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Venue: Mezzanine Rooms 1 & 2, County Hall, Aylesbury

Contact: Rachel Bennett 

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Apologies for Absence

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Apologies were received from Mr B Chapple and Ms R Shimmin, Chief Executive.  Mr C Harris, Deputy Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment deputised for Mr Chapple.


Declarations of Interest

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There were none.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 167 KB

Of the meeting of the Cabinet held on 11 November 2019.

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RESOLVED:  The minutes of the meeting held on 11 November 2019 were AGREED as an accurate record and signed by The Chairman.



Hot Topics

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Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transportation gave thanks to all officers involved with the Winter Maintenance scheme.  It was highlighted that forecasted weather conditions and the gritting schedule was listed on the Buckinghamshire County Council website and the Transport for Bucks (TfB) twitter page.


Cabinet Member for Education and Skills highlighted that Ofsted introduced new standards in September 2019, and schools received inspections without warning.  19 schools in Buckinghamshire had been inspected.  The majority of the inspected schools had kept their original grading and some received an upgrade to ‘Outstanding’.  The Leader highlighted that the Ofsted standards would be dependent on the outcome of the general election on 12 December 2019.


Cabinet Member for Children’s Services highlighted that the service encouraged residents to consider fostering. An information event would be held on 18 December 2019 in Buckingham with future sessions planned throughout 2020.  All information regarding fostering was available on the Buckinghamshire County Council website.


Following the hot topics, the Chairman stated that Buckinghamshire County Council was following Purdah requirements due to the general election and highlighted that members should be mindful and ensure that any comments made were not political in nature.


Question Time

This provides an opportunity for Members to ask questions to Cabinet Members

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There were none.



Forward Plan for Cabinet and Cabinet Members pdf icon PDF 86 KB

For Cabinet to consider the Forward Plan

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RESOLVED: Cabinet NOTED the report.



Cabinet Member Decisions pdf icon PDF 131 KB

To note progress with Cabinet Member Decisions

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RESOLVED: Cabinet NOTED the report.



Select Committee Work Programme pdf icon PDF 136 KB

For Cabinet to consider the Select Committee Work Programme

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Mr W Whyte, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, highlighted that a correction made at the previous meeting had not been applied.  The early help update scheduled for 24 January 2020 (highlighted on page 22 of the report) would not be a six month update as the programme would not have been running for that amount of time.  Instead it would be a general update.  The Chairman requested that the error be amended in the report. 


ACTION: Ms K Sutherland, Committee and Governance Manager

RESOLVED:  Cabinet NOTED the report. 


Q2 2019/20 Performance Report pdf icon PDF 179 KB

Cabinet are asked to:


1. Come to a view on how the organisation is performing

2. Take action to improve performance where necessary


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Cabinet received a summary report, scorecard and detailed measures for each of their portfolio areas and were asked to update on those areas that were being flagged as red.



  • All three indicators were green.


Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health:

  • The service reported seven green indicators, two amber and three red.
  • Green- Alcohol treatment completions, drug treatment completions and new born face to face health visits were performing substantially above the national averages.
  • Red- Live Well Stay Well screenings were performing below target, but the target had recently been increased.  There was a dip due to the difference in diabetic programmes which were no longer screened by Live Well Stay Well.  The updated figures would be incorporated into the overall statistics. 
  • Red- The number of abandoned calls to the Customer Service Centre had increased, due to the recent issues with Home to School Transport. The enquiries system had crashed due to high volumes.  It was of high importance that there were enough resources in place to cope with a crisis and stress pressures.


Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing:

  • The service  reported five green indicators, one amber and two red.
  • Red- Delayed transfers in care.  Actions were being taken to address the issue including updated care processes.  It was highlighted that due to winter conditions a reduction in delayed care transfers was unlikely but the issue was a key priority for the service.
  • Red- Percentage of annual reviews received by service users.  It was highlighted that the score was due to staffing issues and a struggle to recruit within the service.  The processes were being reviewed and improvements would come into effect soon.


Cabinet Member for Children’s Services:

  • The service  reported five green indicators, one amber and one red.
  • Red- Initial health assessments for Looked After Children.  There had been a dip in performance in quarter two following an increase in the previous calendar year.  It was highlighted that quality control could cause a delay but it was essential for assessments to make an impact.  Mr Whyte clarified that the health assessment statistics were not reflective of intervention statistics, and that the initial health assessment was the formal meeting that took place after children had been removed from an unsafe situation. 
  • Green- The percentage of children that received a visit within four weeks after being placed into care.
  • Amber- Care Leavers entering further education.  It was highlighted that the current percentage was 58% and the target was 60%.  The statistics were higher than regional levels, but Buckinghamshire had high aspirations for care leavers.


Cabinet Member for Education and Skills:

  • The service reported five green indicators, two ambers and one red.
  • Red- Educational Health Care Plans (EHCPs).  There had been a significant back log which was now up to date, and EHCPs were being allocated within 21 weeks.  Additional EHCP co-ordinators were being recruited. 
  • Green- The number of pupil permanent exclusions had decreased.
  • Amber- The percentage of pupils attending good or outstanding school had improved.


Cabinet Member for  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


Review of Director of Public Health reports pdf icon PDF 255 KB

Cabinet is requested to NOTE the briefing.


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Mr G Williams, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health introduced the report and highlighted the following:


The Director of Public Health was a joint appointment with the NHS. 


The report set out the themed approach adopted by Buckinghamshire County Council had highlighted the outcomes against each theme; many of which were preventative measures.   

The key outcomes were based on engagement with children and young people in terms of their health and wellbeing needs.  A visit to Pinewood Studios had been organised in which young people took part in several engagement activities.  The mental health element of public health continued to be a priority.  An Emotional Wellbeing conference had been held and highly attended by educational partners.


Mr Williams highlighted the following data from the report:

  • 15/16 report- 12600 people had visited the Active Bucks website.  6500 people had engaged in activities from the website.  250 activities were available due to the extension of funding.
  • 16/17 report- pregnancy in early years.  96 ½ % of face to face new born checks were completed within 14 days.  A focus had been placed on ensuring that the quality of the recorded information was of a high standard to ensure that each visit was impactful.
  • 17/18 report - Healthy Places scheme.  It was useful to have a document to inform planning for the unitary council.  Social isolation was a key theme.  A two day workshop was held on social isolation which had been well attended and produced a series of actions. 


The Leader introduced Ms T Ironmonger, Assistant Director of Public Health who attended in place of Dr J O’Grady, Director of Public Health.  A discussion took place with Cabinet in which the following points were highlighted:


Problems within public health were usually of a complex nature and stakeholders played a key part in the resolution; the running of the service relied on a coalition of different partners.  A focus needed to be placed on reviewing the success of collaborations with different partners in previous years.  Cabinet were interested to see the Healthy Places plans to examine how health was promoted in the initial stages of planning. 


Ms Cranmer enquired as to what was being implemented to tackle the problem of social isolation.  Ms Ironmonger highlighted that there was a spectrum of social prescribing conversations.  The link workers were the social prescribers and there was a multi- agency social prescribing group with a commitment to take a more strategic view.  The process would be monitored and reviewed if required changes were identified.


Mr Chilver enquired as to how themes were chosen and if the was a process to find out what the priorities were for stakeholders and partners.  Ms Ironmonger stated that there was a choice of themes which were reflective of the findings of multiagency partnerships.   Ms Ironmonger also confirmed there were press releases in order to raise awareness of schemes for the general public. 


Cabinet reflected that it would be effective and beneficial to hold a public debate  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.


South East Aylesbury Link Road: Land Acquisition and CPO update, Planning Application update, Side Roads Order and Section 19 Application pdf icon PDF 225 KB

To authorise and note a set of recommendations as set out in the report.

Additional documents:


There was a confidential appendix included in the report that had been circulated to Cabinet for consideration.  However it was unanimously agreed that a confidential discussion was not required.


Mr R Smith, Director of Highway Services and Mr T Fitzpatrick, Highways Team Leader presented the report and highlighted the following points:


There was significant congestion in the area and the series of additional link roads would accommodate for existing and developed housing.  HS2 work would cause additional congestion in the area which therefore required the need for the link road to be completed quickly.   A compulsory purchase order was required, as well as a Section 19 Orderand Side Road Order.  It was confirmed that if required a public enquiry would be held.


Mr Whyte enquired as to whether the red line was as tight as possible to the land area that was required.  It appeared there was surplus land included.  Mr Fitzpatrick stated that the aim was to negotiate with all landowners and some of the land would only be required temporarily.  The landscaping plan was not included in the documents but will be clearly set out in the planning application.




The Cabinet is requested to authorise:

(1) The making of a Side Roads Order(s) ("SRO") under sections 14 and 125 of the Highways Act 1980 and all other necessary powers to:

(a) improve, raise, lower, stop up, divert or otherwise alter existing highways which cross or enter the route of the SEALR or will otherwise be affected by the construction of the SEALR or as required to deliver the SEALR;

(b) construct new lengths of highways for purposes connected with the alterations referred to in (a) above and delivery of the SEALR; and

(c) stop up private means of access and provide replacement or new means of access.

(2) The submission of an application to the Secretary of State for a certificate under section 19 of the Acquisition of Land Act 1981.

(3) The Director of Property and Assets (or such other appropriate officer) to:

(a) Make and issue the SRO and the section 19 application including the service and publication of all requisite notices and press notices;

(b) take all necessary steps to settle any objections made to the SRO, the section 19 application and the compulsory purchase order ("CPO) to be made to secure delivery of the SEALR including amendments to the SRO, the section 19 application;

(c) negotiate and enter into agreements or undertakings with persons with any legal interest in the land relating to the SRO and/or the CPO;

(d) make any amendments necessary to the SRO and/or the CPO arising as a result of negotiations with affected persons, further design work, section 19 application or for any connected reasons to enable delivery of the SEALR;

(e) take all necessary steps to secure settlement of compensation arising from implementation of the SRO and/or the CPO including referral to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber ); and,

(f) take any further or other action necessary  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.


Exclusion of the Press and Public

To resolve to exclude the press and public as the following item is exempt by virtue of Paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12a of the Local Government Act 1972 because it contains information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information)

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Not required.


South East Aylesbury Link Road: Land Acquisition and CPO update, Planning Application update, Side Roads Order and Section 19 Application

To consider confidential appendices.


No further discussion took place in confidential session.



Date of the Next Meeting

13 January 2019.

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13 January 2020