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The minutes of the meetings held 10 July 2017 and 28 March 2017 were agreed as an accurate record.




Apologies were received from Cllr. L Sullivan and Cllr. M Bradford (South Bucks District Council), Andrew Smith (Pinewood Studios), Kathryn Donovan (Pinewood Studios), and Alan Wilson (Iver Heath Residents Association).



Progress from Pinewood pdf icon PDF 91 KB


Simon Honey, Head of Operations, Pinewood Studio provided a progress update to the Group as detailed in the below respective agenda item updates.


The outcome of the September Planning Committee pdf icon PDF 222 KB


The decision notice which detailed the outcome of the Planning Committee held in September in relation to the stage 2 of development works at Pinewood could be seen attached to the agenda pack. The Group were advised that the application was permitted.


Mr Honey advised that the tender process for the appointment of a main contractor to construct and deliver Phase two would commence before Christmas 2017, with construction intended to commence in early 2018, subject to the discharge of the relevant planning conditions.


Ms Gibson advised that the issue of a permissive footpath along the boundary of Sevenhills Road as outlined in informative 2 would continue to be raised as an issue to consider.


Section 278 development works update pdf icon PDF 153 KB

Written update to be provided by Buckinghamshire County Council’s Highways team. If the group would like attendance at the subsequent meeting, a representative will attend.


An update report was provided to the group from the Highways Department at Bucks County Council and could be seen with the agenda pack. A representative from the Highways team was unable to attend on this occasion but had stated their willingness to attend the following meeting.


It was confirmed that the previous planning permission had lapsed for the Five Points roundabout and any further updates would be brought to this meeting for discussion as and when available.


Landscaping Update (Pinewood)


The site wide Planting Strategy was available via the Council’s website and sets out the detailed planting strategy. The latest version can be found at


The Group identified six trees by the south pond having been planted which had deceased. Mr Honey explained that he had not been aware of this and informed the group that this would be investigated.


ACTION: Pinewood to assess the above trees and take necessary action.


Update from the Traffic Surveys (Pinewood)


The Group were advised that Pinewood continued to work closely with Bucks Highways, and would be meeting in October 2017 to review the next steps and reporting methodologies. Findings will be shared with the Group when available.  The Group requested that Pinewood make available to them the raw data from the surveys that had been commissioned.


The Group were advised that the traffic review group only met sporadically and had not met since the previous meeting of the Community Liaison Group so there was therefore no updates to be provided.


Lighting Update (Pinewood)


The Group were advised that Pinewood’s security patrols had photographed the site at various intervals during the night and this had not clarified where light disturbance was coming from. Ms Mayling agreed to visit the site and identify residents’ concerns to Mr Honey. The Group identified that current vegetation was preventing the issue being apparent at this time and suggested that the issue may be a result of incorrect positioning of the lights. A condition of the planning permission was that external lighting units should be below 70 degree angles and this did not appear to be the case. The Group also requested lux readings were taken as another condition was that spill light should not be greater than 5 metres squared.


ACTION:Pinewood to meet with representative/s from Iver Parish Council to identify issues and lux readings to be taken, with feedback then being provided to the Group at the next meeting.


Report on the water flow measurements in ditches around Pinewood (Pinewood)


Engineers were on site in September to undertake an initial survey of the watercourses and were finalising their methodology for the assessment. There would be no measurements to share until next year.  The group were advised that this was a long term voluntary undertaking likely to be over a period of two years.


The Group raised concern at the rate of attenuation pond flows on Iver Heath fields. It had been noted that a swale had been installed and the Group requested clarification from Pinewood on why this was deemed necessary as initially the constructors had felt this was not required.


Mr Rosetti explained that the exit point of the Southern holding pond was covered in reeds and weeds and advised that he could supply photographs of the site to help with the management of the ponds as the water table was such that this could affect residents on the north side of Pinewood Green.


Ecologist update (Pinewood)

Request has been sent to Pinewood for Ecologist to attend.


The final copy of the ecological survey of the year would take place in October 2017, following which the findings would be collated and shared with the County Ecologist. Once reviewed by the County Ecologist, a summary of findings would be shared with the Community Liaison Group at the next meeting.


ACTION: The summary of findings to be shared with the Group at the next meeting.


Dog waste bins on Pinewood Road, Iver Heath (requested by Cllr. Sullivan)


An update would be provided at the following meeting. The group was aware that signs had been installed around the area.




The Group were advised that the Pinewood Operations team were fully aware of Ragwort on the property and landscapers needed to deseed the plant prior to cutting the field. It was identified by the group that the field had been cut and therefore this may require further addressing next year.


Pinewood had continued to treat Japanese knotweed on the verge of the property by the roundabout annually to contain it, although this was the highway authority’s responsibility due to it not being on Pinewood property.


It was advised that residents had reported events running late which had caused noise disturbance in the local area. The suggestion was made to use social media or websites such as ‘next door’ to post information and let everyone know what will be happening. Mr Rosetti advised that filming companies were no longer using silenced generators which were contributing to the noise disturbance. Mr Honey advised that Pinewood would investigate ways to address this.


ACTION: Pinewood to investigate noise disturbance issues and feed back to the Group.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting


Agenda items identified in addition to the standing progress update from Pinewood Studios were:


  • Ecologist update
  • Traffic data findings to date



Date of Next Meeting

To be arranged.


The date of the next meeting is 15 January 2018 at 6 p.m. in Room 6, South Bucks District Council Offices.