Agenda and minutes

Venue: MS Teams Virtual Meeting

Contact: Christina Beevers 

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Chairman's Welcome, Appointment of Vice-Chairman & Introductions


The Chairman welcomed the members and guests to the first Amersham Community Board meeting and appointed Councillor Liz Walsh as Vice-Chairman.


Members introduced themselves and Lizzie Wright introduced herself as the Community Board Co-ordinator.



Declarations of Interest

To disclose any Personal or Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.



·       Councillor Mimi Harker declared a personal interest as Chairman of Community Impact Bucks and as a member of the Amersham Old Town Community Revitalisation Group.

·       Councillor Mark Flys declared a personal interest as a member of the Amersham Old Town Community Revitalisation Group.

·       Roger Funk declared a personal interest as a member of The Little Chalfont Revitalisation Group- Incorporated within Little Chalfont Community Association.


Apologies of Absence


Apologies had been received from Cllr Caroline Rouse, Cllr Peter Martin and Tony Treacy.


Community Board Introductions


The Chairman gave an overview of the Community Board and its functions.

  • The Community Board would aim to bring the local community together and explore creative solutions.
  • The Core Membership is composed of Buckinghamshire Councillors for the Amersham area, along with standing invitations to meetings made to Parish Council representatives and other partner organisations. However, it was noted the Board is open to all who wish to contribute.
  • Public engagement and working with partners would be key for the board.
  • Lizzie Wright, the Community Board Co-ordinator would be the first point of contact for Community Board matters.



Public Health Update pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Update to be provided by Public Health.


The Public Health Consultant gave an overview of the Community Board area.

  • It was noted that the area was slightly older than the county average, was less ethnically diverse, had higher life expectancy and lower deprivation.
  • Loneliness was a high risk for the community.
  • Action groups and other community groups would be welcome to attend the Community Board meetings, Members could let the Community Board Co-ordinator know and she would contact them.
  • It was clarified that the figure for Obesity in the area was taken from G.P. surgeries and was representative of the Community area.
  • The shielding numbers were official NHS data and did not include residents who had voluntarily shielded.



  • Lizzie to liaise with Members with regards to Action/Community Groups wishing to attend Community Board meetings



Business Intelligence Data pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Lizzie provided a brief update on the data which was circulated in advance.



Coronavirus Reflection


Members reflected upon the impact of Covid-19.

  • Members noted the local groups’ setup for volunteers, it was pointed out that as people go back to work, the number of volunteers able to help would decrease.
  • Local groups had been delivering prescriptions and shopping along with many other types of support for those who needed it.
  • Despite the horrific nature of Covid-19, it had helped bring the community together.
  • Community Impact Bucks had been working to collate volunteers and co-ordinate different groups.


Members discussed updates about the situation for Businesses in the Amersham Board Area.

·                     It was noted that Covid-19 had fundamentally changed the job certainty for many within the area. Previously safe jobs were now at risk and the pre-covid data should be interpreted with this in mind.

·                     A local Department for Work and Pensions representative may be able to provide updates and attend future meetings –this would be investigated

·                     Social and economic data was being collected for the impact of Covid-19, a report would be provided to Lizzie.

·                     The impact of working from home was noted and suggested an increase in people present along the London Commuter area.



Priority Setting & Discussions on Sub-Groups


The Community Board considered what the priorities for the area moving forward should be. The following issues were discussed and suggested as possible priorities.

  • The impact on businesses and the community following Covid-19 to include:

Health issues, including mental health, obesity, loneliness, social deprivation, isolation & anti-social behaviour.

  • Infrastructure issues in towns and villages, including Highways.
  • The impact on young people during the pandemic and drug use.

Sub groups to be established (suggested groups to include Town/Village centre revitalisation, Covid Recovery and Young People)



  • Lizzie to liaise with the Chairman and members to establish sub-groups and agree membership.
  • Lizzie to formulate action plan and circulate prior to next meeting.



Date of Next & Future Meetings

10 September 2020- Venue to be confirmed.

4 November 2020- Venue to be confirmed.