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of the meeting held on 15 September 2020.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 15 September 2020 were agreed as a correct record.


Introduction and Questions and Answers with the Police


Inspector James Ellis and Sgt Daniel Ryder – Denham/Gerrards Cross Police Local Neighbourhood Team attended the meeting to provide an update.


  • There were 7 Community Boards in the area and it would be difficult to resource attending each Community Board. Therefore, a Panel was being set up with representatives from each Community Board. Inspector James Ellis and Inspector Richard Vine would attend the Panel.
  • There would be a quarterly update on policing activity and reference would be made to the priorities set by communities. Information would also be provided on social media.
  • Home Office priorities include online fraud to protect vulnerable residents in the community; knife crime and serious violence; drug dealing and county lines; modern slavery and domestic abuse.
  • Superintendent Amy Clements was revitalising the police Independent Advisory Group.
  • Daniel Ryder explained that he had joined the team in September and had 16 years in frontline policing and 7 years in the Force Proactive Team and dealt with crimes such as drug dealing and burglary. He had some experience in community policing.


During discussion the Board made the following comments:-


·         A Member asked if the police could provide crime statistics and commented that he had found it hard to get up to date statistics for Denham and Gerrards Cross. He also referred to the Chiltern Community Forum and asked what decision making body set the priorities for South Bucks and to set out those local priorities. Inspector James Ellis responded that the new Panel which was being set up would be the decision making body for the whole area. The police would provide quarterly updates for the Community Boards and they would provide local crime statistics. If the Community Board raised any specific issues they would respond to requests made by the Chairman and Board Co-ordinator.

·         Reference was made to internet crime and whether this was being dealt with still by national departments rather than the neighbourhood team. Inspector James Ellis reported that enforcement was mainly dealt with nationally but local policing teams would undertake prevention particular with vulnerable residents who may be more susceptible to scams. He commented that CCTV was also very helpful in providing evidence for the court and also helped prevention.

·         A Member referred to an increase in cars being broken into on drives and referred to the website Inspector James Ellis reported that neighbourhood watch schemes could really help in this area and also referred to the ring smart video doorbells which had provided evidence for successful prosecutions. Sgt Daniel Ryder reported that if enough community information was provided they could use targeted patrols to stop identified vehicles once they had left an area where thefts had been undertaken. He emphasised the importance of these incidents being reported as the police would only follow up these incidents if they were provided with lines of inquiry.

·         A Parish Councillor referred to the benefits of CCTV and linking this into the police network. Inspector James Ellis reported that they welcomed the evidence supplied by  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


HS2 Update from Align


Align is the Main Works Contractor for both the Colne Valley Viaduct and the Chiltern Tunnel for HS2. Duncan Fallon HS2 Engagement Manager Colne Valley (viaduct) and Emma Gaydon HS2 Engagement Manager for Maple Cross to Great Missenden (Emma’s responsibility included Chiltern Tunnel and vent shaft sites) were welcomed to the meeting. Another email address included


(Background information - Chesham and Villages Community Board September 2020 – HS2 update)


South Portal

The main construction compound was at South Portal Chalfont Lane, near West Hyde. From here, one team would launch the tunnels northwards, while another heads towards London on the adjacent Colne Valley Viaduct. The tunnel precast factory and all 2,400 tonnes of structural steelwork at the South Portal site were next to the M25. The factory would allow Align to cast all the tunnel segments on site to avoid putting extras HGVs onto local roads. The South Portal had ANPR and good car parking capacity to take traffic off Chalfont Lane and A412. Security checks were undertaken on site. The impact of the lockdown had meant that more people were travelling by car rather than train. There had been recent road closures for A412. Other works included the creation of new public right of way footway diversion crossing Shire Lane, road crossing for traffic light ducting, installation of diverted cabling, removing trees and vegetation for the access road. The 17 metre high headwall has been completed which the tunnel boring machines would break through.


Government guidance was that construction works should continue during the Covid-19 pandemic but with working practices adapted in line with guidance from Public Health England to maintain the safety of the workers and stop the spread of the virus. These include but were not limited to; the detailed planning of each operation to maintain 2 metre social distancing where possible; if not possible then appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to be provided; staff temperature and health screening every day for signs of Covid-19 by the occupational health specialists; start and finish times staggered to reduce congestion and avoid workers coming into close contact; enhanced cleaning and hygiene regimes; worker travel arrangements assessed and adapted; home/lodging arrangements assessed for risk. An additional third storey had been added to ensure social distancing was maintained in the offices.


Align’s programme shows their construction work at the North Portal (South Heath) scheduled to start in December 2022, with the site being handed over to them. The TBMs were due to arrive at the North Portal in late 2023/early 2024, where they would be ‘de-constructed’. This site was also due to be handed over to the rail systems contractor in early 2025


Vent shaft

The Chalfont St Peter vent shaft headhouse has been built to provide ventilation and emergency access to the high speed rail line 10-mile-long Chiltern tunnel. The headhouse has been designed to fit into the surrounding landscape. The 60 metre ventilation shaft would reach down to the twin tunnels below, with fans  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Community Fridge presentation


Louise attended the meeting to discuss her community fridge project. The All Together Community Fridge project redistributed surplus food to the community and was run by volunteer groups.  Food parcels are supplied to households who were struggling financially.  503 households had already been provided with food parcels. There was an increasing number of referrals so additional facilities were being looked at and a site had been identified at Blizzards Yard, Chalfont St Giles. This kitchen would not just provide assistance for covid-19 pandemic but would help with longer term problems such as food poverty. The kitchen would be put into a container and it was hoped that supermarkets and residents would help supply surplus food. Volunteers would record and weigh the food. Louise had discussed this project with David Martin the Cabinet Member for Logistics, Chalfont St Giles Parish Council and Julie Rushton, Parking Manager at Buckinghamshire Council who fully supported the proposal. The nearest fridge was based at Chesham. Many residents had used the service and some of them walked along way to the community fridge so it was helpful to have other centres. The fridge not only helped the vulnerable but also stopped food going to waste. Chesham reused 17.5 tonnes of food.


David Martin reported that the Council were providing support for the Project including providing assistance with planning permission and utilities. During questions the following points were made:-


  • For extremely vulnerable residents there were deliveries of food parcels by volunteers.
  • Home grown fruit and vegetables were welcomed.
  • Reference was made to vacant premises on the High Street but Louise informed them that they were too expensive to rent and may be used for an independent coffee shop.
  • Helen Mee from the Clare Foundation would talk to Louise about possible seed funding.


Louise was thanked for attending the meeting and the work she was undertaking to help the local community. For more information email Louise Chamberlain at


Covid Hub update - Katie Galvin (BC)


Katie Galvin reported that local support hubs had been set up to protect people during the covid-19 pandemic. The support hubs were mainly for those people who were at greater risk because they have a severe medical condition and who do not have access to family, friends or local support networks. The hubs in the first wave of the lockdown had helped with delivery of essential food, collecting prescriptions or medication, helping people get to GP or hospital appointments, mental wellbeing and help with daily living. 150 staff had been repurposed to help with the work of local support hubs. There were 8 support hubs in Buckinghamshire. There were 1500 residents identified as clinically vulnerable in Denham and Gerrards Cross.


There was a different approach for the second lockdown. The Government no longer referred to shielding but those residents who were clinically vulnerable. These residents could work from home but could still exercise outdoors. Support would be offered if there was no-one to help clinically vulnerable residents but otherwise they would be expected to use click and collect delivery, which was now set up to meet the demand for this service and offering a priority service. The Government were not funding food parcels for the second wave.


If residents wanted to find out more about local support hubs there was information on the Buckinghamshire Council website, they could contact the Community Board Co-ordinator or customer services. Library staff were being used to help call clinically vulnerable residents to check that they could access services. Letters had been sent out to these residents who were receiving support from adult social care.


Hannah Tomlin was supporting the co-ordination of food banks and arranged food network meetings to find out what support food banks required.  Emergency food parcels would be made available when required but they would not contain perishable goods. A representative from Neighbourhood Watch reported that he had attended a number of Community Boards and that their organisation was key in making sure that no resident fell through the cracks and were not offered support if required. If any volunteers would like to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme please could they contact David Alder, Chiltern NHW Scheme Administrater at


Working Group Updates and Notes of Meetings pdf icon PDF 383 KB

A          Business Forum – Steve Weston (Notes to follow)

B          Climate Change/Environment – Tim Butcher (Notes to follow)

C          Covid Reset and Recovery – Guy Hollis

D          Community Safety - Andrew Wood/Tony Shinner

E          Highways/Infrastructure – Jonathan Rush – Update on recommendations for transport applications that have been to the Working Group (Notes to follow)

Additional documents:


Business Forum

A written update would be provided.


Climate Change


Cllr Tim Butcher provided an update. In particular he made reference to organising an art competition for primary schools of which some of these pictures could be used on bins in the area to raise awareness of the environment. There would be a pilot undertaken from January to Easter.


An application for funding had also been submitted by Chalfont St Peter Parish Council to plant 100 trees by 2020 in areas of environmental concern. With funding from Buckinghamshire Council 83 trees have been planted on roadside verges in the last four years. A suggestion had also been made to plant wildflowers and bulbs to help brighten village centres.


The Community Board supported the application.


Covid-19 Reset and Recovery


Cllr Guy Hollis gave an update on this Sub-Group. They had received an application from Men in Sheds and he also referred to the Community Fridge application.  He also referred to the charitable organisation linked to the South Central Ambulance Service for first responders. He would like to bring in representatives from Primary Care Networks, health and social care and Public Health into the Sub Group. Preliminary discussions had been held with health and social care. He commented that as Buckinghamshire Council was now a unitary council and covered a wide area it was important for Community Boards to act as a link for local areas.


Buckinghamshire Council were currently assessing strategic needs for residents and he reported that there would be an explosion of need for dementia care which the Council would be unable to fund on its own and may require the support of Parish Council precepts. The Chairman suggested that it would be helpful to have a presentation from the Primary Care Network at the next meeting.

Action: Aniqah Sultan

Community Safety


Andrew Wood gave an update on the Community Safety Sub Group. Six people attended the last meeting one from Chalfont St Giles, one from Chalfont St Peter and two from Gerrards Cross. Similar points were raised about the lack of police patrols and speeding in Chalfont St Peter – there had been a recent fatality and also in Gerrards Cross. In Gerrards Cross they were in the process of installing CCTV near Packhouse Road. With Buckinghamshire Council coming into existence there were further requirements such as stress testing each posts that were being used, traffic management (which would cost an extra £5,000), electric testing of every lamppost and to put in power. Fulmer Parish Council were interested in this Project. There had been discussions about changing the Sub Group to 6.30pm. Andrew Wood referred to online reporting and commented that it was important; in the summer Gerrards Cross had issues on the common and online reporting from residents had increased police patrols.


Tony Shinner would be chairing the Sub-Group in the future and would represent the Community Board on the new Police Panel. All areas in the Community Board experienced similar problems such as anti-social behaviour and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Parish Updates (verbal)


Chalfont St Giles

The Parish Clerk gave an update. She referred to the new Buckinghamshire Council street naming and numbering policy where any changes now had to be agreed at the Community Board and the Parish Council. The new road was on Dibden Hill and Tier Cottage which used to be a farm and had been converted into six houses and they now wanted approval to change the name to Horse Croft Close recognising a name of a field which was called Horse Croft. The Community Board Co-ordinator would inform the relevant department of the consent of Members.


The Community Board supported the name change (proposed by Des Bray and seconded by Tim Butcher).


The Parish Council were in full support of the Community Fridge and it would benefit surrounding parishes. The Parish were also looking at CCTV. There was a concern about the monitoring of CCTV and it would be helpful to work together on this to provide community monitoring in one location. There have also been issues with flooding in parishes and that a three year rotation of gully cleaning was not sufficient with climate change. All Together Community had distributed 30 advent calendars to people who were clinically vulnerable which had been appreciated by the community.


Chalfont St Peter

Cllr Linda Smith gave an update and reported that they had also experienced problems with flooding as well and were hoping to have a meeting with Thames Water as this had been an issue for a while. The Christmas celebrations had been cancelled but the Christmas lights would be put up next Sunday. 17 trees were left to plant to complete 100 trees with reference to the Project mentioned above; these were verge trees to help with HS2. HS2 would fund a memorial garden at Chalfont St Peter’s churchyard and the grant would be £75,000 and the Parish would go out to tender shortly. Further funding was required.


Cllr Harrold referred to the previous comments made on flooding and reported that Chalfont St Peter had 400 extra homes built which could have contributed to the flooding. He referred to the CSP Connected website but encouraged residents to write to Thames Water direct to put pressure on them to address the problem.



The Parish Clerk referred to two projects the Red Cross Building and the Scout Hut, preparations for Christmas and to put out a new grants scheme to help voluntary organisations through covid-19.



David Brackin gave an update. He expressed concern about communications with Buckinghamshire Council regarding flooding and highways with residents having to help clear ditches, parking issues around Black Park – restrictions had been put in place which had meant that cars were now being parked on verges and time was being taken responding to the Pinewood planning application for a visitor attraction which residents were concerned about. The Council were also looking at CCTV and would like to tie in with other systems. The bins were not being collected and he commented that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


Community Matters (questions) pdf icon PDF 369 KB


No issues were raised under this item.


Date of Next Meeting

11 February 2020 at 6pm


11 February 2020 at 6pm