Agenda and minutes

Venue: MS Virtual Team Meeting

Contact: Christina Beevers 


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Chairman's Welcome


The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed the members of the Community Board to the meeting. It was requested that speakers introduce themselves as they begin to speak.



Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from:


Sgt D Kuttner, TVP and Mr J Riches, Middle Claydon Parish Council.


Declarations of Interest

To disclose any Personal or Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.



Mr H Mordue declared an interest in the Christmas parade funding application.

Mr R Stutchbury declared an interest as a Member of Buckingham Town Council.

Mr P Fealey declared an interest as a member of the parade committee and a Trustee of the Bernwood Charity.

Mr W Whyte declared an interest as the Chairman as the Bart Committee and a Trustee of the Bernwood Charity.

Ms L O’Donghue declared an interest as a Member of the Buckingham Town Council.


Minutes/Actions from previous meeting pdf icon PDF 525 KB

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 15 September 2020 were AGREED as an accurate record.


The actions from the previous meeting were reviewed and AGREED as completed.


Pre Submitted Questions


There were no pre submitted questions.


Mr C Clare and Mr M Cole gave an update on the use of the Councillor prefix in the Buckinghamshire Council minutes of the Community Boards. The main points raised were:

·       The idea behind the suggestion for not using prefix titles with the Community Board.

·       It was a way of coming away the tiered system of the Council and to become more level pegged out in the community.

·       Mr Cole felt as the democratically elected member of Buckingham Town Council, this should be represented correctly.

·       Mr Clare advised the issue would be taken away and discussed overall for all the Community Boards, where a decision would be made.

·       Feedback would be passed on as soon as a decision was made.

ACTION: Ms S Comer


Public Health Update pdf icon PDF 676 KB

Update to be provided by Ms T Birch, Public Health.


Ms T Birch, Consultant for Public Health, Buckinghamshire Council gave an overview of the slides appended to the minutes.


To share public health presentation and figures to parish councils in the community board area.

ACTION: Ms C Comer


Anyone who is keen to see their local data in a really interactive way can use this map . Simply enter the postcode and it zooms to the area.


The link for Bucks COVID-19 data plus links to national data was available here. .


BART Bus Update pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Update to be provided by Mr W Whyte, Buckinghamshire Council.

Additional documents:


Mr W Whyte, Buckinghamshire Council gave an update on the BART bus and overview of the slides appended to the minutes.


The contact details for the BART bus:

Weblink/ Facebook-



The Clare Foundation voiced an interest in working with the BART Bus team and providing some match funding.


A price list will be share with the community board.

ACTION: Ms S Comer



Sub Group Update

Updates to be provided by Sub Groups leads.


It was confirmed all sub groups had met since the last community board meeting.


Updates were provided on each sub groups:


·       Mr T Cavendar gave an update on the Transport and Highways sub group.

·       Mr D Jones gave an update on the Youth sub group.

·       Ms S Comer gave an update on the Greenspace and community sub group.

·       Mr W Whyte gave an update on the Covid and Economic recovery sub group.

·       Mr J Chilver gave an update on the HS2/East west Rail sub group. It was advised a 2nd meeting was due to take place on 12 November 2020 if anyone wished to attend.


PC C Farrow introduced the forum to the IAG (Independent Action Group) that was run by the police, it was a forum to hold the police accountable for issues taking place in the area. PC Farrow asked anyone that wanted to be involved to get in contact with her to be signed up. Anyone within the community could apply to be a part of the IAG and the link below explains more information


It was sought to have representation which covered the below:




         Gender (including transgender)


         Isolated communities (including Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities)


         Religion or Belief

         Sexual Orientation

         Socio-economic status


Funding Applications pdf icon PDF 377 KB

To be presented by Ms S Comer, Community Board Coordinator- Buckinghmashire Council.

Additional documents:


Ms S Comer, Community Board Coordinator gave an overview of the funding applications received.


There was an in-depth discussion on the funding applications, they were resolved as follows.


It was confirmed in regards to voting rights for the Community Boards for funding applications that only the Buckinghamshire Councillors had a vote but  it was emphasised that the views and opinions of others on the board were valued and would be considered and would be taken into consideration for decisions being made.




Buckingham Christmas Parade- Buckingham best dressed window competition- £500- AGREED

Buckingham Town Council- #Buckingham all wrapped up project- £1780 AGREED

The BART Bus- Christmas Shopping Project- £240- AGREED

Cross Board Application- Aylesbury Vale and Milton Keynes Sexual assault and abuse service- £2139.00 – AGREED



Date of Next Meeting pdf icon PDF 357 KB

2021 TBC




Ms C Comer advised there were 3 consultations that would be shared with the minutes.