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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 19 February 2015.


The minutes of the meeting held on 19 February 2015 were agreed subject to Minute 5 being amended to clarify that Kerry Mills would act at the point of contact at Pinewood Studios for construction issues only with Kevin Bowen having responsibility for operational issues.


Communications Strategy pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To consider and adopt the attached Communications Strategy.


(NOTE: The Liaison Group at its last meeting asked for a report on the Section 106 Agreement as this is included in the Strategy)


In introducing the item Kerry Mills emphasised the fluid nature of the Communications Strategy which would change as interaction with residents progressed. The meeting’s attention was particularly drawn to the timeline which showed the development phases.


Responding to a question from Wendy Matthews in relation to the Section 106 Obligations and in particular the arrangements Pinewood had made to advertise the five apprenticeships, Andrew Smith explained that the five vacancies had been advertised on their website and had all been filled by local people in accordance with the agreement to use reasonable endeavours to enhance opportunities for local people.




Progress Report

To receive an update report from Sir Robert McAlpine.




The meeting received two PowerPoint presentations; one from Steve Higgins of Sir Robert McAlpine providing a construction update the other from


During the presentations and the questions that ensued a number of issues were highlighted/clarified including the following:


·         Car window screen stickers had been created indicating the parking arrangements on the site and stressing not to park in residential areas – electronic version of the sticker to be sent to representatives so that residents can identify abusers;

·         Seventy two parking places were already available on site and more spaces would be provided – sub-contractors would be encourage to use the bus shuttle service:

·         A HGV route planner had been agreed indicating the mandatory routes for vehicles using the A412 and Pinewood Road and avoiding residential areas;

·         Travel Schemes had been introduced to reduce site traffic;

·         A newsletter from Sir Robert McAlpine was available on the Pinewood website which also contained a construction hotline telephone number;

·         Monthly Liaison meetings were being held with the Residents Association;

·         A Communications Strategy (see minute 13 above) had been developed;

·         Work had start to establish the site including hedgerow removal, tree protection and reptile fencing;

·         Planned construction works for earthworks and drainage were due to commence from 20 April 2015;

·         Consultations were continuing with Iver Parish Council;

·         A Construction Traffic Management Framework  had been agreed with Bucks County Council which amongst other things contained provision for temporary car parking, location of temporary construction access on to Pinewood Road, management of construction traffic and site visits through a booking system with 30 minute slots, construction working hours, safety and noise reduction measures and protocols to enforce the behaviour of contractors and suppliers by using yellow/red card system:

·         Arrangements for wheel cleaning and road sweeps were in place;

·         Site deliveries would be managed through a booking control system with 30 minute slots thus avoiding traffic bottlenecks;

·         Design work for a new roundabout was underway;

·         Re-designing the five points roundabout had not yet commenced.


Requests from Iver Parish Council

To revisit the following issues raised by Iver Parish Council:


·         Chairmanship

·         Venue of Future Meetings


At the request of Iver Parish Council the meeting revisited the issues of the Chairmanship and the venue for meetings.


Mr Busby expressed his disappointment at the request given that the issue of the Chairmanship had been discussed and agreed at the first meeting when the Terms of Reference were agreed and that the issue of venue had been discussed at the last meeting when it was confirmed that the venue should remain at Capswood. Mr Reed also expressed his disappointment repeating the point he had made at the last meeting that issues relating to Pinewood were not confined to Iver. Andrew Smith also pointed out that Pinewood’s obligations extended beyond Iver and involved Slough and Hillingdon.


Alan Goodrum felt that there were very good operations reasons for holding the meetings at Capswood where staffing and other resources were available and argued that having the Leader of the Council as Chairman and acting as a mediator provided the Group with clout /influence given the levers he could pull.


Mr Busby concluded the discussion by saying that if representatives remained dissatisfied with the agreed arrangements they would be at liberty to raise them at the next meeting when the issue of election a Chairman would be the first item on the agenda.





Reports from Representatives

To receive reports from representatives on any issues they have pursued on behalf of residents


There were no reports from representatives.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting


No items were identified for the meeting on 28 May 2015 other than election of Chairman.


Date of Next Meeting

28 May 2015 at 6pm


Confirmed for 28 May 2015 at 6pm at Capswood.


Any other Business


Vote of Thanks


Andrew Smith thanked both Adrian Busby and Alan Goodrum for their work in supporting the Liaison Group and wished them well in their separate retirements as District Councillor and Chief Executive.