Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: MS Teams Virtual Meeting

Contact: Sophia Comer (Community Board Co-ordinator)  Chris Ward (Democratic Services Support)


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Chairman's Welcome


The Chairman welcomed all attendees to the meeting.


Apologies for Absence


There were none.


Declarations of Interest

To disclose any Personal or Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.


There were none.


Minutes/Actions from Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 571 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 29 June 2021 were AGREED as an accurate record.


The Board were also updated on the actions from the previous meeting:-


·         ’20 is plenty’ stickers could be placed on private property.

·         An introduction of a 40mph zone needed to be considered by officers not the police. This was being investigated.

·         Reports of edible drug usage had not increased in the Community Board area.

·         Equipment for speed watch schemes could be funded through applications for Community Board funding.


Regarding flooding, Mr T Cavendar updated that Greg Smith, MP for Buckingham, was scheduled to visit the canal soon. A flood resilience exercise had recently been held and would be reported on at the next Buckingham Town Council Environment Committee meeting. The mobile flood van was now available for hire. Costs, including officer attendance, would be investigated.



Thames Valley Police Update


An update from Thames Valley Police was presented by M Dias as TVP were unable to attend. It was highlighted that there had been a steady increase in crime following the easing of lockdown. The report is appended to the minutes and it would be checked whether this information is sent to neighbourhood watch groups.



The Board discussed the update and noted that residents should be encouraged to carry a torch as the night’s become darker. An issue was raised regarding a row of street lights not working which would be investigated by the ward councillors. Cllr J Jordan requested that future reports have more detailed crime figures and that the Board be updated on the status of the CCTV camera installations in Buckingham Town Centre.


F Coulter introduced herself to the Community Board as a representative from Transitions UK. This was an organization that supported the lives and futures of disadvantaged young people, and were currently working with care leavers. Their Aspire Project aimed to prevent offending and restart for those who had offended. The Chairman thanked Ms Coulter for attending and raising awareness of her organization.


Action Group & Priorities Updates

·         Environment – Cllr Ade Osibogun

·         Highways – Cllr Caroline Cornell

·         Youth – Cllr Patrick Fealey


Updates were provided by the Chairman of each Action Group:-


Environment – Cllr Ade Osibogun

Meetings had taken place since the last Community Board meeting. The group were looking at tree planting and continued to encourage participation in the Green Canopy Project. The group were still awaiting the Section 19 flood report and would consider the recommendations once published. The report may contain potential projects that would be suitable for Community Board funding through applications. The group was meeting next on 16 November.


Members discussed the Salix Finance loan scheme to finance LED street-lighting. Akeley Parish had used this scheme and repaid the loan over five years based on the cost savings. The Salix contact details would be circulated separately.

Action: M Dias


Highways – Cllr Caroline Cornell

The group wanted to ban HGVs over 7.5 tonnes in the villages. The group were also looking at signage outside schools to promote driving at 20mph and discourage engine idling. Consideration was also being given to encourage pedestrians and cyclists to wear bright and/or reflective clothing. The group wanted to liaise with the police regarding the possibility of installing a speed camera on the A422 through Bufflers Holt.


Members of the Community Board raised concerns regarding lighting, road safety and pot holes on Tingewick Road related to the new estate. It was suggested that these issues were best raised in the Action Group meetings.


Cllr I Haest raised an issue regarding a new development in Steeple Claydon having no pavement access to Buckingham Road. Cllr P Fealey requested this be emailed to him specifically to be addressed.


Cllr P Wright was concerned that these issues raised should be dealt with as a matter of course and commented on the difficulty of obtaining an officer response since the Parish Liaison officer had left the Council. Cllr P Fealey provided the contact details that were for the specific use of Members and Parishes to contact Buckinghamshire Council. 


Youth – Cllr Patrick Fealey

Existing projects were outlined which included a project with the Highways group to promote go-karting at Silverstone. It was hoped this project would encourage interests and develop into potential careers in mechanical industries.


Economy – Cllr Warren Whyte

The Chairman briefly updated that the group would be meeting in November.




Funding Update pdf icon PDF 499 KB

To be presented by Marco Dias, Localism Manager.


The Community Board received a report of funding applications that had been received, considered and approved this financial year. The report also contained a brief description of each application, their value and current status. An amendment to the report was highlighted: the figure for Tingewick Parish Council’s project on Stage 1 and 2 of a new footway on Water Stratford Road was £32,463.25 for both Requested Community Board Funding and Contributory Funding.


Discussion was had regarding an email that had been sent to the Community Board on 4 October which had asked for comments on applications received. The Chairman clarified that Buckinghamshire Councillors had formal voting rights however they wanted to hear from all Community Board members prior to a decision in order to promote inclusivity. An organisation’s non-attendance at Action Group meetings would not impair any applications. An update on applications would be circulated after the Funding Panel had met.


Petitions pdf icon PDF 690 KB

To be presented by Marco Dias, Localism Manager.


The Council had received a petition requesting a speed limit reduction to 30mph on the Tingewick Road, Buckingham. All attendees were encouraged to respond to the consultation once it became live on


Community Matters & Pre-Submitted Questions

Opportunities for Residents and Members to raise issues and public questions.


There were no pre-submitted questions.


The Chairman updated that Buckingham School had recently unveiled its £2m improvement scheme and that the Board would put forward individuals worthy of recognition to the Proud of Bucks Community Awards. Additionally, an updated Community Board health profile had been drafted along with recommendations in the Community Board area from Public Health. This would be considered at a future meeting.


M Dias confirmed to Cllr J Harvey that it was possible to apply for two stage funding, for instance to consider initially feasibility, depending on the project. M Dias also advised that circa £275k remained to be committed this year.


Cllr R Stuchbury suggested that communications on community safety during bonfire night be undertaken since it had been two years since widespread firework usage. M Dias would investigate any Buckinghamshire Council communications planned.



Board members commended the community response to recent arson in Tingewick and supported local fundraising taking place in pubs, clubs and online.


Members were also reminded of the upcoming Charter Fair.





Date of Next Meeting

February TBC.  


The next Community Board meeting would be in February 2022.