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  • Meeting of Pinewood Community Liaison Group, Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019 5.00 pm (Item 26.)


Matthew Wright from Pinewood Studios informed the Group that the reeds had been cleared from the attenuation pond and that the grass was now being cut regularly. The hydraulic monitoring device had been installed last week and therefore Hydrock would be able to give an update at the next meeting. In terms of the trees, six English oak trees were being planted to replace the previous trees. A question was asked about ragwort control and a response to this would be included in the next letter. Pinewood would put in a planning application for plot 105 next year.


Andrew Smith from Pinewood Studios also updated the Group. The Studios were at 90% capacity and four more stage buildings would be operational at the end of October/November. There were also expansion plans for their other studio at Shepperton, which would be bigger than Pinewood. Information on the Shepperton expansion and consultation was available at Pinewood had liaised with Iver Heath Residents Association to discuss what had and hadn’t worked with the consultation. This expansion would mean increased employment opportunities for the area. They were particularly looking for people with electrical, plastering and painting skills and information on this would be sent out in June. With regard to Pinewood West there were two/three plots with outline planning permission but this would be focussed on in Phase 3.


A representative asked a question with regard to Alderbourne Farm. Andrew Smith reported that there would be no additional expansion to the site, other than currently planned and that they would infill and look to optimise the site first. There was one application for another stage - Phase 3 was further down the line. The representative reported that at a recent Parish Council meeting there were a number of concerned residents enquiring about proposals for Alderbourne Farm as any development here would seriously impact on the valley. She also made reference to the people who lived in the cottages nearby. The access to this piece of land ran past the cottages. Kathryn Maidment reported that she was in regular contact with the residents of the cottages. The representative asked that they get plenty of notice if any changes were planned.


Andrew Smith reported that it was their policy to purchase any land surrounding the studios as a defensive measure. He referred to the Shepperton studios where they had encountered an operational issue as residential houses had been built abutting their land. There were currently no proposals to develop this land and that they were focussed on other projects.


The representative asked whether fencing would be put around the site.

Matthew Wright reported that currently they had 24 hour security presence particularly whilst they were removing farm contents. Before this was removed they would look at any weaknesses around the boundary and would install concrete bollards or fencing but it would not be a very high fence.  They would inform residents once the 24 security presence was removed and provide an out of hours phone number if there were any concerns about the site.

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