Agenda and minutes

Venue: Microsoft Teams Virtual Meeting

Contact: Rebecca Binstead 


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Chairman's Welcome

Welcome from Cllr David Anthony, Chairman of the Beeches Community Board




Apologies were received from Cllr R Bagge and Cllr T Hogg



Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 426 KB



The minutes of the meeting held on 17 February 2021 were AGREED as an accurate record.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Beeches CB Introduction 202122 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To review the Community Board’s achievements for 2020/21 and discuss updated procedures for 2021/22


Mr J Pearce, Community Board Co-Ordinator, referred to a presentation a copy of which would be appended to these minutes.



Service Director Update pdf icon PDF 249 KB

To receive an update on any Council-wide matters of interest from the Director of Education, Simon James

Additional documents:


Mr S James, Service Director for Education, joined the meeting to give an overview of Children’s Services at Buckinghamshire Council.


Mr James highlighted the following:

  • Tolis Vouyioukas had been Director of Children’s for several years but had left the council in Spring 2021 to return to Greece. Richard Nash would be the Interim Director while the role was advertised.
  • A copy of the service structure would be appended to these minutes. Concerns should be forward to the relevant Service Director.
  • A copy of the Children’s Services priorities would be appended to these minutes.
  • Changes had been made to the home to school transport scheme. Further details would be appended to these minutes.
  • Schools would be taking part in the countywide push to plant more trees to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.
  • The majority of covid cases within Buckinghamshire schools had been the delta variant. At the time of the meeting there were 2 schools closed and approximately 20 pupils who had tested positive. This number was expected to rise at the end of the school year in July and again when schools returned in September. The council would be writing to central government requesting that in September there be staggered testing for secondary schools, similar that that seen for the April/May 2021 return.
  • The mental health of young people was a rising area of concern both locally and nationally. There was training available from Bucks Mind if board members were interested in learning more.



Members of the board NOTED the updated.


Update on Action Groups pdf icon PDF 402 KB

To consider and agree the action groups for 2021/22 and receive the notes of the previous round of sub-group meetings for information

·         Notes of the Infrastructure & Highways sub-group -17th March 2021

·         Notes of the Supporting Older & Vulnerable People sub-group – 23rd March 2021

·         Notes of the Young People sub-group – 18th March 2021

Additional documents:


Chairmen of the board’s action groups referred to the updates circulated with the agenda.


In addition Cllr D Dhillon, Chairman of the Young People Action Group noted that issues with anti-social behaviour, including drug use, in Mill Lane, Burnham had been reported. Work was underway to identify a way forward.


The following action groups would be formed for the year ahead:

  • Environment
  • Economic Recovery
  • Infrastructure and Highways
  • Wellbeing

Those interested in joining action groups should email Mr J Pearce



Presentation - Economic Recovery


Ms J Ford, Local Economic Growth team, gave a presentation.


Ms Ford stressed the important of feedback from local areas to know what local wants and needs were.


The following ideas were raised:

  • The footpath over the Jubilee river at had been closed to the pedestrians for some time which had impacted on Taplow’s tourism. Would it be possible to replace the bridge rather than continuing to carry out ineffective repairs?
  • There was a budget for greening and cleaning above usual levels. If there were particularly areas in needs of deep focus members of the board should feed these back.
  • Local groups would like to see the former Resources Centre, Burnham brought back into use as a community centre. Ms C Linton would share an existing draft proposal.
  • Burnham Heritage Society had arranged talks about the historical High Street to support revitalising the area. They were hoping this would lead to an organised history walk and accompanying leaflet. Ms Ford would look into whether there could be funding available to support this.
  • The possibility of making Burnham High Street and Farnham Broadway more accessible for car parking, for example through the enforcement of delivery drivers using yellow lines.
  • Welcome Back funds could not be used to improve broadband coverage however there would be a separate team within the LEAP leading on this.
  • Improving footpaths to encourage walking.



Community Matters pdf icon PDF 334 KB

For attendees to ask any questions submitted in advance or to receive questions from those in attendance


Residents Ms D Walsh and Ms M Waruhiu raised concerns about noise, vibrations and air pollution, which left visible diesel particles on windows, caused by heavy goods vehicles (HGV) on the narrow A355 through Lalkland. This affected nearby houses and several local schools.


They raised the following points:

  • HS2 traffic had increased the number of vehicles making issues worse. Residents felt it would be better for them to use the nearby A40 and motorways.
    • It was noted that the nearby trading estate had previously agreed to use the motorway, but numbers had risen again with the increase in sub-contractors.
    • Local councillors had previously campaigned for an underpass but funding had fallen through. The Chairman felt this should be pursued again due to the environmental impact.
  • Local roads were in poor condition but had previously been assessed as not a priority for repair. Residents would like to see a full assessment of the impact of vibrations caused by a sunken drain cover on the surrounding houses.
    • Cllr T Egleton would raise this again with Transport for Bucks (TfB) who now had additional funds available.
  • There was a small amount of empty land which could potentially be planted with trees to support reducing the effects of noise and pollution.
    • Mr J Hornby would investigate if this could be supported by either the Community Board or the wider council tree planting initiative.


Concern was raised over the number of emergency vehicles using sirens in addition to blue lights at the Park Road junction, Farnham Royal, including late into the night when there was no traffic around.

  • It was noted that Wexham Hospital was now a major trauma hospital with a large A&E which severed several motorways and Heathrow. As such emergency traffic should be expected in the area.
  • The Chairman felt this was not a matter for the community board and suggested contacting the hospital trust directly.


Mr Pearce gave an update on the parking consultation carried out across the county in May/June 2021 following concerns raised about inconsiderate parking in areas of natural beauty.  Locally Dorney Lake and Burnham Beeches had been identified as having issues. There had been over 1500 responses and local events had been well attended. The Parking team would now collate responses and prepare a report which would be brought to the Highways and Infrastructure action group once available.


Mr S Garwood referred to the policing update provided by Thames Valley Police, a copy of which would be appended to these minutes.



Funding Update pdf icon PDF 374 KB

To note applications which have been considered since the previous meeting


Mr J Pearce, Community Board Co-Ordinator, referred to the paper circulated with the agenda.


Buckinghamshire Culture

There was an ongoing application, previously circulated to members, from Buckinghamshire Culture for £2000 to support the Buckinghamshire Open Weekend. This would allow Buckinghamshire Culture to make 8 additional microgrants from their existing pool of applications. Any unspent monies would be returned to the community board. Members of the community board were not minded to support the application reasons given included:

  • Lack of board input into who the microgrants would be given to.
  • Whether this would be a suitable use of the boards limited resources especially given that Buckinghamshire Culture had their own budget.



Members of the board REFUSED the application made by Buckinghamshire Culture for £2000.



Cllr T Egleton queried why the applications made by the Lighthouse group to support their summer childcare programme had been refused by several community boards. Mr Pearce explained that while the programme would be made available to the whole community the application had made specific references to promoting one particular religion and was therefore felt to be unsuitable. This application would be reviewed with the new Cabinet Member for Localism.  



Looking ahead - ideas for themed meetings throughout the year


It was agreed that the focus for the October meeting would be community safety with an attendee from local policing team.


Suggestions for topics for future meetings should be sent on to Mr Pearce.


The first meetings of the new action groups would be in July and a timetable for work/future meetings would then be agreed.



Date of next meeting


19 October 2021, time TBC