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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 23 July 2015.


The minutes of the meeting held on 23 July 2015 were confirmed.


Matters Arising

Item 9 No Access Sign

David Wight informed the Group that Pinewood would pay for a no access sign but that Iver Parish Council would need to decide the wording of the sign and organise the installation of the sign in liaison with Bucks County Council as the highways authority.


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To receive an update report from Sir Robert McAlpine in relation to:


(a)   Construction

(b)   Community

(c)   Communications


Additional documents:


The meeting received a PowerPoint Presentation from Sir Robert McAlpine providing an update on construction.  The presentation also included a brief ecology update.


During the presentation and the questions that ensued a number of issues were raised including the following:

·        Construction update key points for September:

o   Completing steel frame for stages 1 & 2

o   Commencement of steel works on 3, 4 & 5

o   Commencement of concrete Cladding to stages 1 & 2

o   Completing the outfall to the Attenuation ponds.

·        Construction update key points for October:

o   Completing steel frames on 3,4 & 5

o   Commencement of installation of services to each stage

o   Commencement of timber cassettes

·        Works due for November include:

o   Continuing precast Timber cassette installation

o   Continuing underground services

o   Ancillary Steelworks commencing on stages 1,2 & 3

o   Commencement of internal concrete flooring

o   Planting to Attenuation Ponds to commence

·        With regard to the 278 works:

o   The main Traffic Management will to be taken off Pinewood Road around the middle of November.

o   On programme to complete all 278 works by the end of November.

o   This package of S278 works does not include Five Points Roundabout and the footway along Pinewood Road as these will be included in a separate S278 package.  Representatives stressed the importance of ensuring that residents be given as much notice as possible on this package of works and the likely disruption it will cause. A concern was raised regarding the issue of the large amount of HS2 construction vehicles which would also add to the congestion on Pinewood Road.  David Wight explained that a Traffic Review Group would be set up to discuss issues/concerns such as these.

·        It was noted that the scope of work for planting within the bunds alongside Pinewood Road was limited to certain types of trees. 

·        Steps have been put in place to ensure sufficient water drainage along the dip within the bunds.

·        Weekly ecology checks continue to be undertaken by Arup. 

·        An ecology field trip was arranged in September by Arup, in partnership with Sir McAlpine and Pinewood Studios Group, with local school children to create reptile hibernacula.  More information was set out in the August and September newsletter which was circulated to representatives at the meeting.

·        Representatives were invited to email Zoe Webb from Arup with any questions regarding ecology following the presentation as she was unable to attend the meeting.


The meeting noted the Community Liaison Update report and the updated actions on Section 106 spreadsheet which were circulated prior to the meeting. 




Update on Ecology Management and Monitoring

Update by Zoe Webb from Arup


This item was covered during the previous item.


Report from Representatives

To receive reports from representatives on any issues they have pursued on behalf of residents.



Following a concern raised regarding the issue of water drainage and the effectiveness of the Attenuation Ponds, David Wight assured the Group that the necessary steps would be taken to maintain the drainage and that this is set out in the overall Drainage Strategy.  This would include clearing the ditches at the back of the houses which back onto Pinewood land.


It was noted that David Wight would seek to find out the capacity of the Attenuation Ponds and feed this back to the Group. He also confirmed that the overall drainage strategy was designed by Arup and would advise the Group what assessment was made of the suitability of the ditches downstream of Pinewood’s land to take any overflow from the Attenuation Ponds.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting


None identified.


Date of Next Meeting

To agree date for the next meeting





The next meeting was confirmed for 28 January 2016 at 6pm at Capswood.


It was noted that another site visit would be arranged for late November 2015.