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Venue: Room 6, Capswood, Oxford Road, Denham

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr. W Matthews, Cllr. L Sullivan, Andrew Smith and Carol Gibson.



Minutes of Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 62 KB

To agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 15 January 2018.


The minutes of the meeting held on 15 January 2018 were agreed as an accurate record.



Progress from Pinewood


Kathryn Donovan, Group Community Liaison, Pinewood Studios provided an update on the progress of Phase 2 of the development works at Pinewood. The Group were advised that Sir Robert McAlpine had been appointed as the preferred contractor for the works in February 2018 and that a detailed design programme was in development.


Representatives from Sir Robert McAlpine delivered a presentation to the Group which covered the following key points:


·         The development would consist of 5 sound stages over 3 buildings, with associated workshops, welfare blocks and landscaping as per the approved plans. Detailed designs and a final work programme were in development; however it was expected that construction works would begin in summer 2018 and last until summer 2019.

·         It was proposed that two temporary entrances to the site be opened which would separate construction vehicles from everyday Pinewood traffic to mitigate the effect on the surrounding areas. A Traffic Management Plan would be produced with the aim of alleviating pressure on surrounding roads as far as possible. The gap used to create the entrance would be covered by a bund following the end of the construction works.

·         As part of the development works, Sir Robert McAlpine would be working with Pinewood to deliver a community engagement programme with the aim of enhancing the local area. The contractors would look to re-establish links made during Phase 1 of the works, including with local schools and youth organisations, and would be looking to offer apprenticeships and jobs for local workers. A communication plan was in development to ensure that the local community are forewarned in advance of new works. It was recommended that Nextdoor be used to notify residents as it had been an effective tool in the past.



Ecological Survey Results


As part of the presentation, Zoe Webb, from Pinewood’s ecological consultants Arup, gave an update on Phase 1 monitoring which covered the following points:


·         Badger and reptile activity had been recorded at slightly increased levels. The bat roost in Saul’s Farm was still in position and bat activity would continue to be monitored.

·         New species of Birds had been attracted to the site, and the green roofs had been particularly successful. Deer and muntjac activity had also been recorded at the perimeter of the site.

·         In 2018, badger, bat, reptile and bird activity would continue to be monitored as well as habitats and green roofs. A pre-construction survey of the Phase 2 site had been carried out in February 2018, and Arup would continue to provide ecology advice to the contractors throughout the works.


The Group requested that more detailed findings from the survey be circulated. It was noted that an ecological assessment of the site comparing levels from before the commencement of works in 2014 could only be produced after the completion of Phase 2, as this would allow data from the whole site to be assessed.


ACTION: Pinewood to circulate a summary of the ecological survey findings when available.



Update from Traffic Data Findings


Matthew Wright, Development and Planning Surveyor, Pinewood Studios, gave an update on plans for highways improvement works covered by the Section 106 agreement. The Group were informed that Pinewood had submitted a draft report to Bucks County Council and discussions were ongoing to agree a programme to take a report to BCC Cabinet for a decision on a preferred option. The Group were pleased to note that BCC were now considering the Sevenhills Road proposal, as well as the Five Points Roundabout option. It was advised that a timescale for delivering the works would be agreed once a decision had been made, but it was unlikely that highways works would be completed before the completion of Phase 2 development works at Pinewood.



Any Other Business


In response to a question raised over weed growth problems, it was advised that an action plan for proactive management of weed growth and ragwort by the operations team would be produced.


ACTION: Pinewood to circulate an action plan setting out how weed growth and ragwort will be managed.


The Group were advised that lighting issues had been addressed, however it was requested that lighting installed as part of Phase 2 works be designed to limit the effect on nearby residents. Pinewood advised that a detailed design summary for Phase 2 works would be presented at a future meeting, with a focus on aspects which will have an impact on local residents.


It was noted that monitoring had not yet begun on the attenuation ponds due to concerns over the cost and security of equipment placed outside the boundary of the site.



Agenda Items for Next Meeting


There were no items requested in addition to the standing progress update from Pinewood Studios.



Date of Next Meeting


The date of the next meeting would be arranged by Democratic Services and circulated to the group via email.