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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 29 January 2015.


The minutes of the meeting held on 29 January 2015 were confirmed.


Arising from minute 2 - Terms of Reference and Membership – and in particular the suggestion made in 6 – Public Attendance an Questions – the meeting noted the pro-forma that had been designed for use by residents wishing to make comments/raise issues.


David Wight confirmed that Kerry Mills ( would act as the point of contact at Pinewood Studios.


Site Drawings pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Four drawings of the site are attached as follows:


·         Initial Site Layout

·         Compound Layout

·         Ecology and Landscape Layout

·         Phase One Strategic Masterplan



Additional documents:


The site drawings were considered in conjunction with the progress report from Pinewood below.


Progress from Pinewood


David Wight began by explaining that Pinewood had submitted a request to SBDC to be discharged from conditions 22, 23 and 24 relating to construction, waste and traffic.


Steve Higgins referred to the plans previously circulated and went on to describe the main work that was due to be carried out on site some of which (e.g. site access) was subject to the conditions referred above being discharged.


Zoe Webb provided more information on the ecological works including the care they were taking to safeguard the reptile population and the vegetation in the short and long term.


David Bird provided further details of the construction work and other issues as follows:

·        Site set up

·        Temporary access for use for the duration of the project as set on the plan circulated, as modified

·        Car parking provision on site and proposals to prevent parking in the vicinity

·        Working Hours on site

·        Traffic Routing for vehicle entering/exiting the site

·        Arrangements for the washing of vehicle wheels to minimise mud on the surrounding roads

·        Condition Survey of Pinewood Road

·        Arrangements to transport staff to and from the site

·        Engagement of Stakeholders


In response to a question David Bird explained why a conclusion had been reached that it would not be technically feasible to provide access to the Pinewood site from Sevenhills Road. The issue had been discussed at a meeting with Bucks County Council Highways today and subject to few amendments a discharge from the condition relating to traffic was imminent.


A discussion ensued about the merits of using Sevenhills Road during which the Chairman pointed out that there was no requirement under the planning permission granted by the Secretary of State for Pinewood to use Sevenhills Road for access purposes. The Chairman, whilst recognising the importance of the issue to local residents and not wishing to stifle debate, reiterated the point he had made at the inaugural meeting that it would not be productive for the Liaison Group to spend time on discussing irreconcilable issues of principle of which traffic access was an example. Pinewood had identified their preferred option following a technical feasibility study and once the traffic condition had been discharged it would be their responsibility to justify both their traffic management plan and mitigation plan to local residents.


Sylvie Lowe expressed her dissatisfaction with responses and left the meeting.


In connection with the traffic mitigation plan David Bird explained that deliveries would be controlled at 30 minute intervals and with ample car parking available on site instructions would be given to persons visiting or working on site not to park in the local area. Peter Munn added that a system would be used to identify people who ignore these instructions resulting in them not being allowed on site. Following a suggestion Pinewood/Sir Robert McAlpine agreed to consider issuing stickers to frequent site visitors for display in their cars thus enabling residents to identify people abusing the agreed system.


The Chairman, after thanking everyone for the detailed update, agreed that traffic  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Communications Strategy

To consider a draft of the Communications Strategy.


Kerry Mills referred to the spreadsheet circulated with the agenda and explained that it would form the basis of the Communications Strategy currently being prepared which would include amongst other things a timeline and a media section.


Given the importance of the Communications Strategy, the Chairman, whilst recognising that more work needed to be carried out, urged that its launch should not be delayed until the next meeting.


Kerry Mills also explained the intention to create a website on which information, including contact details, could be shared. It was agreed that a link should be available on the Council’s website and following a discussion it was also agreed that no benefit would be gained by using Facebook as the issues were basically local.


Issues Raised by Iver Parish Council


A discussion took place on the issues raised by Iver Parish Council as follows:


Traffic Issues


Discussed as part of the progress update.


Other Issues


Location of Meetings - Following comments made by Roger Reed that the issues raised by the Pinewood development were not confined to Iver it was agreed that meetings continue to be held at the Council Offices, Capswood.


Community Benefits - David Wight, after pointing out that a Section 106 agreement had already been entered into, indicated that Pinewood would be willing to consider any relevant and affordable proposals that would be of benefit to the local community. A summary of the Section 106 would be submitted to the next that representatives can be made aware of the obligations to which Pinewood were already committed. David Wight also said that arrangement would be made to make residents more aware of the employment opportunities available at Pinewood including apprenticeships.


The meeting also noted that Sir Robert McAlpine ran a scheme to fund projects to help



Agenda Items for Next Meeting


Section 106 Agreement and any issues picked up through use of the pro forma.


Date of Next Meeting


The following dates were agreed:


·         7 April

·         28 May


Both at 6pm at Capswood