Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Virtual meeting via MS Teams.

Contact: Clare Gray 


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Members were welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.


Apologies for absence


There were apologies for absence from Cllr Ann Vladar and Cllr Andrew Wood.


Declarations of interest


The following declarations of interest were declared:-


Cllrs Derby and Rush declared an interest as members of the Chalfont St Peter Parish Council (Item 8- Cross Priority Application - Chalfont St Peter Big Biodiversity Battle).


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 474 KB

To note the minutes of the meeting held on 8 July 2021


The minutes of the meeting held 8 July 2021 were agreed as a correct record.


Groundwork South Colne Valley Regional Park

Verbal report by Stewart Pomeroy Colne Valley Team Manager


Stewart Pomeroy, Colne Valley Team Manager gave a presentation on the Colne Valley key projects and vision for the future. During the presentation the following information was provided: -

·         The Colne Valley Regional Park was formed in the 1960s and scopes 5 local authority areas.

·         Key statistics to show the scale of the park included, 50,000 people live in the valley, 3 million people live within 10 miles, the valley covers 43 square metres, 70 lakes and 200km river, 100s green spaces, 5 county parks, 20 nature reserves and 13 scientific sites of interest.

·         The benefits of green belt land include 6 objectives: vibrant and sustainable landscape, safeguarding the countryside, biodiversity, countryside recreation, rural economy and community participation.

·         Over 75 organisations have pledged support for the Colne Valley.

·         The Green Infrastructure Strategy had been created for organisations to adopt as the basis for the vision for the future of the area. The strategy highlighted the project aspirations for fundraising and opening up discussions with land developers. The local authorities will adopt the strategy in their plans and a model planning policy for Colne Valley Regional Park and water courses are included in the strategy. The Denham Neighbourhood Plan had already adopted part of the strategy and there were ongoing discussions with Buckinghamshire councillors to link the strategy to the Buckinghamshire plan.

·         The team have produced good work in tackling a number of issues facing the Colne Valley including, rural urban fringe, landscape decline, dereliction, HS2 and Heathrow expansion.

·         A map of the Colne Valley regional park from 2018 was presented showing villages, small industrial estates and motorways. It was highlighted the map is now out of date and there is a concern for the future of the park regarding major developments and lack of clarity and vision for the greenbelt. Furthermore, discussions with MPs regarding the green belt is needed to engage with parliament on the issue.


The key projects the team had participated in were highlighted including the government green recovery challenge fund which gave young people not in work or education a six month placement to get them job ready. The Colne Valley was featured on Countryfile with the team advising on how they were tackling evasive species. Members were advised the organisation had small core funding, despite this every £1 invested by local authorities and corporate supporters the team delivered £14 worth of projects. Another project upcoming is focused conservation training for local young people. Finally, it was advised a multi-million pound application has been made to Highways England to support biodiversity in the Colne Valley corridor.


The Chairman advised the community board would support the Colne Valley and become a friend of the organisation. It was requested Stewart Pomeroy would follow up with the community board co-ordinator as to how the board could support the organisation.


A Member highlighted the importance of defending the greenbelt and asked if it was possible to extend the Chiltern valley ANOB area to Colne Park. It was confirmed that discussions  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Welcome Back Fund

Verbal report by Donna Wilkinson Principal Economic Development Officer


Donna Wilkinson, Principal Economic Development Officer provided a presentation on the welcome back fund and current campaigns. The following points were raised in the presentation: -

·         An update on the European Union funding which funds activities to improve high streets and encourage people back to them post covid19. The types of activities the funding covered included, events, animation entertainment, cleaning of grot spots, trails and place promotion and new seating, bins and lighting.

·         The economic development team have attended community boards and met with parish and town councils to improve local engagement and awareness. The community board co-ordinators requested more ideas and suggestions for activities to improve local towns and high streets as funding was available.

·         There was an update on the welcome back to the high street campaign. The team have put up banners and posters encouraging people back to the high street. In Wycombe there has been bespoke artwork commissioned on empty units and lamppost banners. There was a Hats off Festival in Chesham last month. In Amersham there was a Halloween trail upcoming and in Wycombe Friday night entertainment was being considered.

·         An update on forthcoming events was provided including; Christmas campaign, beautification of the high street and a high street business survey due for final report in January which sought to identify business challenges and learn from different practices used during covid19. The Visit Bucks team are working on place promotion and using photography and drone imaging to encourage visitors.

·         There was a plea for any further ideas or suggestions to be emailed to Donna Wilkinson.


A Member raised the idea that Fulmer or Denham villages could put on events with live music and food vans similar to events on the continent. The Principal Economic Development Officer advised the member it would depend on the area and the businesses in the locality however the member should email her directly to liaise further.


A Member highlighted Gerrards Cross was in need of new street lighting and street furniture. Furthermore, there was a request for banners to be erected and new signage at the entrance to Gerrards Cross town. The Principal Economic Development Officer advised the member the fund covers temporary measures so it is unlikely the funding would cover permanent fixtures such as lighting. Although banners, repairing of street furniture and the signage could be in scope of funding.


There was also a point raised by a Member regarding a deep clean of the frontage of Denham Green parade of shops. The Member should formally contact the Principal Economic Development Officer to liaise further.


In response to a query the Principal Economic Development Officer confirmed the Welcome Back Fund was separate to the community board funding.



Shop Local

Verbal report by Steve Weston Chairman of Economic Regeneration Action Group


Steve Weston, Chairman of the economic regeneration action group presented an update on the shop local projects. The verbal update included the following points: -


·         The action group had met previously in September and October. There was 15% of the fund available with the group wishing to explore ideas that require further money.

·         There is a community board event planned for March 2022 and consideration is needed if input is needed from parties other than the action group. Furthermore, it was reported further discussion is required regarding whether community board screens could be available at an event. 

·          An update from Bucks Business First was provided highlighting they have net zero audits and are visiting schools to advise. There will be a focus on a shop local campaign particularly geared towards Christmas time, there are ongoing discussions with the economic development team surrounding a Buckinghamshire wide initiative.

·         There was an update on a funding application from Chalfont St Giles with a request for ideas and proposals from parishes and town councils. One current project was supporting local businesses with a local delivery service.

·         The awareness of shop local on social media was highlighted with participation in the next door app being targeted in Gerrards Cross. A discussion was needed on the status of closed businesses and a better sense on how local businesses are coping was needed.    

·         A member of the board highlighted that further discussion is needed to determine what help businesses need and the economic development survey will be very useful once collated.                   


Cross Priority Application - Chalfont St Peter Big Biodiversity Battle

Verbal report by Chalfont St Peter Parish Council and Chiltern Rangers


John Shaw from Chiltern Rangers provided a verbal update on their work and upcoming projects in liaison with Chalfont St Peter parish council. The key aspects of their work include health and wellbeing, biodiversity project, working with Chalfont St Peter parish council and other organisations to enhance the environment and build local communities.


There were 12 projects ongoing which were discussed including: -

·         The aim to make Chalfont St Peter’s local landscapes connected

·         Enacting the government’s Biodiversity strategy and Bucks Biodiversity action plan which at a local level includes connecting people and places.

·         Addressing the biodiversity, ecological and climate change crisis at a local level.

·         Ongoing discussions with DEFRA on the Chalk Stream Strategy with the River Misbourne featuring in the plan.

·         Linking the Buckinghamshire Council Climate Change Solution Strategy to the local strategy.

·         The Bucks biodiversity and Milton Keynes partnership will be published soon.

·         7 habitats have been targeted including both urban and country areas. The local community will be involved in nature on their doorstep including the creating and positioning of bat boxes and bird boxes. In addition trees will be cut back to allow light onto the streams, footbridge and paths will be repaired to increase accessibility, planting of trees and planting of hazel plants next to allotments.

·         The team are hoping to secure finding for new machinery as part of the sustainable road verge management project. This will be essential for Buckinghamshire Council to manage verge wildflowers and work with other local councils in the area.

·         It was reported Roberts Wood School would be planting more trees and positioning oak benches.

·         The upcoming Feast Day will be utilised as an opportunity to educate the local community on the environment and the work of the Chiltern Rangers.


During discussion the following points were made: -

·         A Member from the Chalfont St Peter Parish Open Spaces Committee noted the team had a god record of environmental activities with over 100 trees planted in 7 years. The complexities of planting new trees was highlighted to the board and there was a request for help to plant more trees.

·         A  Member queried where the details of the biodiversity strategy were which the Chairman advised the formal presentation would be circulated to board members.

·         It was highlighted that it is essential to plant indigenous wildflower otherwise there could be harmful effects on the environment. Furthermore, it was noted Fulmer Common is one of the last wild lands in the area and must be protected. It was reiterated that all trees planted will be native and there was an aspiration to create a local nursery for local trees. The wildflowers to be planted will be British seeds and plugs.

·         The Chairman highlighted it was encouraging other parishes were taking a similar approach and strategies by sharing best practice.



Parish and Town Council Update (written)


Aniqah Sultan, Community Board Co-ordinator advised the parish and town minutes will be circulated by email after the meeting as a limited number of minutes had been received. The Chairman reiterated it would be beneficial if parish’s could submit their minutes in a timely fashion to ensure they can be circulated before the community board meeting.



Action Group Minutes


Aniqah Sultan, Community Board co-ordinator advised they are waiting for an update from some of the parishes. Once all have responded the minutes will be circulated to board members.


Budget Update pdf icon PDF 142 KB


Aniqah Sultan, Community Board Co-ordinator advised there was currently 6 applications recently approved for funding. These included, a pedestrian island on Oxford Road and Denham Road, Fulmer common verges, A413 speed tube, bike racks in Chalfont St Peter, and a community fridge.


The current budget spend was £105k with £240k of the budget remained.


The board were advised there will be more applications circulated for approval soon.


It was agreed that a budget update after each application is approved was useful for members of the board. .


Public Health Profile pdf icon PDF 156 KB

Additional documents:


It was reported there was a wellbeing and safety action group. Donna Smith, Principal Economic Development Officer provided a report on business regeneration. There were statistics for the community board area in the report and the recommendations were advised and noted.


Service Director Update


Aniqah Sultan, Community board co-ordinator reported there were no corporate updates. The consultations ending soon will be emailed to members as soon as they are available.


Topics for Future Meetings


The Chairman requested for Parish Councils to get involved in action groups and attend any meetings. There is a community board menu of ideas which the community board co-ordinator was advised to circulate. The document will give the board ideas and any projects can be put forward for local groups.


A Member queried why the council website does not detail all of the action groups. The community board co-ordinator advised the relevant team have been contacted about increasing the level of information on the public website. However, there is more information on the boards and action groups on Facebook.


There was a discussion regarding how local groups apply for board funding particularly if they are linked to the parish council there was a concern about duplication of applications for the same cause. The Chairman advised there was a current document to address this issue and the community board co-ordinator will circulate this.


A  Member proposed a topic for future meetings of new cctv in the county. A further idea was biodiversity and how this could be extended across the county area. It was noted there could be a more holistic approach to community boards and the parish councils could come forward with more ideas.


The Chairman advised there will be a Pride of Bucks aware launched soon. It was noted this community board is already working on this and there is a working party discussing local awards.


A Member enquired why the police do not attend the community board meetings and if this could be raised with the Police Crime Commissioner or head of TVP. The Community Board Co-ordinator advised the police will be attending the next meetings particularly as the topic of the meeting will be community safety.


The Community Board Co-ordinator reiterated the theme for the next meeting in January is community safety and if there is any contributions to email her.  


A Member queried if there was going to be an event to raise the profile of the community boards. It was advised if any ideas could be submitted and this can be put on the agenda for the next meeting. Furthermore, it was advised there was a working party bringing ideas together for an event ready to liaise with Buckinghamshire Council for a suitable date.


A Member suggested an idea for a topic relating to cycle paths linking Gerrards Cross, Tattling End and Denham. The Member advised there was a network strategy with interested parties currently working together and requested if someone could attend a future meeting to brief the board.

The Community Board Co-ordinator will liaise with the relevant party to arrange this.


Date of Next Meeting

27 January 2022 – 6.30pm


22 January 2022 at 6:30pm