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Venue: Room 6, Capswood, South Bucks District Council

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To confirm the minutes of the meeting on 25 May 2016.


The minutes of the meeting of the 25 May 2016 were confirmed by the Chairman.


Progress on A412 Speed Camera Request


The Group discussed the possibility of a speed camera installation on the A412, with Members interested to hear how this had progressed since discussions had started. The Group’s attention was brought to correspondence between Andrew Smith of Pinewood, and Cllr. Martin Tett, and the accompanying email response suggesting the possibility of Cllr. Egleton making representations in terms of the possible measures to be taken from Section 106 contributions. The Group were welcoming of this suggestion, due to Cllr. Egleton being able to progress this as both a County Representative and Crime Panel representative.


The Chairman informed the group that the pursuit of the provision of a digital speed camera would likely prove unsuccessful in the short term, as these are being installed as like-for-like replacements for the current film-run cameras. This matter was raised at the recent Council meeting, attended by the Chief Constable. The police had been unaware of a speeding problem on this road but will be looking into this now that they are aware.


The option of utilising the Section 106 monies to fund a speed camera was discussed, with Members unsure as to the amount of monies available for use. Additionally, Members contemplated whether traffic lights – as opposed to traffic cameras – could be an alternative solution, with the consensus being that the police were better qualified to determine this


Five Points Roundabout


The Group were informed that Andrew Smith and Cllr. Bagge had entered into correspondence with Martin Tett in order to question whether the roundabout design will still accommodate the increases in traffic due to infrastructure projects. Mr Tett’s view remains that work on the roundabout should commence as soon as possible. Cllr. Sullivan organised a meeting for 2 August, 10.30am on the roundabout site in order to gain an understanding of what the works will involve, including: time of day for construction; tweaking of the plans; and the general aesthetic overview of the completed roundabout. Currently, as understood by the Group, the informative process would take 4-5 months, with the construction taking 3-4 months. Potentially, the works would start in January 2017, and the expectation would be of completion by the end of June 2017, in accordance with the agreement for works to be finished 12 months from the completion of PSDF Phase 1.


Additionally, Bucks County Council had commissioned the undertaking of a cumulative impact study, with results of this to be fed back to the Group.



Monitoring of Outfall from Attenuation Pond into Iver Heath Fields


The Group were made aware that further to its discussions and concerns regarding flooding, Pinewood had agreed to appoint an expert to monitor the outfall prior to winter. The Group agreed that the theory behind the attenuation ponds – to pool the rain, and run it off locally – was sound, but that the execution may be lacking as it appeared that all the water was running-off at one point. It was agreed that the key to making certain that the attenuation ponds function at their full potential was to ensure that monitoring took place over an extended period, including periods of rain, and dry weather.


Use of the Stage 2 Land for Temporary Filming


Christine Owen declared an interest as a resident of Fulmer.


In terms of the use of the Stage 2 land for temporary filming, the general concern was regarding the flow of traffic, with the example of Alderbourne Lane and the ford – in its weakened state – being cited.


The Group established that it would be prudent for Pinewood to make available a timetable regarding filming that would occur over the next 36 months. The example of Christine Owen’s own house being shaken by a film explosion, which was not made known to residents prior to its occurrence, was referred to, along with a resident whose horses had been alarmed by such explosions.  Cllr. Bagge resolved to write to Andrew Smith to convey these concerns in regards to unanticipated loud sounds being unacceptable.


The issue of Seven Hills Road was brought to the attention of the Group in terms of the traffic that can often accumulate along its length: Kathryn Donovan has been dissuading those at Pinewood from using the route, but it was identified that Satnavs suggest this as a primary route. Thought was given to a sign being erected detailing "Pinewood traffic is not to use this road", alongside a suggestion that the mitigation monies be used to transform Seven Hills Road to support two-way traffic.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting


The Group requested that the following items be discussed at the next meeting of the Pinewood Community Liaison Group:


·         Outfall monitoring

·         Five Points Roundabout

·         Issuing of mitigation funds


Date of Next Meeting


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 22 September 2016, with a start time of 5.30pm.