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To approve the minutes of the Healthy Communities PAG held on 30 September 2019.



The minutes of the Healthy Communities PAG held on 30 September 2019 were approved.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Reports from Members


Cllr Pepler reported that he had attended a meeting of the Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust and his report would be submitted to the Council Meeting in March 2020.


Public Spaces Protection Order - Eton Dorney Rowing Lake

Additional documents:


The PAG received a report which proposed the introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) and considered the responses to the consultation on the proposal.


Brendan O’Dowda, Head of Security at Eton College, Sgt Rachel Dale from Thames Valley Police, and Paul Austin, Community Support Officer from Thames Valley Police were present in order to answer questions from Members.


The Principal Environmental Health Officer clarified that the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) was not targeted at a specific group or age range. The aim of the PSPO was to combat disruptive behaviour. The PSPO was requested by the Police, it was advised that this would enable action to be taken on issues such as possession of psychoactive substances, rather than only intent to supply.


Members were advised that South Bucks District Council would remain in control of enforcement for the PSPO. Fixed Penalty notices & prosecution of individuals were options available for enforcement of the PSPO. In response to questions from members, it was reported that retaining control of enforcement would avoid endangering Eton College Staff. The evidence provided by Eton College Staff, CSO’s and the Police would allow the Council to issue Fixed Penalty notices and pursue prosecution where necessary. Signs were to be put up around the site informing the public of the PSPO.


It was reported that the PSPO would be automatically reviewed in 3 years, however it is able to be reviewed earlier. Officers were looking to review the PSPO following summer 2020 to assess the impact compared to the previous year.


RESOLVED – That the Portfolio Holder be advised to make the following recommendations to Cabinet:


1.     The outcome of the consultation on the proposed PSPO for Dorney Rowing Lake be noted.

2.     The draft Public Spaces Protection Order and associated map of the ‘Restricted Area’ be approved.

3.     The three yearly review of the Public Spaces Protection Order, and implement any changes as required, be undertaken through delegated authority.


Healthy Communities Update Report pdf icon PDF 181 KB


The Housing Manager provided an update to Members of the PAG and particularly made reference to the following information:

·         Homeless numbers had increased in January following the Christmas/Holiday periods. This was to be expected. New temporary accommodation facilities were being utilised which had reduced the reliance on Bed & Breakfasts as temporary accommodation. The spike in October was explained to be cyclical following Summer Holidays.

·         The properties being developed in Gerrard’s Cross were due to be completed in May 2020. It was advised going forward, the Social Housing Stock was not being bolstered due to less new builds.

·         38 Houses were identified as being Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO). HMO growth was identified as being partially due to better identification methods. It was advised that the Housing team dealt with the licensing of HMO’s.

·         It was reported that the Principal Environmental Health Officer had been in communication with Bucks County Council and the Environment Agency to resolve the issues at Orchard Herb.

·         Members were reminded that the list of Community Grants was available on the South Bucks District Council website.


[Following the meeting, further information has been confirmed – events that have regularly taken place at the Evreham Sports Centre since mid-September 2019 are as follows:


       Age Concern Falls Prevention & Social Lunch

       Fitness classes including Group Cycle, Circuits, Body Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, Outdoor Boot Camp and Strength & Conditioning

       Junior Basketball, Junior Trampolining, Junior Table Tennis

       Adult Basketball, Adult Netball, Adult Table Tennis

       Walking Football, Tai Chi & Ladies Leisure each with social tea/coffee afterwards for 60+ users]



Affordable Housing Contributions Update pdf icon PDF 59 KB


The PAG received a report which provided Members with an annual update on the position of the Affordable Housing Contributions received by the Council (via Section 106 agreements) and sought approval for the allocation of available funding to schemes specified in the report.


In response to questions from Members, it was advised that significantly more money had been received since the last report partly because of increased Planning enforcement. A large payment had also been received since last year which had bolstered the available Section 106 funds.


There was an aim to give a clear indication of how South Bucks DC intended for the Section 106 funds to be used. This could be used as a reference following the creation of Buckinghamshire Council in April 2020.


Officers reported that the allocation to the L & Q scheme was to ensure Social Housing stock was not sold off. The Council would offer to help with high repair costs on the condition it was not sold. It was reported that this would support move-on to get individuals out of temporary accommodation and into Social Housing. It was likely that some of this allocation would be spent or committed before 1st April 2020.


RESOLVED - That the Portfolio Holder be advised to make the following recommendations to Cabinet:


1.    The update on Affordable Housing Contributions be noted.

2.    The uncommitted funds are allocated as follows:

(i) Your Choice Equity Loan Scheme = £336,885

(ii) Funding of Major Void Works -Retention of L&Q Housing Stock to secure move-on accommodation for temporary accommodation = £250,000 (iii)Provision of Additional Affordable Housing = £366,322 (Allocations to specific schemes from this sum would be subject to the approval of the Head of Healthy Communities in consultation with the Healthy Communities Portfolio Holder)

3.    The Affordable Housing Contribution income and underspend from any existing commitments is allocated generally to support the provision of additional affordable housing with specific schemes subject to the approval of the Head of Healthy Communities in consultation with the Healthy Communities Portfolio Holder.