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Venue: Mezzanine Rooms 1 & 2, County Hall, Aylesbury

Contact: Rachel Bennett 

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 172 KB

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 30 September 2019

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The Chairman advised that the meeting would be paused at 10.55 a.m. for a two minute silence in honour of Armistice Day.


The Chairman stated that Buckinghamshire County Council was under purdah requirements due to the general election on 12 December 2019 and read out the following statement.


"As this meeting is being webcast, can I remind members to observe purdah requirements as we are in the pre-election period for the forthcoming general election.


For the Council, it still remains very much business as usual, which is why our formal meetings are continuing. However, can I ask members to ensure that any comments made during our discussions today relate directly to our agenda items and are not seen as, or could be perceived to be, political in nature.


I hope you understand and will adhere to this requirement during this period of heightened sensitivity. If there are any questions on this issue, please raise them now before we begin the formal agenda."


Apologies were received from Mr B Chapple, Cabinet Member, Planning and Environment and Mr M Shaw, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member, for Transportation.  Mr C Harriss, Deputy Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment attended in place of Mr Chapple and Mr P Irwin, Deputy Cabinet Member for Transportation attended in place of Mr Shaw.


RESOLVED: The minutes of the meeting held on 30 September 2019 were AGREED as an accurate record and signed by the Chairman.


Hot Topics

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The Cabinet Member for Education and Skills highlighted that the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Service held a conference on 7 November 2019 to capture the views of young people on the programme which would be used to inform the department for future planning.


Question Time

This provides an opportunity for Members to ask questions to Cabinet Members

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There were no questions.


Forward Plan for Cabinet and Cabinet Members pdf icon PDF 91 KB

For Cabinet to consider the Forward Plan

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RESOLVED:  Cabinet NOTED the report.


Cabinet Member Decisions pdf icon PDF 156 KB

To note progress with Cabinet Member Decisions

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RESOLVED:  Cabinet NOTED the report.


Select Committee Work Programme pdf icon PDF 273 KB

For Cabinet to consider the Select Committee Work Programme

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Mr W Whyte, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, highlighted that the scheduling of the Early Help Update on 24 January 2019 maybe too early.  Mr Whyte advised he would discuss the agenda with the Children’s Select Committee Chairman.


RESOLVED:  Cabinet NOTED the report.


Q2 19/20 Budget Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 208 KB

Cabinet are asked to note the current forecast outturn for the financial year 2019/20.


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Mr J Chilver, Cabinet Member for Resources, highlighted the following points:


  • The report set out the Revenue and Capital positions as of 30 September 2019. 
  • Table 1 – Summary of Council Revenue Budget Outturn showed a nett forecast underspend of £368,000.  The Health and Wellbeing and Children’s Social Care portfolios had forecast overspend of approximately £1m and £2.7m respectively.  The overspend in Children’s Social Care was mainly due to agency staffing costs.  The remaining portfolios had forecast close to a breakeven position.
  • The overall portfolio overspend of £3.4 million would be offset by an underspend of £3.7 million in Corporate Costs, which related to contingencies for adult and children’s services, as yet unapplied.
  • Table 2 – Summary of Council Capital Budget Outturn showed slippage of £2 million which was lower than in previous years.  There had been an underspend in the Education and Skills portfolio of £900,000 due to good project management in relation to St Michael’s academy school in Aylesbury.  There had also been an underspend of £480,000 in the Resources portfolio related to slippage on the implementation of Business Intelligence tools which would be deferred until after the transition to the new unitary authority.
  • There had been improvement on the amount of outstanding debt which was due to the successful work of the task and finish group; the total had reduced from £17.8 million to £8.9 million.


Mr Chilver summarised that the budget was in a stable, robust financial position to carry forward to the new authority.


Cabinet raised and discussed the following points:


  • The Chairman stated that the £3.4 million overspend by services was significant and stressed that there were no grounds to be complacent.  The pressures in the Health and Wellbeing and Children’s Social Care portfolios needed to be monitored; they were areas nationally which were under immense pressure. 
  • Mr R Ambrose, Director of Finance and Procurement, confirmed that any underspend would be put into the corporate reserves to be considered for future capital programmes.
  • Mr P Irwin, Deputy Cabinet Member for Transportation, reported that the long range weather forecast for the winter was mild but wet; this was likely to result in pressures due to damage to the roads caused by wet weather.  The Chairman expressed concern over the amount of wet weather over the last two months and highlighted that the rain and cold weather damaged roads far more than snow; it would be important to be in a position to improve the road surfaces in the spring.  The Chairman urged members of the public to report dangerous potholes via Fix My Street.  Mr Irwin stressed that emergency repairs would be carried out whatever the weather. 


The Chairman emphasised the need to monitor all the portfolio budgets.


RESOVLED:Cabinet NOTED the Quarter 2 outturn forecast for revenue and capital budgets.


Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 149 KB

That cabinet agrees the 2019-20 youth justice strategic plan and refers to full council for approval.


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Mr W Whyte, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services introduced the report for the Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2019/20 and stated that the Buckinghamshire Youth Offending Service (YOS) was a multi-agency partnership.   Mr Whyte highlighted that the YOS had utilised funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner to support prevention work. 


Mr T Vouyioukas, Executive Director, Children’s Services, highlighted that there were three national outcome indicators:


  • To reduce the number of First Time Entrants (FTE) to the Youth Justice System.
  • To reduce re-offending.
  • To reduce the use of custody.


Mr Vouyioukas stated the number of FTE’s performance was good; the number had reduced by 26.7% compared to 2017/18. 


The second indicator was far more complex as whilst the number of young people reoffending continued to fall, the number of offences per offender had increased.


The number of young people remanded in custody whilst awaiting an outcome of the alleged offence had risen in 2018/19.


Cabinet raised and discussed the following point:


·       In response to a member of the Cabinet commenting that the first time offending rate was markedly lower and querying the reason; Ms A Sekhon-Gill, Head of Youth Offending Service, stated that it was a national trend due to the legal process having changed.  Young people were now diverted from the court system and being handled in a prevention way.


RESOLVED:  Cabinet AGREED the 2019-20 Youth Justice Strategic Plan and REFERRED the plan to Full Council for approval.


Date of the Next Meeting

9 December 2019

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9 December 2019.