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The minutes of the meeting held 12 June 2017 were agreed as an accurate record. The minutes of the meeting held 28 March 2017 remained outstanding. These would be made available by Democratic Services and added to the next agenda to be formally noted.




There were no apologies received.


Progress from Pinewood


Andrew Smith advised that phase two of the development at Pinewood had been scheduled for the Planning Committee being held on 9 August 2017.


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A report had been provided and could be seen with the agenda pack. Comments were welcomed from the group. Comments were made as below:


·        A specific section on mammals was requested for future reports. Residents had commented that displaced mammals, mainly deer as well as ducks were using their gardens. As a result of this the Group requested an update on the passage of vertebrates through the site.

·        The group requested that a site survey be provided on the invertebrates using the green roofs.


Kathryn Donovan agreed these issues would be reported back to Pinewood.


Peace Walk


The Group were advised that the gardening team at Pinewood had reported that local residents had been using the permissive walk off Pinewood Road for dog walking and had not been clearing up after their dogs. Because of this the gardeners were reluctant to leave the walk open and were open to advice on how best to get this message to residents. The Group suggested that the best option was for signs to be put up advising that the area was being monitored.


Garden Waste


The Pinewood land was monitored regularly by the Studio Manager; this included the ditches around the site. It had become evident that residents on Pinewood Green had been putting their hedge and grass cutting into these ditches. A resident had also been cutting the grass parallel to his land which belonged to Pinewood. Pinewood requested a steer on how to advise residents that this was illegal and to stop using the ditches for garden waste.


Following discussion the Group agreed that as this was a potentially sensitive issue Pinewood would take this back with a view to drawing up a letter which would be dropped to the properties bordering the ditch.



Traffic Flow responsibilities


Clarification was requested on the traffic flow responsibilities around Sevenhills Road. Andrew Smith confirmed that as this was a highway, responsibility fell to Buckinghamshire County Council. The Group were advised that a suggestion to consider deferring funds from the Five Ways roundabout to addressing traffic issues on Sevenhills Road had been made to BCC by Pinewood. The County Council had commissioned a project to assess whether a two way road would make better use of the funds.


There were three different surveys ongoing, Pinewood had funded one along Pinewood Road, whilst Heathrow had commissioned their own survey and the larger option of a bypass was also being explored. Andrew Smith confirmed that the results of Pinewood’s survey would be brought to this meeting at a future date.


The Group were advised that the Five Ways roundabout was on hold due to drainage problems and planning permission having expired. The section 106 agreement was explained as a contract between two parties which was open to negotiation as long as the two parties agreed to any changes.


Cllrs Bagge and Sullivan advised that they would discuss this matter with the Portfolio Holder at the County Council and added that it would be useful for all three parties to share results of their surveys.



Clearing of the ditch to the rear of properties on Pinewood Green


This was covered under item 9.


Landscaping update


The Group requested that this landscaping update be provided by Pinewood at the next meeting.




The Group had not seen minutes from the traffic review group that had been held. It was not clear whether these were private so Pinewood would check this and report back.


Pinewood were exploring the best option for improved lighting, to reduce light pollution at the site and were hopeful of completing lighting installation prior to Winter. Lessons learnt from the first phase would be incorporated into phase two when it came to specifying lighting.



Agenda Items for Next Meeting


The Group agreed the following items to be added to the next meeting:


·        Landscaping Update

·        Update from the Traffic Surveys

·        The outcome of the August Planning Committee

·        A report back on lighting at Pinewood.

·        An officer from the Highways Team from the County Council would be useful to answer questions raised by the group.


Date of Next Meeting


9 October 2017 at 6 p.m., Room 6, South Bucks District Council Offices