Meeting documents

  • Meeting of Services Overview Committee, Tuesday, 9th October, 2018 6.30 pm (Item 61.)


The Chairman asked that item 9 on the agenda be considered first and the Committee agreed.


The Committee received a report which considered the implications of the Privacy Impact Assessment review of the CCTV provision in Chiltern and sought Cabinet agreement on the future CCTV monitoring arrangements and potential costs.


Thames Valley Police were exploring the opportunities to reduce long term costs by relocating the CCTV monitoring to the Milton Keynes hub. This was presently monitored at the Wycombe CCTV control room. The proposals suggested by TVP was for users of the proposed MK control hub to be charged a share of the capital costs based on a per camera rate. For the Council based on the current 42 CCTV cameras this would incur a one off cost estimated at £60,000 and an annual revenue contribution of approximately £30,000.


The review recommended that the existing camera systems detailed in appendix 2 of the report were refurbished with new digital cameras that would ensure high quality images were produced and further recommended that the cameras as detailed in appendix 3 be de-commissioned. The review also recommended that a mobile CCTV system is procured to allow monitoring of temporary crime and disorder hotspots not covered by CCTV.


Members expressed concern over the locations recommended for the decommissioning of cameras, particularly in Chesham and identified that the public perception was that visible cameras reduced crime. It was explained that the mobile cameras would likely be placed in and around Chesham at crime hotspots to counteract any loss of existing cameras.  Members were in agreement that refurbishment of the cameras in appendix 2 of the report was needed to ensure good quality images could be captured, supported a move to the MK hub and agreed that mobile cameras would be a good deterrent to crime.


All Members of the Committee were in favour of using CCTV in the District and supported the upgrade to digital cameras.  It was also accepted that mobile units could be more effectively used.  None of the Members wanted a reduction in camera units in their area.  It was also considered that as Chesham had a higher level of crime, it should have a higher number of cameras and this was currently not the case.


Members considered that cameras had an important function as a deterrent and to reassure the public, whether or not they were working.


Councillor Rouse informed the meeting of the decisions of the Healthy Communities PAG on 8 October 2018.  They had agreed to the move to the MK hub, acknowledged that the data being received from current cameras was inadequate, but were concerned about Chesham and wanted more time to discuss positioning and the number of cameras.


Councillor MacBean reported from Informal Cabinet that the matter had been discussed at length, that the council was working with the Police and they considered that Members needed to be more closely involved in the decision process.


The Committee did not support the removal of any of the cameras.  Councillor Varley asked if further funding would be needed to support this and indicated that Chesham Town Council could be approached to make a contribution.


RESOLVED to recommend to Cabinet


1.     To note that there were currently 42 CCTV cameras and request that there be no reduction in numbers.

2.     To disagree that some CCTV cameras should be removed from Chesham.

3.     To continue to participate in the CCTV TVP hub model.

4.     To delegate the final decision on the CCTV TVP hub model business plan to the Head of Healthy Communities and Head of Environment in consultation with the Portfolio Holders for Healthy Communities and Environment.

5.     To support the digital upgrade.

6.     That there be a further consultation with residents associations, town and parish councils and other local associations with regard to revised locations.

7.     To allocate up to £80,000 in the Capital budget 2019/20 for the provision of mobile CCTV and for the capital costs arising from the relation of the CCTV hub.

8.     To request another evidence based report on camera locations and numbers to a future meeting.




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