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Apologies for Absence


None received.


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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 9 October 2017.


The minutes of the meeting held on 9 October 2017 were agreed as an accurate record.



Progress from Pinewood


Andrew Smith, Corporate Affairs Director, Pinewood Studios provided an update to the Group which covered the following issues:

  • Following the approval of the planning application for stage 2 of the development works at Pinewood, the group were advised that Pinewood were evaluating bids submitted as part of the tender process. It was expected that a contractor would be appointed by April with works commencing soon after, and the group noted that these works would include a Community Liaison aspect as with previous Pinewood developments.
  • The group were advised that six new trees would be planted around the southern pond following the identification of six deceased at the previous meeting.
  • It was noted that the light disturbance issues previously identified had been addressed, however some of the new lighting had not yet been installed. The Group were advised that new lights had been ordered and the installation would be completed in February.
  • The Peace Walk had been closed due to the recent high winds and to allow works to be carried out on damaged trees, however the walk had since been re-opened to the public.



Ecologist update


The Group were advised that a meeting had taken place with the County Ecologist and that the final copy of the ecological survey would be circulated in February.


ACTION: Pinewood to circulate the final copy of the ecological survey to the Group.




Traffic Data Findings to date


Pinewood wished to clarify that, although a number of different traffic surveys had taken place, traffic data taken prior to the school summer holidays in 2017 collected at the Five Ways Roundabout, Sevenhills Road and Pinewood Green had been submitted to the Highways Department at Bucks County Council. Pinewood had been informed by BCC that they were in a pre-application period, awaiting a recommendation. A concern was raised over the accuracy of the traffic data survey findings, relating to the date on which the survey was carried out. It was advised that although Pinewood had covered the cost of the survey, the specific arrangements for data collection had been made by BCC.


A question was raised as to whether the Five Ways Roundabout had been a District planning application rather than a County application. The Group were advised that there had been two separate applications made to SBDC, the first being outline application for the development of the lot, and the second relating to alterations to the surrounding roads. The second application had been contested therefore a Section 106 agreement had been agreed between Pinewood and BCC. A planning application would therefore be made to SBDC and Bucks County Council would be consulted as part of the application process.


It was noted that the original projections for traffic usage had been far exceeded, and the Group highlighted the fact that work needed to be carried out to rectify this issue prior to any further increases in parking capacity at Pinewood.



Any other business


The Group were advised that Pinewood had a plan in place for management of the southern pond and water flows, these were regularly inspected with the last inspection having taken place on 8 November. The Group noted that weed growth had returned and would again cause a problem if left unattended.


ACTION: Pinewood to address weed growth problems and provide a further update at the next meeting.


It was advised that issues of noise disturbance caused by generators had been resolved, however Pinewood encouraged residents to report any further problems to them.


It was reported that motorcycles had been accessing Pinewood land and that an incident had occurred causing injury to a resident who had been walking her dog. Mr Rosetti requested that he be given a direct phone number to contact Pinewood in the event of incidents of this nature occurring, and advised that he would be able to direct Pinewood staff to the broken gate which had allowed the motorcyclists to gain access to the land.


ACTION: Pinewood to provide a direct phone number for reporting urgent issues.



Agenda Items for Next Meeting


Agenda items identified in addition to the standing progress update from Pinewood Studios were:


  • Ecological Survey Results – Pinewood to send details of the survey in advance of the meeting.
  • Update from traffic data findings – it was requested that an invite be sent to Transport for Buckinghamshire to attend in order to explain the methodology and findings of the traffic survey. It was hoped that this would explain the rationale behind any decisions made in relation to the planning application. It was also requested that an invite be sent to Pinewood’s highways consultants, Vectos, to attend the next meeting in order to provide clarification on this issue.



Date of Next Meeting


The date of the next meeting would be arranged by Democratic Services and circulated to the group via email.




The meeting terminated at 5:34 p.m.