Meeting documents

  • Meeting of Improvement and Review Commission, Wednesday, 11th November, 2015 7.00 pm (Item 16.)


The meeting was given a comprehensive and informative presentation on the achievements of the Wycombe Community Safety Partnership by Daniel Sullivan (Wycombe District Council – Prevent Strategic Co-ordinator - Community Services) aided by Chairman of the Partnership Karen Satterford and Superintendent Ed McLean (Commander Wycombe Local Police Area – Thames Valley Police).


Karen Satterford, as Chairman of the Partnership, explained that the Community Safety Partnership was obliged to publish a 3 year plan to be updated annually, the current 2015-16 plan being appended to the agenda. The Partnership by statute was obliged to refer the plan annually to the appropriate scrutiny body of the Council. Referring to a power point presentation Daniel Sullivan outlined the key crime statistics for the District:


Crime type

% changes -2013/14 to 14/15

Burglary Dwelling               

+9.2% (25 more victims)

Theft of motor vehicle        

+26% (25 more victims)

Theft from motor vehicle

-12% (82 fewer victims)

Violence against the person with injury

+21.3% (110 more victims)

Violence against the person without injury


Non Rape Sexual Offences


Rape Sexual Offences



+26.1% (12 more victims)



-36.7% (47 fewer victims)


Public Order


Drug Offences


All Crime



It was acknowledged that the percentage increases noted were worrying, though in some cases these represented only limited numbers of victims, the base number of victims was often very small.


The reduction in public disorder offences was heartening; High Wycombe Town Centre continued to enjoy a good safety record.


The continued work of the Nightsafe Partnership was emphasised, which was currently concentrating on the PURPLE Flag re-assessment due later this month. The problems of shoplifting often fuelled by substance misuse was noted, along with the work being done in tackling anti-social behaviour and gang activity with the dedicated officer based at the Police Station.


The various Anti-Social Behaviour tools were outlined and it was noted that Police had been using the dispersal powers therein and had obtained five Criminal Behaviour Orders to date.


Child Sexual Exploitation was still of great concern both nationally and locally, it had been a previous key priority and this status had been retained, close work with Barnardo’s was in place; this was often a hidden crime, and the Partnership were well aware that there should be no complacency in tackling it.


The work of the very active local ‘Prevent’ board was outlined, where partners’ actions had now been added to the action list (totalling 27) for Home Office submission.


Superintendent Ed McLean acknowledged the increases may well represent previous reduction successes levelling out. Confidence of victims to report crimes along with some small boundary changes to the data collection also contributed. Burglary reduction success from 600 over 3 years ago to 200 now was commended.


Historic crimes were becoming a capacity issue for the Police, and Members were made aware of the increasing problem of adult abuse by crime gangs (car washes, nail bars) a planned scheme of police accreditation was explained.


Members made a number of points and received clarification on a number of queries as follows:


·         The broad definition of harassment was explained which could cover text abuse, to moving wheelie bins to car parking.


·         It was confirmed that burglaries in High Wycombe were as a whole attributable to a known number of perpetrators, once successfully jailed, incidents reduced, to re-occur upon their release. It was a vicious cycle, only a few outsider burglaries occurred.


·         Vehicle crime was explained; currently motor cycle thefts were a problem.


·         Cyber-crime and fraud involving the elderly was of concern and was a priority.


·         The requirement to log all domestic violence where children are present on the multi-agency accessible registers was explained.


·         Hate crime was of concern; particularly the abuse suffered by taxi drivers late at night, encouragement / ease of reporting was being worked on.


·         The importance of tackling rural crime was emphasised, technically a £50 bike theft had the same level of investigation of that of a £500,000 harvester. But where necessary authority to allocate any crime to the investigation division existed.


·         The Superintendent outlined his preference to retain a station in Marlow.


The Chairman commended the Partnership on their work and thanked them for their informative and comprehensive presentation.


The meeting then:


(i)     the report of the Wycombe Community Safety Partnership and the data contained therein be noted; and


(ii)    the priorities of the Wycombe Community Safety Partnership for 2015-16 be noted and supported.



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