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To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 14 October 2019.


The minutes of the meeting held on 14 October 2019 were approved.


Progress from Pinewood

To include an update on the following:-


1.    Pinewood Studios Development Phase 2 update

2.    REO Application

3.    Seven Hills Road Application


Matthew Wright, Andrew Smith and Kathryn Maidment from Pinewood Studios provided the following updates:


Pinewood Studios Development Phase 2 update


Pinewood East


A photographic overview of Pinewood East was presented to the meeting and the group was advised that the majority of this phase of the development was now complete, and the new car park and perimeter road were in use. The new workshop was expected to be completed in May. The green roofs of the four new stages had now been seeded and should start seeing growth in the spring time. Around nine site visits were planned each year by the County Ecologist and approximate combined stats for the completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 landscape works were provided to the group at the meeting:


·         New species rich meadows – 43,000sq.m (4.3ha)

·         New native woodlands – 15,450sq.m (1.5ha) – 15,450 trees

·         New native hedgerows – 2,100 lin.m (2km) – 10,500 hedge plants

·         New native shrub planting – 1,900 sq.m – 1,900 shrubs/trees

·         New species rich green roofs – 25,000 sq.m (2.5ha)

·         1 reptile underpass, 20 invertebrate features, 16 hibernaculas and 11 bat boxes. There were also a number of bird/owl boxes.


It was confirmed that the plant mix on the new roofs would be as per the existing roofs although each would develop its own character.


In terms of lighting, officers from the council’s Environmental Health team had visited the site and approved the lighting scheme and backlot management plan. All street lighting was to be LED with 90 degree heads which pointed directly downward. The environmental statement set out the acceptable lighting which was that they would generally be in use until 11pm unless critical lighting was needed to light pathways and roads during the night.


Pinewood West


Three planning applications had been submitted for five new stages. The group was shown a photographic overview of the site and the location and detail of each proposal was highlighted. No concerns had been raised by the council tree officer, nor by the Black Park Tree Officer.


A query was raised around the existing Air Quality Management Area in Iver and whether any carbon offset contribution was planned as part of the development. It was explained that this was usually part of officer negotiation with the planning applicant and Pinewood was willing for the council to apply its policies. The new aspects of the development covered a similar footprint to that which was already in place, and there would be a reduction in overall net floor space. In terms of energy efficiency, the group was advised that the stages did not have air conditioning installed, although were heated when necessary, however the new buildings would be significantly more effective than the inefficient heating in the old buildings. All renewable energy policies set in the council’s Local Plan would be followed. Pinewood’s site owners also had a Sustainability Officer with their own objectives to meet.


In response to a further question, it was said that photovoltaic solar panels would likely be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 42.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting


The following items would be discussed at the next meeting:


·         Hydrology update

·         Pinewood Annual Ecology Report

·         An update on how environmental health and carbon offset policies applied to the developments at Pinewood.


As Buckinghamshire Council would be formed on 1 April 2020, and the current district councils were to be abolished, the continuation of the community liaison group was discussed. All present agreed that the meeting was beneficial for all and the regular discussions were a positive way to engage the community and discuss concerns with respect to the happenings at Pinewood. Andrew Smith agreed that he would write to the Leader of the shadow authority formally requesting that the meeting continue and that Buckinghamshire Council appoint member representatives to the group at its annual meeting in May 2020.  


Date of Next Meeting

To be arranged.


The date of the next meeting was provisionally scheduled for Monday 1 June at 5 p.m. at the South Bucks District Council offices. Should there be any change to this due to the transition to the new Council, members of the group would be notified at the earliest opportunity.