Agenda and minutes

Venue: MS Teams virtual meeting

Contact: Christina Beevers 


No. Item


Chairman's Welcome & Introductions

To be presented by the Chairman.



The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and advised this meeting was the official launch of the Amersham Community Board and was pleased to see many new faces in attendance.



Apologies of Absence


Apologies were received from:


Mr P Martin- Buckinghamshire Council, Ms I Darby- Buckinghamshire Council, Mr C Jackson- Buckinghamshire Council and Ms S Payne, Chesham Bois Parish Council Clerk.



Declarations of Interest

To disclose any Personal or Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.



There were none.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 421 KB

To agree the minutes of the last meeting.


The minutes of the meeting held on 16 July 2020 were AGREED as an accurate record.


Introduction to Community Boards pdf icon PDF 410 KB

To be presented by Martin Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire Council.


Mr M Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire Council gave a live version of the introduction to Community Boards, that was shared amongst all boards.


Link to the video:


The Chairman gave an overview of the slides appended to the minutes.


Updates from Sub-Groups

To be presented by Lizzie Wright, Community Board Coordinator.


Ms B Poole from Voices & Choices gave an update on behalf of the Covid-19 Sub-group and let the Board know what the volunteers from Voices and Choices had been during the lockdown period. There was some confusion around the current funding/grant situation for Voices & Choices, the Community Board Coordinator agreed to look at this offline and update accordingly.

ACTION: Ms L Wright


There was a discussion around Community Boards working in partnership to fund projects jointly that sat across Community Board boundaries and for Members to contact Ms L Wright with any ideas.

ACTION: Community Board Members


Ms C Purves voiced an interest to be involved in the Covid-19 sub-group, Ms L Wright would add her to the group and ensure an invitation to the next meeting would be sent out.

ACTION: Ms L Wright


Mr J Shaw from Chiltern Rangers gave an overview of the role of the Chiltern Rangers and their work with the Health and Wellbeing of young people sub- group.


Mr D King gave an overview of the 1st meeting of the Village and town centre revival sub-group.

Ms M Harker agreed to share her contacts for work of the sub-group to progress.

ACTION: Ms M Harker


It was confirmed that although this focus group was initially focused on Amersham, in time there would be further groups that would look across the whole Community Board area.


The Chairman advised there had been a suggestion for a transport group to look at items including HS2, speeding, parking, pavements and cycleways. The Chairman asked for volunteers for the focus group. The board were asked to contact the Community Board Coordinator if they were interested in being part of the focus group.

ACTION: All Community Board Members


There was some discussion around the Chesham Bois funding application that had been received by the Community Board.


RESOLVED: The Chesham Bois Parish Council funding application was AGREED by the Board.



The Chairman advised there were 4 further funding applications that had been received and would be coming up for approval by the Community Board. An overview of these projects was given.


The projects were:

  • Amersham Town Council- A replica locomotive to be built in Oakfield Corner, Amersham on the Hill. The Total cost of the project was £12,300 and they would look to source match funding before speaking to the board.
  • Little Chalfont-Road improvements. This was still awaiting costs from Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB).
  • Amersham Parking Review- Awaiting costs from TfB. This was to be picked up offline.

ACTION: Mr G Williams


Amersham Town Centre Sub-group- a tactical campaign to support retailers in Amersham with trading in the weeks leading up to Christmas.


Neighbourhood Matters

Questions from members of the public to be submitted in advance of the meeting to


There had been no groups come forward for this item. It was deferred to a future meeting.


Getting Local People Involved

Group discussion.


The Chairman asked the Community Board of suggestions of local groups to invite to the meeting. Suggested groups were:


  • Amersham and District Residents Association
  • Amersham Action Group
  • Careers Springboard
  • The Rotary Club


It was felt that there were many local charities and groups across the area that should be invited along. Members were asked to send any suggestions to Ms L Wright for her to make contact in time for the next meeting.

ACTION: All Community Board Members


It was requested if the notes from each of the sub-groups could be shared so Community Board Members were aware what was taking place at each.

ACTION: Ms L Wright


Ms M Harker gave a brief overview of the upcoming Silver Sunday initiative that was due to take place in Amershamto celebrate older people in the community. This year instead of this being in the community the plan was to take high tea to over 500 elderly people across Amersham, Chesham and Little Chalfont. It was asked if anyone was aware of a resident that could be included in the project, could they please pass the details on to Ms Harker.

ACTION: All Community Board Members


Date of Next Meetings

Wednesday 4 November 2020. Venue to be confirmed.



Wednesday 04 November 2020, 7-8.30pm.

MS Teams Virtual Meeting.