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Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Cllr. L Sullivan and Andrew Smith.



Minutes of Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 67 KB

To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 24 April 2018.


The minutes of the meeting held on 24 April 2018 were approved subject to Minute 40 bullet point 2 being amended to read: "It was proposed that two temporary entrances to the site be opened which could separate construction vehicles from everyday Pinewood traffic to mitigate the effect on the surrounding areas".



Highways Update


With the agreement of the Chairman, an update from Bucks County Council representatives was added to the agenda. Mark Kemp, Director of Growth Strategy and Highways, and Christine Urry, Head of Highways Development, gave a verbal update to the Group which covered the following key points:

·         The Section 106 agreement with Pinewood had been signed a number of years previously and since that time BCC had been consulting with the Iver Members Liaison Group to decide how the money would be spent.

·         £500,000 had been received for sustainable travel; however the spending of this money had been paused whilst discussions took place around progressing either the Five Points Roundabout scheme or the Seven Hills Road option favoured by residents.

·         Modelling was taking place based on current traffic data and updated traffic surveys, looking at the impact on the Five Points Roundabout and Seven Hills Road. BCC were reviewing the results of the survey and hoped to have a resolution by the end of August, with feedback being given to the Iver Members Liaison Group in September.

·         An ecology contribution of £68,000 had been received.

·         Additional S106 contributions had been received for sustainable transport but these could not be spent until 50% occupation of the site had been reached. It was predicted that this would occur in the 2019/20 financial year.

·         The current contract for the shuttle bus would expire in September and was out to tender. The shuttle bus route would be reviewed when Crossrail was completed. Discussions around use of the shuttle bus outside of peak hours had taken place, however it was advised that this would need to be a private arrangement between Pinewood and the Iver Heath Residents Association.


Kathryn Donovan, Group Community Liaison, Pinewood Studios, advised that the possibility of using the shuttle bus for local residents had been discussed but it was not considered viable by Pinewood. Alan Wilson, representative for IHRA, advised that use of the shuttle bus would only be viable if funding was available, but stressed that Pinewood would not be expected to contribute funding.


In the discussion which followed, the below points were made:

·         The trigger point for the release of the original S106 funding had been reached and a fully designed scheme for the signalisation of the Five Points Roundabout had been produced. The scheme had been put on hold due to ongoing discussions with local resident groups.

·         Options for the cycleway scheme were being discussed, and it was noted that the recently uncovered footways could be wide enough to accommodate a cycleway.

·         In response to a question raised regarding the potential for a park and ride service, it was advised that BCC were considering a range of sustainable travel options.

·         Concerns were raised that the signage for speed limits on Pinewood Road was illogical and it was felt that limits should be reduced to 30mph with the increased volume of heavy goods traffic.

·         Traffic surveys had included Pinewood Green as well as Five Points Roundabout, Seven Hills road  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Progress from Pinewood pdf icon PDF 286 KB


Kathryn Donovan gave an update to the Group which covered the following points:

·         In relation to the proposed temporary construction access at Saul’s Farm, it was advised that this entrance would now not be used as it was not supported by BCC. There would only be one entrance for construction access located on Pinewood Road. This had meant that the presentation given by representatives from Sir Robert McAlpine at the previous meeting was now out of date.

·         Although SRM had been appointed as the preferred contractor for the works, a contract with Pinewood had not yet been signed.

·         A summary of the ecological survey findings had been circulated with the agenda pack.

·         There had been issues with residents on Pinewood East dumping waste in ditches and taking down fences. It was advised that the perimeter was being patrolled and that pictures were being taken as evidence. A letter would be sent to residents asking them to stop this activity. IHRA were happy to assist.

·         A detailed operations plan would not be circulated to residents as timescales were subject to change. In response to the main concern of ragwort management, it was advised that ragwort had been cut and cuttings would be mulched. A replacement for the missing manhole cover had been installed.

·         In relation to the sale of Alderbourne Farm, it was noted that contracts had been exchanged and the land would eventually be used for commercial operations.

·         An update on community engagement events carried out by Pinewood since the last meeting in April was circulated to the Group.

·         A revised quote for the attenuation pond monitoring was being reviewed.

·         Tree planting would take place in October.

·         It was requested that communications between local residents and Pinewood employees be conducted in a respectful manner.


In relation to a question raised on promoting Pinewood vacancies to local residents, it was noted that vacancies were advertised in "In and Around Iver".



Ecology Update pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Group were pleased to note the report and a suggestion was made that the ecological work could be of use in academic research.



Agenda Items for Next Meeting


In addition to the standing update from Pinewood Studios, the following items were requested:

·         Highways update from BCC (if available)

·         Update from contractors (if available)

·         Attenuation Ponds – update on the additional swale



Date of Next Meeting


It was agreed that the next meeting would take place on Tuesday 9 October 2018 at 6pm in the South Bucks District Council Offices, Capswood, Oxford Road, Denham, UB9 4LH.