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Apologies for Absence


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Minutes of Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 72 KB

To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 9 July 2018.


The minutes of the meeting held on 9 July 2018 were approved.


Introduction to Sir Robert McAlpine Community Liaison Manager and Update on Phase 2


The Chairman welcomed the Project Manager, Steve Higgins and Community Liaison Officer, Mark Hobbs, to the meeting.


The Group received a presentation from Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) on the construction of Phase 2. The following key points were noted:


·         Pinewood east access was currently being used for deliveries and operatives, however, vehicles would be using an alternative route during temporary access construction.

·         A security system for the site was installed in October 2018.

·         Current works included muck shift, drainage installation and the installation of site roads.

·         Planned works included piling (October 2018) and construction of steel frames for the first building (December 2018).

·         The Community Liaison Officer advised the Group that SRM would be looking to distribute a newsletter. It was noted that the Community Liaison Officer was the first point of contact for any queries members of the Group may have.

·         A HGV route planner and comms strategy for Phase 2 had been created.

·         Monthly liaison meetings with Iver Residents Association were taking place.

·         A speed restriction had been put in place on Pinewood Road (to last 18 months).

·         Local schools and colleges had been contacted to offer work placements to students that might be interested in gaining an insight into construction.

·         Similarly to Phase 1, a site deliveries management software was in place to co-ordinate deliveries and manage traffic flow.

·         Ecological works were ongoing to ensure that habitats were not being disturbed.


The Community Liaison Officer advised members of the Group that he was happy to facilitate a site meeting for Phase 2 if this was something that members would be interested in.


A member of the Group enquired as to whether residents had found stickers on HGV’s helpful, and it was advised that this was the case and that HGVs should continue to display the stickers. The Group asked that the HGV route be circulated to members. It was noted that the route was the same as for Phase 1, and that the HGV route planner for Phase 2 would be circulated via email. The Group were informed that briefings had taken place with delivery operatives who had also been given a route planner and advice sheet.


It was noted that construction works would take place from 8am. A member raised a concern that noise had been heard earlier than 8am, and the Community Liaison Officer advised that he would look into this.


The Group were pleased that the speed restriction had been put in place, and asked if the restriction could be extended further due to a concern about the potential for HGV’s to mount the pavement, especially with darker nights coming. It was advised that Pinewood would contact Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) about extending the restriction, and drivers would be made aware of the narrowing of the road at this particular location. Further, this point could be identified on the advice sheet given and highlighted to drivers.







Presentation on hydraulic monitoring of southern ponds by Hydrock


The Group received a presentation by Flood Risk Consultant for Hydrock, Iain Hissett, on the drainage strategy and drainage monitoring at Pinewood.


The following key points were made:

·         Hydrock monitor the system put in place at Pinewood to ensure that it is and continues to be fit for purpose.

·         The drainage strategy was designed by Arup in 2014 as part of the new development and was put in place to ensure that, post development, water run-off is the same as or no worse than water run-off pre development.

·         Run-off is collected in an attenuation storage pond.

·         The peak flow is capped by the system to reduce the risk of flooding before travelling into natural water courses.

·         A rainfall monitoring device to measure the flow of water is scheduled to be installed on site in November 2018.

·         The rainfall monitoring equipment will be monitored regularly remotely to ensure that the strategy remains fit for purpose, and a monthly report on the system’s performance will be produced.


The Group thanked Iain for his excellent presentation and explanation of the system.


A member of the Group enquired as to what impact the system would have on the field, and it was noted that the water flow would travel from the attenuation pond into the existing ditch at the bottom of the field. It was noted that water flow from the pond to the ditch is set at a restricted rate, and would be continuously monitored to ensure the flow control is responsibly managed.


The Chairman asked as to who monitored water filtration, and it was noted that a response to this question would be emailed to the Chairman by the Compliance Team. The Chairman was informed that an alarm system was fitted on the oil interceptor that alerted the team if there were any issues with filtration.


The initial findings of monitoring the system would be reported to the Group at their next meeting in January 2019.



Attenuation ponds: update on the additional swale


This agenda item was taken immediately following the presentations.


A Member enquired as to why an additional swale had been installed. The Group were advised that information would need to be sought on this matter and a response circulated to the Group in due course.


Phase 3 Planning Applications


Agenda item 9 was discussed next by the Group.


It was reported that planning applications for phase 3 had been submitted 20 weeks ago. This included a 12,000 sq. ft. single building at plot 105 which was to be a flexible space with workshops and a stage area.


Terms of Reference for the Pinewood Community Liaison Group pdf icon PDF 44 KB


The Group were asked to review the terms of reference that have been in place for 4 years to ensure that the Pinewood Community Liaison Group’s terms of reference remain relevant and fit for purpose.


A revision was made to the membership at Appendix 1 to include residents associations. It was noted that the representative for Fulmer Parish Council was Councillor Susie Simkins.




1.      Subject to the revisions proposed by the Group, that the terms of reference and membership of the Pinewood Community Liaison Group attached at Appendix 1 be noted.



Pinewood Update


The Group discussed the following key points:


·         It was noted that information would be sought as to when the 6 trees would be planted, and a response circulated to the Group.


·         A concern was raised about queuing on Pinewood Road, and Members were advised that Pinewood and officers at Bucks County Council (BCC) had recently met to discuss and address this issue. It was advised that contractors would go directly to Pinewood East and visitors to Pinewood West. It was not known as to why the issue had been recently exacerbated, however this would be looked into.


·         A further concern was raised about delays in getting through security points which caused increased volumes of traffic. This would be looked into by the operations team. It was suggested that start times for operatives be staggered to alleviate this issue.


·         Sevenhills – a meeting would take place with BCC shortly, and the preferred option sought by the end of the year.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting


·         Pinewood Update – Sevenhills (Pinewood)

·         Drainage strategy and monitoring update (Pinewood)

·         Report on traffic management (BCC)



Date of Next Meeting

6pm, Monday 14 January 2019 in Meeting Room 6, Capswood, Denham


14 January 2019, at 5pm in Room 6, South Bucks District Council