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Venue: The Cedars Room, The South Buckinhamshire Golf Course. Park Road, SL2 4PJ

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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 16 March 2016


In regards to the minutes of the 16 March 2016, the Liaison Group requested that Ann Mayling of Iver Heath Resident’s Association be added to the attendance list, and Ruth Vigor-Hedderley be removed.


Having regard to the changes above, the minutes of the 16 March 2016 were confirmed by the Chairman.



Progress from Pinewood


The group received a verbal update from Sir Robert McAlpine, providing a construction update. Kerry Mills of Sir Robert McAlpine announced that as Sir Robert McAlpine will be finishing Phase 1 of PSDF at the end of June, this was to be their last attendance at the Liaison Group.


Construction Update

May and June (including to completion)


·         Air tests to the fabric of the building, including establishing of any leakage would be starting 26th June.

·         External security fencing and barriers are to be erected.

·         The remaining stair cladding will be completed, with exposed air towers to be covered.

·         The hard landscaping will be completed Mid-June, therefore reducing the both wagon movements and numbers around the site.

·         Topsoil on the green roofs will be laid down at the end of May, with seeding to start on 6th June, once the water supply is in place.

o   The green roofs will self-irrigate, initiated by the detection of moisture levels in both the soil and air

o   In terms of monitoring the success of the green roofs, the defect period of 6 months should allow for any issues to be rectified, and will involve physical inspections.

·         The phased handover of the remaining 5 sections will be taking place at the end of June, with 1 section already having been handed over to Pinewood.


Community Liaison Update

April, May and June


·         The spring newsletter was issued to all stakeholders.

·         In terms of Community Engagement, focus has been on education, with SRM introducing pupils to the industry.

o   Chalfont Community College partook in a Working in Construction morning.

o   SRM facilitated work experience for 2 construction student.

o   SRM aided the fundraising of £246 for a defibrillator for Cippenham School.

o   SRM’s carpentry contractor presented a talk to Langley College construction students.

·         The Legacy project will be ongoing.

·         Andrew Smith highlighted to the group that there were large numbers of jobs being advertised on the Pinewood Studios website.


In particular, the Chairman – along with the entire group – wished to note his appreciation of the Community Liaison thus far. Members of the group expressed how this development had now provided them with an exemplary first experience of how community liaison could be handled positively within a large project.


Kerry Mills explained that Catherine Donovan will be taking on the role of Community Liaison henceforth.


Reports from Representatives

To receive reports, if any, from representatives on any issues they are progressing on behalf of resodents.


The following comments were made by:


Wendy Matthews, as representative of Iver Village and Richings Park:

·         Was concerned at the lack of white gates previously situated on Pinewood Road, and wished to know when they would be replaced.

·         Wendy Matthews also informed the group that she had photographs of the situation of the gates, and would be happy to partake in a site visit with the relevant persons.


Malcolm Bradford, as representative of Wexham and Fulmer:

·         Raised the issue of whether the s106 could allow for a speed camera situated on the A412.


Iver Heath Resident’s Association as a whole wished to thank Pinewood for installing signs to discourage through traffic.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting


It was requested that reports be brought to the PCLG from the Traffic Review Group, even if a member could not attend. The Chairman confirmed that he would look into this, and that although membership was defined within s106, he would see if the notes could be distributed to the group.


Date of Next Meeting


After agreeing to continue the meetings of the PCLG in order to allow channels to remain open throughout the switch from construction site to operational site, the date of the next meeting was agreed as 27th July at 6pm, Room 6 at Capswood.