Meeting documents

Meeting attendance

Monday, 17th November, 2014 7.00 pm, Cabinet

Venue:   Council Chamber

Contact:    Catherine Mackenzie

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Cllr Mahboob Hussain JP Cabinet Member for HR, ICT & Customer Services Committee Member Present
Cllr Mrs Julia Adey Cabinet Member for Community Committee Member Present
Cllr Mel Foster Cabinet Member for Finance Committee Member Present
Cllr Tony Green Cabinet Member for Economic Development & Regeneration Committee Member Present
Cllr Neil Marshall Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainability Committee Member Present
Cllr Hugh McCarthy Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategy Committee Member Present
Cllr Richard Scott Executive Leader of the Council Chairman Present
Cllr Mrs Jean Teesdale Cabinet Member for Environment Committee Member Present
Karen Satterford Officer In attendance
Charles Meakings Officer Expected
Ian Westgate Officer Expected
Ian Hunt Officer In attendance
Catherine MacKenzie Officer In attendance
Julie Openshaw Officer Expected
Cllr David Carroll Guest In attendance
Cllr Ms Paula Lee Guest In attendance
Cllr John Richards OBE Guest In attendance
Cllr Ms Julia Wassell Guest In attendance
Elaine Jewell Officer Expected
Caroline Hughes Officer Expected
Charles Brocklehurst Officer Expected
John McMillan Officer Expected
Sarah Barfield Officer Expected
Anne Beardsley Officer Expected
Dani Goodman Officer Expected
Melanie Morgan Officer Expected
Pamela Wharton Officer Expected
Jane Barnett Officer Expected
Jean Roberts Officer Expected
Linda Woznicki Officer Expected
Lee Newton Council Staff Expected
Penelope Tollitt Officer In attendance