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Contact: Amy Jenner (Community Board Co-ordinator)  Charlie Griffin (Committee and Governance Services)


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Chairman's welcome & introduction

Welcome from Cllr Mark Winn, Chairman of the Aylesbury Community Board.


The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Declarations of interest

To disclose any personal or pecuniary Interests.




Actions from the last meeting

To review and sign off the actions notes from the meeting on 22 July 2021.


Actions from the last meeting


Action plans were requested from Public Health at the last meeting, and it was noted that these were being worked on and would be made available in the future.




to agree the action notes from the last meeting.


Public Health Recommendation Launch (4.15) pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Presentation by Public Health Consultant, Tiffany Burch, and group discussion of new public health recommendation report.


This item was taken next on the agenda. Tiffany Burch from Buckinghamshire Council’s Public Health team was in attendance to present the update. The following key points were highlighted:

·       Tiffany was now the board’s dedicated public health lead, and would attend meetings of the Health & Wellbeing Group.

·       Cardio Vascular disease (CVD) and mental health were top health priorities for the board.

·       It was suggested that 3 – 4 recommendations of health projects/ initiatives/ groups for the board to help fund be brought back to the board for consideration. The board were advised that plans were currently in development. Action: Tiffany Burch to bring back a list of health initiatives for the board’s consideration. Concern was raised with regards to the board’s unallocated funds which the board were keen to allocate before the March 2022 deadline, after which the unallocated funds would no longer be available to use. It was asked whether, if Public Health drew up a business case for the funds, that unallocated funds be earmarked so that they could be made available for specific health initiatives (currently being drawn up) after the March 2022 deadline. Action (Mark Winn) to look into whether earmarking unallocated funds for health initiatives currently in development, with a business case agreed by the board, was possible, and to feedback the outcome to the board.

·       It was asked whether the board could fund the purchase of BP measuring machines for residents. Mark would enquire about this and feedback to the board. (Action: Mark Winn).


Thames Valley Police Update (30.19)

To be presented by Inspector Graham Horton.



Inspector Graham Horton and PC Sarah McCarthy were in attendance to provide an update on the work of Thames Valley Police. The following key points were highlighted:

·             There had been a 9% increase on crimes this year.

·             Resources remain a challenge.

·             The summer had been particularly challenging for neighbourhood officers responding to front line demand.

·             Insp. Horton set out the local TVP priorities for the year which included tackling violent crime, domestic abuse, and motor vehicle theft.

·             Concern was raised over a reported increase in sexual offences this year, and Insp. Horton advised that he would review the data and report back to the board.

·             The following questions would be responded to in writing:

o   (Councillor Poland-Goodyer) Do TVP operate a close pass scheme to report 'punishment passes' of cyclists? Similar to this? And if not, could we?

o   (Bill Russell) What should residents do when they see people on their own electric scooters riding on pavements ?

Thanks, were expressed to the officers for their hard work, and for coming along to the meeting.

Written responses to questions published as part of the minutes:

Written response from Insp. Horton to the question received in relation to sexual offences and the increase year on year

These are the figures for the Aylesbury Vale LPA


2018/19 - 144

2019/20 – 133

2020/21 – 161    This is a 21.1% increase year on year and a 12% increase on 18/19

These figures need to be viewed in the context of improved recording of crime, and an increase in reporting of offences. We believe that there is still under reporting of this type of offence for a number of reasons. It has been a national priority for Police forces to identify hidden harm and to improve reporting -  through third parties as an example.

A positive message for the Aylesbury Vale LPA is that we achieved a 240% increase in positive outcomes – more offenders have been brought to justice for rape offences.

Non rape sexual offences have also seen an increase, however there is a reduction on the pre-pandemic number.

2018/19 - 294

2019/20 – 235

2020/21 – 278

Written response from Hants & TVP Road Safety Unit to the question received in relation to the close pass scheme and cyclists

Hants and TVP Road Safety Unit does carry out ‘Safe Pass’ cycle operations as part of wider education about vulnerable road users and sharing the roads with everyone. These operations need to be held on roads with a 30 mph speed limit, no current cycle lane/ track provision and where vehicles can be safely stopped at a check site. We work with internal teams and external partners to run the operations which involve a police officer riding a pedal cycle around a pre-determined route. The cycle is fitted with cameras which are recording the journey and when any vehicles get too close or pass inappropriately, a police motorcyclist will then stop the offending vehicle. The driver is then  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Youth Outreach in Aylesbury (50.16) pdf icon PDF 74 KB

A presentation from Karl Gayle, Community Youth Ventures, in respect to the outreach project funded by Aylesbury Community Board.


Karl Gayle gave a presentation on the Community Youth Ventures (CYV) mobile outreach unit project, funded by the board, which was designed to be a youth club on wheels. It was noted that the project continued to be supported by the Early Help Service at Buckinghamshire Council. A video of some of the activities for young people was shown to the board, and members were pleased to see young people involved in these activities, and that the bus was going to the kids, which increased accessibility of the activities. The following key points were highlighted:


·             It was noted that, in the winter months, activities would take place inside e.g., sports halls/ marquees/ the bus, so that activities could continue.


·             It was suggested that the report on outcomes and findings relate back to the project’s aims and objectives so that the board could easily understand how aims and objectives were met.


·             It was asked how reductions in anxiety, stress and improvement in mental health were identified. Members were informed that conversations with young people in-person and regular (non-virtual) contact helped to identify improvements, as well as the nature of bringing communities and young people together.


·             In response to a question on how the project could be expanded, it was noted that funding had been sought from LEAP for a project in Prebendal.


·             In response to a question as to how unmet need was identified, members noted that having a physical presence in communities was important to identifying unmet need.


Thanks, were expressed for all the hard work of the team working to help young people in Aylesbury.


Priorities & Action Group Updates (1:04:14) pdf icon PDF 711 KB

  • Community Safety - Cllr Susan Morgan.
  • Enhancing the Lives of our Youth - Amy Jenner.
  • Health & Wellbeing - Cllr Susan Morgan.
  • Economic Recovery - Cllr Susan Morgan.
  • Improving the Environment - Cllr Sarah James.
  • Road Safety, Highways & Infrastructure - Cllr Mark Winn.


An update was given on the priorities and action groups. There were 6 priorities and 3 action groups as well as a number of task and finish working groups.

Enhancing the Lives of our Youth - Amy Jenner

·         The board were still promoting completion of the app youth survey that was discussed at the last board meeting.

·         A fair on health and wellbeing was due to take place at The Grange School in November. Members would then look to produce a toolkit that other schools can use.

Improving the Environment - Cllr Sarah James

·         Lots of guest speakers had attended the group. Members were encouraged to suggest any further guest speakers they would like to attend.

·         The group were looking at where they could have living walls.

Road Safety, Highways & Infrastructure- Cllr Mark Winn

·         The group had 2 task and finish groups.

·         Members had worked together to shortlist feasible parking projects which had now been passed to Transport for Bucks (TfB) to prepare budget estimates, and recommendation reports for each project would be shared with board in early 2022.

·         A schools working group was exploring holistic solutions in Turnfurlong. Action (Mark Winn): to look into whether St Mary’s School can be involved in this project. Nb. after the meeting, a written response was provided to Cllr Poland-Goodyer to advise that St Mary’s was included in project discussion but was separate to holistic working group as this focused on the Turnfurlong area.

Economic Recovery - Cllr Susan Morgan

·         3 people were now on the ‘be your own boss’ programme.

Health & Wellbeing and Community Safety - Cllr Susan Morgan

·         The action groups had been combined as lots of similar conversations were happening in the groups.

The following key points/ further updates were then highlighted:

·         It was asked how the board could help single women meet people to reduce social isolation and loneliness. Action (Amy Jenner) to look into this and explore further.

·         A concern was raised about some community groups for older people discontinuing due to the covid-19 pandemic. Action (Amy Jenner) to look into this.

·         Amy had visited the Monday Club at the Fairford Leys Community Centre to explore opportunities to support them there.

·         Members were encouraged to spread the word about the board, and signpost groups to apply for funding to make their ideas a reality.

·         Wednesday 12 October would be the launch of the Vineyard Storehouse Community Garden, which was part of the county-wide Grow It Cook it Eat It Public Health Project. All were welcome.


Community Matters (1:27:28) pdf icon PDF 502 KB

To address questions from the public. Questions to be submitted in advance of the meeting to


One public question had been received and responded to, and was included within the agenda pack at page 21.


Funded Projects (1:30:43) pdf icon PDF 441 KB

To be presented by Mark Winn, Chairman of the Aylesbury Community Board.


An update was received on funded projects. The following key points were raised:

·             Concerns were raised over the with regards to the board’s unallocated funds which the board were keen to allocate before the March 2022 deadline, after which the unallocated funds would no longer be available to use.

·             Members noted that the covid-19 pandemic had limited opportunities and so previously unallocated funds had rolled over into this year; next year’s budget for the board would be smaller. There were projects in the pipeline but members were asked to encourage people to come forward with funding applications for initiatives/ projects that could make a difference to the town.

·             It was reported that, at present, charities/ groups were focussing on delivering their core functions, and not additional projects. Members noted that delivery partners were going through a challenging time owing to the pandemic, and how to address these challenge were being looked into.

·             It was asked if the council could review ways to spend the money before it was no longer available to use.

·             It was also reported that, the community at large, was not used to being in the position of coming to the council for funding. It was a learning curve for council on how to get message out there, and for the community to understand they can apply for funding.

·             The funding application form had been updated and streamlined so that organisations could apply for multiple boards in one go, rather than submitting individual applications for each board.

·             The board were only able to fund constituted organisations, however if there was a need and a vision, the board would provide support to help make it happen.

·             Members were encouraged to attend the next Communities and Localism Select Committee meeting to raise the issues discussed relating to community board funding. Action (Amy Jenner) to circulate the meeting details of the Communities and Localism Select Committee to the board. Further information on select committees, including meeting details:


Chairman's close & date of next meeting

February 2022 (tbc).


Date of next meeting tbc.