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To approve the minutes of the Resources Overview Committee held on 18 June 2019.



The minutes of the Resources Overview Committee held on 18 June 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record. 



Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


28 Day Notice


The Resources Director informed the Committee that the reduced number of key decisions was due to the upcoming unitary creation, as any decisions affecting future years would be taken by the new Council. Major financial decisions and significant projects affecting the current year are likely to go to the Shadow Executive. Members were advised future meetings would continue as normal up until 1st April 2020 unless the Chairman agreed with officers that the meeting would be cancelled.


Performance Report - Q1 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 63 KB


The Committee received a report which outlined the annual performance of the Council against pre-agreed performance indicators and service objectives for Quarter 1 of 2019-2020.


The Resources Director advised that there is an established managed process in place to deal with short term and long term absences. The Revenues Operations Manager reported that the Speed of Processing new Housing Benefit claims is measured in days and is the cumulative average across all claims.


The Performance & Policy Officer reported that the figures for July and August for number of missed assisted containers was 140 and 69 respectively and therefore was back on target. It was clarified that figures are collected quarterly and therefore figures for July and August are not present in the report.


Members requested further details with regards to the total number planning enforcement cases open at the end of the period, to be included in future reports.



Write off Report 2018/2019 pdf icon PDF 38 KB


The committee received a report which detailed the final position for write offs for the full year 2018/2019. The Revenues Operations Manager advised that Absconders were difficult to trace as they are often transient populations who do not give forwarding addresses. There were many methods used to reclaim lost revenue, including credit agencies. It was clarified that it is a very minute percentage of total council tax revenue lost to Absconders. Members congratulated officers for their work.