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Meeting: 13/10/2020 - Cabinet (Item 4)

Hot Topics

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The following hot topics were discussed:-



The Leader gave an update on covid-19. Buckinghamshire has had low infection rates but they have risen quite significantly recently. He sent out a regular newsletter to residents and would be sending a newsletter to them today. The rate was particularly high in Chiltern and South Bucks and Wycombe. He urged residents to make a concerted effort to abide by the rules and to be not be complacent otherwise the rates could continue to increase to those seen in the Midlands and potentially the north of England. He did not want to see any restrictions on resident’s personal freedom and the local economy. Buckinghamshire was currently in Tier 1 at medium risk but the trend was showing that there was a potential to move up into Tier 2.


Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change

·         Buckinghamshire has been chosen as a pilot for a Nature Recovery Strategy with four other Authorities; Manchester, Northumberland, Cumbria and Cornwall. Buckinghamshire was the only Council to be chosen in the middle to southern England.

·         Pembroke Depot in Aylesbury was flooded due to the heavy rain so operators were one day late in collecting rubbish but they were back to normal this week. He thanked all the officers involved in clearing the depot.

·         The questionnaire on climate change had now closed which had been sent to residents and businesses. They had a good response to the questionnaire which would help guide the Strategy, which would be sent out for consultation at the end of this year.

·         The Leader thanked the Cabinet Member as there had been significant issues with waste collection in the Chiltern and Wycombe areas which was being rectified. The Cabinet Member reported that 99% of collections were now being undertaken in Buckinghamshire which was 250,000 households.


Cabinet Member for Housing and Homelessness


·         The Council had been successful in receiving a Government Grant for the Next Steps Accommodation Programme to help provide accommodation for the homeless during the covid-19 pandemic. This consisted of a £485,000 revenue grant to offset the accommodation costs. They also have £650,000 capital funding which would enable a partner housing association to purchase 15 units for former rough sleepers who were currently in supported housing which would free up further space.

·         The Cabinet Member was taking part in the Big Sleep Out on 20 November 2020 and the money raised would be given to Wycombe Homeless Connection.


Cabinet Member for Planning and Enforcement


·         He referred to nominations for the new Buckinghamshire Design Awards to champion design excellence which included good architecture, urban design or conservation work. The deadline was 16 October 2020 with nominations sent to