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Apologies for Absence


Received from Cllr Bradford and Susie Simkins


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To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 9 October 2018.


The minutes of the meeting held on 9 October 2018 were approved.


Pinewood Update


Matthew Wright from Pinewood Studies reported that there were no updates to present to the meeting.


With reference to the previous minutes (item 12) a representative asked why an additional swale had been installed. Previously residents had been informed that this was not required and its installation had raised concerns that the pond would overflow.  Steve Higgins from Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) commented that the reason for the swale was in case the drainage became blocked and it would direct water along a certain path. This had been part of the original design and could be related to the need to address any excessive rainfall. Matthew Wright agreed to look back at previous records to provide reassurance to residents that the design was robust and that the overspill of water was very unlikely. This would include information on the direction of the water.


With reference to the previous minutes (item 15) a Member asked for an update on the trees that would be planted particularly on timescale and species of tree. Matthew Wright, Pinewood agreed that a tree schedule would be circulated and the timescale for planting was the end of the month. The Member then referred to the queuing on Pinewood Road and informed the Group that this had been referred to Bucks County Council Development Control Department for consideration, who would respond in due course. A representative then referred to the position of fencing behind the Pinewood Green housing near the drains. Matthew Wright, Pinewood reported that this was part of the Phase 3 Planning Application and the fence line had been reviewed and agreed. In terms of ditch clearance this was covered by the Maintenance Manager and general inspections had been included in the Clearance and Growth Strategy. There was a patrol once a week and information would be fed back to residents.


The Group was informed that the consultants work relating to the planning permission condition to upgrade the 5 points roundabout and the consent from the Council to change this to Seven Hills Road was being considered by the BCC Highways Department and a response was awaited. BCC Officers were looking to report back on this issue by the April meeting.

A representative asked about Alderbourne Farm and was informed by Matthew Wright, Pinewood that they had exchanged contracts and completion would take place in February 2019 (representatives had been previously informed that this would take place within one year – June 2019) but that there were no immediate commercial plans. The site would be secured and there would be a permanent security presence to protect the Farm.



Update from Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM)


Steve Higgins and Konstantinos Seferiadis (Construction Manager) presented the report on behalf of Sir Robert McAlpine. During the presentation the following points were noted:-


·       There has been great progress with the excavation and foundation works and nearly one third of the drainage had been installed and an internal road. This would enable the steelworks to commence.

·       The facades being used were from Belfast and Austria.

·       A footpath on Pinewood Road would be installed in the next four weeks.

·       There had been an issue with external lighting being left on (which was required in the winter months). However a system had now been put in place to ensure that this did not happen again. Some late night working had to take place when laying concrete because of the chemical reaction of the materials used.

·       There had been some concerns about the pump noise but the pumps had now been moved further away from the buildings and replaced with silent pumps brought to site by the sub-contractor.

·       Staff members had attended the Pinewoods Remembrance Service and Springfield Cottage residents had met with the Environmental Health Officer.

·       Car stickers had been issued to staff and operatives so that action could be taken if work traffic was not within the allocated area.

·       In terms of Community Liaison SRM representatives had met with Black Park Sheds, Iver Heath Pavilion, Langley College, Bucks College Group, Chalfont College and Bucks LEP and a local Scout Group. In terms of Iver Heath Pavilion an initial approach had been made but future arrangements would need to be finalised with the Parish Council. Visits would need to be arranged with schools and colleges to look at Phase 1 works and would link in with their curriculum.

·       In terms of next steps an invite to the Council and residents would be issued in January 2019 to visit the site, alongside circulating a newsletter. Schools would be invited from March 2019 onwards.


A Member asked a question on where the pump water was distributed. This was directed towards the attenuation pond and was then dispersed – it was pure water and was not mixed with contaminates.


The report was noted.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Traffic management around Pinewood, an update on Seven Hills Road and traffic survey results – Bucks County Council

Monitoring of Drainage Strategy – Pinewood/Hydrock


BCC Traffic Management around Pinewood

Monitoring of Drainage Strategy – Pinewood/Hydrock


Date of Next Meeting

To agree a date in early April 2019.


[The date of the meeting was amended following this meeting to Wednesday 3 April at 5pm].