the Forum the Chairman thanked Roger for all his support.


The Chairman agreed to write to Julian Mumby regarding a replacement member. ACTION: Mike Farley


HS2 had been discussed at the last meeting and Gary Marshall commented that it had been very difficult to ascertain from HS2 what fieldwork had been done, which has been very frustrating.


Members were reminded that the formal consultation would be starting this year and that the first reading of the Hybrid Bill had been heard in Parliament.


Role and Priorities of BHEF pdf icon PDF 30 KB


Ms Shelia Keene introduced the item and asked members whether the Forum provided a valuable place to discuss issues regarding the Historic Environment or whether this was an opportunity to look for other possible options. Shelia also asked if members did feel the Forum was valuable whether there was a need to amend or review the constitution.


The Chairman advised that Mr Cory Cashman, who was unable to attend the meeting, had sent an email with suggested topics for consideration by the Forum. His suggestions were as follows:


1: Reviewing the constitution.  It is around 10 years since the constitution was agreed and I do not think that it has been reviewed in that time – does it fully reflect and have the ability to respond to contemporary realities?


2: Composition of membership.  Does the present membership always ensure fully informed responses to every matter discussed?  Some of our group have been poor attenders at meetings, often for reasons outside their control. This can handicap the ability of the committee to respond knowledgeably on certain matters in the absence of such members who might otherwise usefully inform these discussions.


3: Relationship with the 5 Buckinghamshire local authorities. How do we see this relationship and what would we say was its purpose? How well do we communicate to them what we do? Is this communication patchy both in terms of time and geography?


4: Frequency of meetings.


Cory had said that he felt consideration of the issues needed to be supported by appropriate additional information to help inform the discussions and suggested these and any other similar matters could be discussed at the Spring meeting in 2014.


Mr Richard Pushman referred to the Constitution for the Forum and said that he didn’t think the objects had changed and was still worthwhile. He suggested that the objects could however be more rigorously and consistently followed. Richard suggested that the membership and representation could be reconsidered. He queried the reason for having voting and non-voting members and said he thought this needed to be reviewed. He also suggested that information sharing could be improved.


Ms Sarah-Jane Farr highlighted the importance of effective advocacy and said that members had various experience and skills which could be effectively used for the Historic Environment.


It was highlighted that meetings needed to be focused and outcome based as officers are increasingly challenged about their attendance at meetings. It was commented that if officers received a presentation or attended a site visit it may be easier to justify attendance at meetings with employers as there is added value and also useful for CPD. It was commented that the expertise of the different members was important as those members could inform discussions.


Shelia asked if there was any value in having more interactive meetings and asked if this should be explored further. Shelia said if the Forum was able to inject vigour and purpose it could provide a rationale for the Forum continuing. Mr Nick Crank said that Milton  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Buckinghamshire County archaeology service reports pdf icon PDF 41 KB

·        Report of the Senior Archaeology Planning Officer

·        Report of the Historic Environment Record Officer


Additional documents:


Sarah-Jane took members through her report and made the following comments:


·       The County Council also recognises difficulties with HS2 sharing information about their fieldwork.

·       The County Council has commented on the Draft Planning Memorandum and the Draft Heritage Memorandum.

·       The Hybrid Bill allows HS2 to dis-apply statutory regulations.

·       Members are invited to comment on Appendix C. Please let Sarah-Jane know by the end of November if you have any priorities on the appendix. The Council would like to submit the document to English Heritage for scheduling consideration.


The Chairman enquired about the future of the Archaeological Service in County. Shelia advised that a post had been added to the structure and work was being undertaken to fill the post.


Warren asked if Hillesden Church was on the radar in relation to HS2. He said it has stained glass dating to the 15th Century. It was also commented that it is a Grade I building. Ms Julia Wise advised that there was a lot of ambiguity in the draft Environmental Statement regarding what areas they are looking at. She said that the Environmental Statement focusses on properties within 750m of the line itself. She said Hillesden Church has not fallen off the radar but that it is outside the area that HS2 is looking at.






Milton Keynes Archaeological Officer's report pdf icon PDF 390 KB


Members noted the Milton Keynes Archaeological Officer’s report which was circulated to members at the meeting (copy attached to the minutes).


John Brushe asked for an update on Bradwell Abbey. In response it was highlighted that Bradwell Abbey is a Council owned asset and that the Council were in discussions with the tenants regarding a major project for repairs.


Emergency Recording Fund pdf icon PDF 19 KB

Report of the Environment Lead Officer



Members had received the Emergency Archaeological Recording Fund Report and were invited to note the current status of the fund.


Members discussed the fund and it was highlighted that the current balance of the fund was £6,267 and that all Districts Council could apply for funding from the fund. Members were informed that Shelia Keene was currently acting as the Treasurer.


Shelia requested clarification regarding whether all contributors had paid their subs. Contributors agreed to pay subs this year in accordance with the amounts listed in the report. A member asked that funds be requested before the end of the tax year.





County Museum Report pdf icon PDF 112 KB

Reports of the Keeper of Archaeology and Finds Liaison Officer



Members were informed that the transfer of the County Museum to a Trust was progressing. It was highlighted that the care of the museum was being transferred but not the ownership.


National Trust Report pdf icon PDF 20 KB

Report of the Regional Archaeologist


Members noted the National Trust Report (attached to the minutes)


Church Archaeology

Report of the Diocesan Archaeological Adviser


Nothing to report.


Conservation Officers' reports


The Conservation Officers provided the following updates:


Aylesbury Vale

·       A consultancy arm of the Design and Conservation team has been set up with a target of 2/3rds of the annual budget

·       Quainton windmill has been upgraded to Grade II*

·       There have been recent listings at Westcott

·       Planning permission has been granted for the car park at Waddesdon

·       English Heritage have funded a street clutter removal project in Aylesbury and more will be reported on this at a future meeting.


Milton Keynes

·       There have been 473 development management consultations

·       There is work being undertaken to get the Local Heritage List moving and there has been interest for designations for the New Town.

·       The application at the Point Cinema was refused. There is now an application to demolish and replace with retail units.

·       The Council refused the application to demolish Cofferidge Close, Stony Stratford and this is now going to a Public Inquiry.


South Bucks

·       The Heatherden Wood Hall building, which is the centrepiece of Pinewood Studios has now been designated at Grade II



·       Daws Hill nuclear bunker has been listed as II* and the generator building as Grade II

·       The Council is about to commence a consultation on Local Listing

·       The roof is on at Bledlow Homes

·       Discussions are ongoing regarding High Wycombe Station and the possibility of a short term lease for restoration.



No update


Any Other Business


Members were asked to consider who would be a suitable Chairman of the Forum.


Date and Time of Next Meeting

Meeting dates and times to be agreed at the meeting.


It was agreed that dates for March and September should be arranged.