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Chairman's Welcome


The Chairman opened the meeting.



Apologies for absence


Apologies received from R King and J Durden-Moore.



Declarations of Interest

To declare pecuniary or personal interests.


There were no declarations of interest.



Impact of COVID on the community

Discussion with the Board of the impacts they have seen /aware of within the community and start to develop an action plan to tackle these issues


Video 5m 38s


Ms K Galvin, Localities Community Hub Lead, Buckinghamshire Council, gave an overview of the work her team had been carrying out and their lessons learnt:

  • Ms Galvin was seconded in March 2020 to set up and manage the local support hub. There was a total of 8 support hubs across Buckinghamshire.
  • During lockdown 1 150 council staff had been repurposed to support shielding residents. During lockdown 2 12 library staff had been repurposed to make calls to the extremely clinical vulnerable. This had included ringing 300+ residents to ask what support they needed.
  • The type of support needed had varied between the two lockdowns. The change in classification from shielding to clinical extremely vulnerable had given vulnerable residents and their households greater flexibility.
  • Supermarkets and pharmacies had improved their services and vulnerable residents had benefited from being able to take exercise outside of the home and extend their support bubble were appropriate.
  • Support offered had included help with shopping/deliveries, signposting to support groups including foodbanks, and collecting prescriptions. There were no free food parcels offered during the lockdown 2 but emergency food parcels had been available locally.
  • The hub had supported those who did not meet the low income threshold for track and trace payments but who were struggling financially using a grant from Heart of Bucks.
  • Heart of Bucks directory was a good source of local support from voluntary groups


Video 14m 20s

Ms A Bedlou, Weston Grove Surgeries, gave an update and answered questions. Discussion included:

  • The surgery had started to see support requests returning to post lockdown 1 level. This included phone appointments and home visits from the Complex Care team and GPs as appropriate.
  • The surgery was using social media to update patients but acknowledged this would not reach all residents. Members of the Board were asked to raise awareness locally.
  • Telephone support had had mixed results for older residents. Ms Bedlou encouraged those making visits for other reasons to take some extra time to talk keeping in mind the appropriate guidance.
  • The use of face masks caused difficult for those with hearing impairments. Ms Bedlou advised it was more helpful to make use social distance and increased ventilation to speak without a mask were possible rather than shouting.
  • There had been an increase with issues linked to housing including homelessness, anti-social behaviour (ASB), domestic violence, suitability of accommodation, relationship breakdowns and strain relationships between older couples. The surgery were working with Prevention Matters, P3, and Housing Matters.
  • The surgery had started to get information from NHS England regarding the vaccination programmes but a lot was still unknown at this time.


Video 30m

Inspector S Lincoln, Thames Valley Police (TVP), gave an update and answered questions. Discussion included:

  • Inspector Lincoln had joined the local neighbourhood team in May 2020.
  • Initially covid enforcement had focused on engaging and educating with a recent move towards enforcement.
  • TVP continued to work with Buckinghamshire Council idenitifying persistent breaches both commercial and by members of the public.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


HS2 Update pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To be presented by Kim Birtwistle, HS2.


Video 1h 1m 18s

Ms K Birtwistle, Senior Engagement Manager, EKFB, and Mr D Griffiths Howard, Head of Engagement, EKFB, gave an update and answered questions. A copy of the presentation would be appended to these minutes. Discussion included: 


  • EKFB were a contractor covering from Great Missenden to Calvert.
  • They could be contacted with requests for community support, they had staff volunteer time and looking for ideas on how to give back locally.
  • Residents could sign up for local updates at
  • HS2 Helpdesk and contact numbers could be found in the presentation.



Member of the Board noted the update.



Strategic Infrastructure

To be presented by Jo Thornton, Buckinghamshire Council.


Video 1h, 20m, 58s


Ms J Thornton, Head of Highways Development Management, Buckinghamshire Council and Mr D Tester answered questions. Discussion included:

  • The Highway Development teams statutory function was to assess live planning applications. Investigating the impact on local transport, how the impact can be mitigated and supporting sustainable growth.
  • Ms M Simons, Weston Turville Parish Council (WTPC):
    • Dropped curbs with cobbled sets on top of the Marroway joining the roundabout and the cycle path were causing accessibility issues for mobility scooters. WTPC had struggled to find the responsible party. Ms Thornton would investigate responsibility and the possibility of remedial work as part of the Hamden Fields S106 agreement.
    • Brook End, Weston Road and Marroway had pathways in need of repair. Transport for Bucks (TfB) had previously responded to say they did not meet criteria for repair. Would be raised with TfB again by the Highways DM team.
    • The new development at Worlds End Lane was to have provide traffic mitigation via a 30mph speed limit but Thames Valley Police (TVP) say they would not support the proposal. Mr Tester would meet with WTPC outside of the meeting to discuss alternatives.
  • Ms S Cotton, Bierton Parish Council (BPC):
    • Regarding the Eastern Link Road (ELR) A418 junction from Wing it was felt the flow of traffic still encouraged road users to go straight on through Bierton. Mr Tester explained that ELR was not formally open and as the link road project progressed full signage and traffic calming would be installed in Bierton. BPC would be involved in the decision-making process in line with the relevant s106 agreements.
  • Mr B Chapple, Aston Clinton Parish Council (APC):
    • Concerns were raised over the speed of traffic from where the Woodlands development met the Tring Road roundabout up to Windmill Terrace. Mr Tester confirmed the current trigger for traffic calming in the area, as included in the Hamden Fields and Woodlands s106 agreement, was the opening of the link road. However, negotiations were underway to bring this requirement forward when the applications were resubmitted.
  • Mr T Skeggs and Ms J Hunt, Stoke Mandeville Parish Council (SMPC):
    • Were the Development Management team able to reject an application due to overwhelming traffic numbers? Ms Thornton confirmed they could recommend refusal based on capability/congestion and road safety.
    • Concerns were raised about congestion and through travel including reaching the link road and onward travel to High Wycombe, Oxford etc. It was acknowledged that congestion in the area would increase in the short term as it was necessary to raise the funds through s106 before mitigation could begin. A planning application was expected to be reach the Planning Committee around February 2021.
    • Joint working was underway regarding joining the HS2 relief road to the network.
  • Mr B Johnson, Halton Parish Council (HPC):
    • Halton RAF Base was due to close in 2025 with at least 1000 new homes expected by 2033 as per the Vale of Aylesbury Local Housing Plan. When would traffic flow analysis start to be considered?  Mr Tester  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Community Matters pdf icon PDF 429 KB

To be presented by Michelle Parker, Buckinghamshire Council.


Video 2h, 2m, 36s


Michelle Parker, Buckinghamshire Council, referred to document which she would circulate to members of the board. A copy of would be appended to these minutes.



Neighbourhood Matters

Questions to be submitted in advance of the meeting to


Video 2h 5m


No questions were submitted in advance for discussion.


Name of the community board

Members of the board wanted a more inclusive name acknowledging the inclusion of more than Wendover. Suggestions included:

  • Wendover area
  • Wendover and surrounding villages
  • Wendover and district
  • WSMH (Wendover, Stoke Mandeville, Halton.
  • Bierton and Aston Clinton to be included in the name.
  • Chiltern Edge


Voting to be carried out offline due to broadband issues.



Fund Applications


Video 2h 13m


Two applications where presented for consideration. Applications were shared with members of the board ahead of the meeting.


Bierton Parish Council, £440, for a community care package/hamper in place of the normal lunch club for older/vulnerable residents.


Lindengate, £26,540.40 Nature-based wellbeing and resilience programmes for 13-18 year olds. Lindengate were on hand to give an overview of the projects and answer questions.

  • Lindengate aimed to run two programmes:
    • #You – targeting 16-18 year olds. 12 participants for 6 weeks with a total of 4 courses.
    • Planted – targeting 13-15 year olds. 6 participants for 6 weeks with a total of 4 courses.
  • A local need had been identified and pilots carried out using John Collet school students had been positive.
  • Lindengate hoped to be able to continue offering these courses on an ongoing basis dependant on local need. This may include future applications to the community board.



Ms Parker would work with Lindengate to ensure the application fully reflected the number of sessions and participants to be provided for prosperity.



The Board AGREED the Lindengate application.



The Board AGREED the Bierton Parish Council application.




Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 442 KB

To review and agree the minutes of the meeting held 1 October 2020.



Members of the board AGREED the minutes of the meeting 1 October 2020 were an accurate representation.



Date of Next Meeting

15 March 2021, 7pm


16 March 2020, 7pm

Further details to be confirmed.