Meeting documents

  • Meeting of Cabinet, Monday, 17th November, 2014 7.00 pm (Item 60.)




Following on from the Cabinet decision on 20 October 2014 regarding the Reserve Sites and Progressing the Local Plan, the Improvement and Review

Commission had invoked the ‘’Call in’’ of the decision at its meeting on 12  November 2014.


The Chairman of the Commission gave a detailed verbal presentation  of the Commission’s concerns and reasoning behind the suggested recommendations.


The Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainability gave a comprehensive response to each recommendation and responded to the questions raised. The Cabinet’s proposed response to the Improvement & Review Commission’s recommendations was circulated at the meeting.


After due consideration, Cabinet voted on each recommendation and  decided that they could not accept any of the proposed recommendations for the reasons set out in the appended Cabinet’s response.


During consideration of this item, Cabinet confirmed its original decision taken on 20 October 2014  that the five reserve sites be released for development to ensure the best outcome for local people and the District. It was agreed that a one or two page guidance sheet summarising the advantages and disadvantages of proceeding with the decision be produced to aid the public’s understanding of the reasons for the decision.

The report was taken as a matter of urgency as the Council’s ability to set the right framework for the development of the sites and to secure the best outcomes for the community would be compromised by any delay in making a decision.

The following decisions were made as Option 5 (release of the five reserve sites), had been recommended to assist in delivering housing to contribute towards the Council’s rolling five year housing land supply, because of the over-riding importance of ensuring as much local control as possible on the future development of those sites and because the sites had been reserved for development for many years. In order to respond to the strength of public interest and concerns, the decision would be taken forward with the involvement of specific liaison groups, one for each site, together with a High Wycombe roundtable to consider the town wide infrastructure implications. Infrastructure issues in relation to the Slate Meadow site would be considered at the site liaison group.


resolved: That (i) the five recommendations from the Improvement & Review Commission be refused for the reasons set out in the appended Cabinet’s response.


(ii) Cabinet proceed with the original decision taken on 20 October 2014, that:


(iii)    having considered the recommendations of the Local Plan Task and Finish Group meeting of 1st October 2014, the recommendation at Appendix 5 of the 20 October Cabinet report be agreed; and


(iv)    having in mind the issues set out in Appendices 3 and 4 of the 20 October Cabinet report, the reserve sites (Abbey Barn North, Abbey Barn South, Gomm Valley and Ashwells, Slate Meadow, and Terriers Farm as shown in the Plans in Appendix 2 of the 20 October Cabinet report) be released for development to contribute towards the Council’s 5 year housing land supply, and the detailed planning of these sites be taken forward with public involvement.


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