Agenda and minutes

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Contact: Tom Fowler 

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies had been received from Councillor Bradford and Councillor Sangster.


Welcomes and Introductions


The chairman welcomed the members and guests to the first Wexham and The Ivers Community Board meeting.


Members introduced themselves and Alice Williams introduced herself as the Community Board Co-ordinator. It was noted that Councillor Bagge and Councillor Matthews had been appointed vice-chairmen.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Introduction to Community Boards - Setting the Scene


The Localism Manager for the South gave an overview of the Community Board and how it would function.

  • The Community Board would aim to connect the Council with local communities, it would enable voices to be heard and is open to anyone who wishes to contribute.
  • It would build upon the work done during Covid-19 using formal and informal meetings to take actions that make a difference.
  • The Community Board would be able to feed into strategic issues; however, it would not be a focus for the Board. Sub-groups were to be established on the issues members thought were most important.



Public Health Profile - Key Indicators for the Community Board


The Public Health Consultant gave an overview of the Public health situation within the Community area.

  • The suggested priorities were reducing smoking, childhood and adult obesity and physical inactivity. Loneliness is a key area for large parts of the community.
  • It was noted that the Community Board area was one of the most ethnically diverse in Buckinghamshire.
  • Health data was taken from the NHS and was tied to the address of patient, therefore was representative of the area.
  • It was clarified in the report that Green Spaces referred to ‘those areas likely to be accessible to the public.



Local Priorities, Action Plan and Sub Group updates:

Parking Sub Group

Covid-19 Recovery


Members considered issues within the Community Board area.

  • Councillor Matthews gave an update on the Parking Sub-group. Parking was a prominent issue within the area. Richings Park was noted for its problematic parking. Parking schemes were consistently reviewed and could be made permanent should the need arise. Parking around George Green & the A412 was noted as being an issue.
  • Councillor Bagge gave an update on the Covid Recovery Sub-group. The intention of the group was to aid those who have been affected by the crisis. Concerns were expressed about small business owners who face reduced demand. Suggested partners to assist were Bucks Business First, Bucks Adult Learning Community Outreach Program and DWP/Jobs Centre Plus.



  • Alice to liaise with Members and contact partners for the Sub-group.
  • Alice to formulate action plan and circulate prior to next meeting.



Key Themes and Funding Criteria


The Community Board Co-ordinator gave an overview of the funding arrangements for the Board.

  • The Board had been allocated £75,902 from the Community Area Priority fund and £29,363 from the Health and wellbeing fund. It had received £70,686 from the Local infrastructure fund.
  • Funds would be available for allocation from 10 August 2020. It was clarified that funds be ideally be allocated by 1 April 2021.



Thames Valley Police Engagement


Members expressed interest in establishing a Police sub-group.



·         Alice to liaise with Members and Chairman to agree membership.


Future Meetings

Provisional Dates

Future Items

Future Attendees


It was noted that the next meeting of the Wexham and The Ivers Community Board would be 8 September 2020 at 6:00PM.