Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Microsoft Teams

Contact: Tom Fowler 


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Chairman's Welcome & Introduction

Welcome from Cllr Wendy Matthews, Chairman of the Wexham and the Ivers Community Board.


Introductions from Vice Chair, Service Director and Community Board Coordinator.


The Chairman, Councillor Wendy Matthews welcomed the Community Board to the meeting. Thanks were extended to Councillor Jilly Jordan who chaired the board for the 2020-21 cycle of meetings.


Councillor Trevor Egleton as Vice-chairman for the board was introduced.


Key Officers for the board introduced themselves.


·       The Community Board Co-ordinator, Alice Williams

·       Localism Manager (South), Simon Garwood

·       Service Director, Childrens Social Care, as Community Board Champion, Palvinder Kudhail



Declarations of Interest

To disclose any Personal or Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.



Peter Stanhope declared an interest as a member of Smartville Iver Heath.

Geoffrey Spring declared an interest in Pinewood Studios.


Actions from the last meeting

To review and sign off the actions notes from the meeting on 9 March 2021


The Community Board Co-ordinator updated the Board on the outstanding actions from the previous meeting.

  • Item 4, for the strategic flooding team to attend a working group hadn’t taken place due to the election restricting meetings. The strategic flooding team would be scheduled to attend a future working group meeting.
  • Item 6, for Cerys Williams to attend a working group with regards to AQMA. This meeting hadn’t taken place due to the election restricting meetings. Cerys would be scheduled to attend a future working group meeting.



Reflections from our first year

Look back at our achievements from 2020/21 and end of year review.

To be presented by Wendy Matthews and Alice Williams.



The Community Board Co-ordinator reported to the board the achievements of the previous year.

  • 4 meetings were held in 2020/21, 4 local priorities/working groups were established.
  • 8 Projects were funded with 22.6% of the budget allocated.
  • Previous work of the board was highlighted, such as the Ivers Foodbank, as well as infrastructure projects including the Pinewood Studios tourist attraction.

·       Strong relationships were built with Thames Valley Police which increased their presence in the area to prevent local crime & anti-social behaviour.


Setting the scene for 2021/22

a)      Board Membership

b)      Priorities

c)      Working groups and Membership

d)      Budget

e)      Next Steps



The Community Board co-ordinator set the scene for the 2021/22.

·       Membership of the board, including Buckinghamshire Councillors, Parish Councils and representatives of Residents Associations were laid out.

·       Members of the public were encouraged to attend and contribute.

·       The priorities for the board were reported as Economic Recovery, Environment & Green Spaces, and Highways & Infrastructure. The additional priority was agreed as Health & Wellbeing following feedback from the board.

·       The total budget for 2021-22 (including carry forward) was £321,405. The new funding process was reported to the board.


The lead appointed for each Working group was:

·       Health and Wellbeing – Paul Griffin

·       Highways and Infrastructure – Wendy Matthews

·       Environment and Green Spaces – Luisa Sullivan

·       Economic Recovery – Ann Mayling


Anyone that would like to be members of these working groups were encouraged to contact Alice Williams via email,



·       Alice Williams, Community Board Coordinator to collate membership and establish the working groups.



Freight Strategy Update

Verbal update to be delivered by Graham Hillary, Transport Strategy Freight Officer


Graham Hillary, Transport Strategy Freight Officer gave an update on the Bucks Freight Strategy.

  • The key objectives of the Freight Strategy were set out, there were: Appropriate Road use, Protecting the environment, Partnership working and Consider Freight in decision making.
  • It was clarified that there was a risk in using The Ivers for the pilot project of the freight strategy.
  • It was suggested Members could attend the Waddesdon Group meetings for information.



Alice to coordinate with Graham and circulate information on attending Waddesdon group meetings.





Tilehouse Day Centre Update

Denham Parish Council presentation on recommissioning the former Tilehouse Day Opportunities Centre to provide day care for adults with dementia and learning difficulties from Denham and the surrounding areas – Cllr Julia Walsh (10 mins)




Julie Walsh gave an update on the Tilehouse Day Centre.

  • This aims to provide a centre for those suffering from dementia across the wider area of south bucks
  • Feedback from the proposal was overwhelming positive and in favour of the project.
  • It would be funded from Denham Parish Council through a Public Works Loan, taken out over 2-3 years with a 50 year payback period, with an interest rate of 2.3%.
  • The project would be run as a charity should the application be approved successfully.





Community Matters pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To address questions from the public. Questions to be submitted in advance of the meeting to .


Additional documents:


The Community Board co-ordinator highlighted the following.

  • The Neighbourhood policing survey currently taking place in the area.
  • The home to school transport changes on page 29-34 of the agenda detailing upcoming changes as well as informative links.
  • Stay Safe, Protect Bucks, on pages 35-40 on the agenda pack. Reminding members to follow guidance and book jabs.
  • Paul Griffin highlighted the Be Your Own Boss Scheme working in tandem with Bucks Business First (BBF) which gives a boost to those looking to start a business. A training hub was being setup in cooperation with BBF as part of the work of the Economic Recovery Group from the previous year.


Date of next meeting:  Tuesday 19th October 2021