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Contact: Andy Chapman (Community Board Manager) 


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Chairman`s Welcome


Cllr Dhillon


Would like to thank the previous Chairman, David Anthony who chaired the Community Board before he sadly had to stand down due to ill health.

Also, very sad news, Marilyn Rolfe,  Farnham Parish Councillor who passed away suddenly. A great loss to the Community.    Paul Rowley added “Marilyn will be sorely missed, linked to so many local projects and organisations. Very involved in the Community and would help anyone. She was also a Trustee of many organisations and charities. A lovely person who will be greatly missed . Funeral is 19 February at Slough Crematorium and afterwards at the Red Lion Pub to celebrate her life (times to be confirmed)”.


I (Dev), took over the Board from David Anthony and due to health reasons the Board were unable to deliver on everything they set out to achieve. Moving forward, looking to work together and bring the communities together with the support from parish councillors, members and local groups to make Beeches a successful board for the coming year.


ACTION – all action group meeting dates to be circulated to all




None received


Minutes of Previous Meeting 3 October 2023


Minutes of the last meeting were approved


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest


Priority Setting for 2024/25 - format to be outlined in the meeting


Looking to use this meeting to set the priorities in good time for the start of the new financial year.

All to choose their top 3 priorities through the poll – overview of current priorities below.

Health and Wellbeing overview – ageing population in Board area. Need to ensure that also consider the younger generation and perhaps link the two. Look to social community events, engaging with local organisations and Social Prescribers

Environment overview – looking at various issues with Bucks Council and neighbouring Community Boards. Local Parish Councils have undertaken eco audits. Looking at planting more trees, heat and energy waste feature highly

Infrastructure and Highway – looked at proposals from Parish Councils on promoting active travel. Walking and Cycling strategy. This links in firmly with Health and Wellbeing and Environment so a crossover of priority groups.

Community Safety and Crime Prevention – looking at relationships with TVP and community safety team


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The above will be discussed with the Members to help scope the priorities moving forward.An update will be circulated.















Service Director Update


Service Director Update – Richard Nash – Buckinghamshire Council (copy of the update to be circulated with meeting notes)

Foster carers – BC are looking to seek additional Foster Carers. Asking for community partners to publicise the link.

Regeneration – Richard Nash working on a framework addressing how to reinvigorate and make the Town Centres more attractive. Suggestion to test this in Burnham to look at the opportunities and present on this at the next Board Meeting - agreed



Funding, Applications and Projects Update





Funding, Applications and Projects Update

£95,369 budget

£9,272 Spent on 3 projects (details attached in Funding Report)

£86,097 remaining

£67,822.06 will remain if current pre-applications are successful.

Q. Cllr Paul Kelly – an amount of money that was set aside for highways projects – need to find out what has happened to this money.

Q Cllr Trevor Egleton – is the underspend rolling over? Contributory funding required and this helps with applications. Not everyone has an understanding of how this works.

Cllr Dhillon has asked due to extenuating circumstances if the Beeches budget can be carried over but has not had a response.

ACTION GW/AC – funding criteria for project funding and small grants to be circulated to all

ACTION all – everyone to link in with local groups with regards to projects








Action Group Updates

Action Group Updates

·       Infrastructure and Highways

·       Environment

·       Health and Wellbeing



Infrastructure and Highways – Ralph Bagge – frustrating year as taking time to obtain PIDS. Looking to reinvigorate the action group

Environment – Dev Dhillon – next meeting looking for additional members and someone to take over the Chairs position

Health and Wellbeing – Trevor Egleton – this was a very well attended action group. Ideas were generated and future talks to look at how they can be developed into projects. More detailed update following the next action group meeting.



Community Matters

 public questions, consultations and petitions



Community Matters – Public Questions, Consultations and Petitions

Petitions - none

Consultations – none

George Sandy – parking issues in Taplow.

Ruth – Station Road not so much of an issue as there are parking points. Opening of the Elizabeth line prompted a parking plan some time ago but appears has not been followed up. People are parking on the road with no charge to use the station. Causing traffic chaos locally on Approach Road

Roger Worthington – following on from the parking plan, need a survey carrying out. The initial proposals from County were simply a layout plan from the parking manager, not a survey in the formal sense, so would have to have a survey as the substance, but were an interesting layout of how it could work and a good starting point.

Dev Dhillon – would like to approach Mark Davis from the parking team to intervene with the situation by Taplow Station – ACTION – Cllr Dev Dhillon

Trevor Egleton – would like a meeting with the Social Prescribers to look at local issues which would link into Health and Wellbeing

Kirsten Ashman – Spoken to the Cabinet Members for Transport regarding issues at the Station

Paul Rowley – Station Road – due to the money still in the CB – would like to use some of the money on a survey to look at the issues on this road.


Any other Business

Almost the Donkey Derby – Burnham Rotary


George Chapman – Donkey Derby on 25 May. Would like the CB to have a stall at this event once again this year. Can attendance be confirmed?

John Carey - St Peters Church – have a problem with badgers. Need to put a fence up as the badgers are running through many gardens. Have spoken to BC and apparently require planning permission but cannot get a definitive. Can this be looked into? ACTION – John to send the details to Trevor Egleton who will investigate


Date of Next Meeting - Tuesday 18th June 2024 6pm pdf icon PDF 107 KB

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The next meeting will be on Tuesday 18th June 2024, 6PM (Teams or in person to be confirmed