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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 22 September 2016.


The minutes of the meeting held on 22 September 2016 were agreed by the Group.

In terms of matters arising, it was confirmed by Andrew Smith and Kathryn Donovan that there was currently no filming occurring on the Stage 2 land, and that the appropriate contacts would be notified prior to future filming.


It was noted that at the previous meeting, Members had requested the 25 Year Ecological Monitoring Plan to be provided to the Group. As this had so far not materialised, Cllr. Bagge offered to write to David Wight regarding this, with Kathryn Donovan also offering to speak with David.



Progress from Pinewood


Andrew Smith informed the Group that this would be covered within the rest of the Agenda items.


Increased Traffic on Seven Hills Road (Fulmer Parish Council)


It was reiterated to the Group that the traffic had increased along Seven Hills Road, also leading to an increase in litter that could not be litter-picked without traffic management. The observation was that Pinewood staff seemed to be using the road as a route to and from the Studios, with trailers also seen using the Road, which could prove hazardous for other road users. The Group noted that Pinewood was not yet at capacity, and the problem needed to be addressed prior to any capacity increase.


The ideal scenarios – as discussed by the Group – included the idea of widening the road (previously rejected due to some trees on the route being protected), and designating the road as one-way, which would require traffic lights at the A412 junction. All agreed that any measure that could be taken to mitigate the traffic would be considered.


Further to an incident at Alderbourne Lane, the issue of Seven Hills Road was again raised with BCC. All agreed that the road was inadequate, and that Iver Parish Council, with the support of Fulmer Parish Council, should raise this with BCC from a safety perspective. The Group felt that this needed to be addressed as part of the bigger picture, within the issue of road networks in and around needing to be addressed as a whole, rather than in a piecemeal manner.



Helicopter incident on 23 November 2016 (Fulmer Parish Council)


Christine Owen informed the Group that on the 23 November, residents were concerned about the hovering and noise of a helicopter – this was raised with Ben Temple (Enforcement Manager) who is looking into the incident to see if any breaches had occurred. Pinewood clarified that this was a special effects test that had not been authorised by Pinewood, involving a particular type of helicopter that was exceptionally noisy. Further to this, Pinewood has prohibited this particular type of helicopters landing in the vicinity.



Dimming of lights backing onto Pinewood Green (Cllr. WM)


Some residents had expressed that the lights backing onto Pinewood Green were too bright, and could disturb wildlife as well as residents. Pinewood had looked into the dimming of the lights, but found that this was not possible due to the type of LED light used, and would therefore look into shading, angling or shielding the lights.


Clearance of ditch by Pinewood (Cllr. WM)


Pinewood Green residents had reported that the ditch was overgrown at the back of the properties, with Pinewood confirming they would inform their operations department that ditch clearing was required.


As an aside, residents had observed that Pinewood staff had been parking outside the houses on Pinewood Green. Kathryn asked that residents note the staff parking details on the stickers in the cars, and report these details to her. Unfortunately, as Pinewood Green has no road markings or residents’ parking, Pinewood would only be able to request that staff move their cars, but not be able to police this.



Five Points Roundabout (Iver Heath Residents Association)


A letter from Martin Tett in mid-2016 stated that the works on the roundabout would be finished by mid-2017. As it stands, the works have yet to start.


The Iver Councils Group is working with BCC, but as yet there is no start date, with the main problem being that the preliminary survey work uncovered that the drainage system had collapsed, with Pinewood stating they would not start works until this was remedied.  BCC has yet to provide a schedule of these remedial works, but Pinewood had met with the Chief Executive of BCC, who would be providing them with a useful contact in regards to this. Both Andrew Smith and Cllr. Bagge had made their position on this clear to BCC, stating that a comprehensive traffic plan was required in order to remedy all issues, and that conspicuous activity was no substitute for real results.


Pinewood clarified that they were originally legally obliged to complete the works on the roundabout one year after the completion of Phase 1 of Pinewood, but that this schedule would now be moved. They further clarified that Pinewood would not keep the monies if completion did not occur on this date, and that all were currently waiting to see what HS2 would do in terms of the Five Points Roundabout.



Development of the area to the north of the new Pinewood site (Iver Heath Residents Association)


During a previous meeting, it was noted by the Group that a planning application was to be made in regards to developing the area to the north of the new Pinewood Site. Andrew Smith explained that he was expecting the application to be submitted by summer 2017, but that currently there was no date for the works to start.


Monitoring of water discharge onto Iver Heath Fields (Iver Heath Residents Association)


The Group raised concerns that they had not yet seen any results from the monitoring of the Iver Heath Fields. Andrew Smith and Kathryn Donovan would seek this information from David Wight in order to reassure residents, and also explained that visual inspections were taking place alongside the more quantitative monitoring.


Traffic signs on Pinewood Road (Iver Heath Residents Association)


It was raised that there were varying speed limits on Pinewood Road, and that it may be a suitable idea to regulate the speed for the entirety of the road. It was suggested that this could be applied for by the Parish through the LAF, but it may prove costly to the Parish.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting


·         A representative from BCC to attend the meeting to discuss items including responsibility and obligations for S106 monies

·         Members wished it to be kept in mind that they would be keen to partake in another roof walk when possible.


Date of Next Meeting


The Group were available for a meeting on the 11 July 2017, with an email to be sent out to confirm this.