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  • Meeting of BMKFA Executive Committee, Wednesday 5th February 2020 10.00 am (Item 10.)

To consider Item 10


The Head of Service Development introduced the report and the Corporate Planning Manager explained how the Authority undertook the public consultation.  The final Public Safety Plan had been updated to reflect the public consultation process and would be presented for approval at the next Authority meeting following any recommendations made by this Committee today.


The Corporate Planning Manager was thanked for his detailed and informative explanation of the consultation process and the way in which the feedback received, and the responses to that feedback, had been collated. Typographical errors were noted in the report submitted by Opinion Research Services.


Members asked how the Authority would move forward. The Chief Fire Officer accepted that moving forward the Authority would need to be financially driven, with all proposals put to the relevant Committees.  The culture within the Service was strong but would need to be built on.  The Chief Fire Officer also highlighted that at present, Buckinghamshire was the only service within the Thames Valley that responded to all automatic fire alarms. Moving forward, the service may need to review this.


Members enquired if the service was looking at alternatives to the use of petrol/diesel vehicles, the Director of Finance and Assets confirmed that the service had looked at other vehicles, but at present the cost was too prohibitive.


Members mentioned current legislation regarding attending electrical fires, this was especially relevant due to the eventual phasing out of gas in domestic premises and enquired if the Authority was lobbying for more electrical safety.  The Chief Fire Officer advised that following the Grenfell enquiry, some legislation would change and the LGA would also be lobbying for change.


Members asked how involved was the Authority with regard to building regulations when planning permission was being granted by Councils. The Chief Fire Officer agreed that fire and rescue services should be more involved and a report could be brought to a future meeting showing what involvement the Service had during the planning process.


Members enquired about response times in relation to the HMICFRS report and if response times were improved, would the Service receive a better report.  The Chief Fire Officer informed Members that national response times had been abolished in 2004 and all fire and rescue services set their own response times. 


Members asked if the public had been asked what they expected from the Service regarding response times and the different risks.  The Corporate Planning Manager confirmed that the public had been asked about response times and risks, including responses to rural fires.


The Chairman proposed that the issue of response times and other matters could comprise part of a future Members’ workshop.




1.            That the 2020-2025 Public Safety Plan be adopted by the Authority


2.            that Officers be directed to proceed with the further development of the strategy proposals set out at Page 32 of the 2020-2025 Public Safety Plan (Annex 3) having regard to the consultation feedback as they are progressed and to undertake further consultations with stakeholders potentially affected by any specific changes arising from their implementation; and


3.            that the Chief Fire Officer be granted discretion to determine the sequencing and timing of the work required to further progress the proposals.

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