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10.00 am
10 mins


Apologies for absence/changes in membership

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Declarations of interest

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 634 KB

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 4th June 2020 to be confirmed as a correct record.

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Public Questions

No public questions have been submitted for this meeting.

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10.05 am


Chairman's update

For the Chairman to update Members on health and adult social care scrutiny activities since the last meeting.

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10.10 am


Mental Health services pdf icon PDF 893 KB

The Committee will hear from representatives from Oxford Health NHS Trust who provide mental health services for the residents of Buckinghamshire.  Members will examine the access and quality of the services provided, particularly in light of the current Covid-19 situation.



Dr Nick Broughton, Chief Executive, Oxford Health NHS Trust

Ms Debbie Richard, Managing Director, Mental Health

Dr Vivek Khosla, Clinical Director for Buckinghamshire



Report attached

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11.10 am


Refreshed Health & Wellbeing Strategy

The health & wellbeing strategy has been refreshed and a consultation will be launched shortly asking for feedback on the draft strategy.  Members will be asked to review the strategy and submit their feedback as part of the consultation.


This item is for Committee Members to have a general discussion about the refreshed strategy.



The draft strategy will be circulated to Members shortly and a link will be made available in the minutes.

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11.30 am


Primary Care Networks pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) were launched in June 2019 and ambitious plans were put in place to deliver a number of projects across the networks over the coming years, including recruiting to a number of newly created roles.


As part of the Time for Care Programme, NHSE&I is providing support to practices, PCNs and the Clinical Commissioning Groups to capture the learning and improvements that have arisen through the Covid-19 pandemic.


This item will provide the Committee with the opportunity to hear more about the work of the PCNs, as well as examining how GPs and patients have coped with the changes in how primary care has been delivered in light of Covid-19 and the recovery plans.



Ms Louise Smith, Director of Primary Care

Dr Rashmi Sawhney, representative from the Primary Care Networks in Buckinghamshire

Mr Mike Etkind, representative from a Patient Participation Group



·         Power point slides - attached

·         Scoping report from the work with Primary Care representatives and the Time for Care team, NHS England (June 2020) - attached

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12.30 pm


Work programme pdf icon PDF 144 KB

The Committee will discuss the work programme and agree the items for the next meeting.



All Committee Members



Work Programme attached

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1.00 pm


Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 5th November 2020 at 10am.

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