Agenda and draft minutes

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Chairman's Welcome


The Chairman welcomed people to the meeting.



Apologies / Declarations of Interest


Apologies were received from Cllr S Chapple, J Hunt (SMPC), Cllr S Morgan, Cllr G Powell, and T Skeggs (SMPC).



Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 498 KB

To review and agree the minutes of the meeting held 24 November 2020.



Members of the board AGREED the minutes of the meeting held 24 November 2020.



Funding Applications

To be presented Michelle Parker, Buckinghamshire Council.


Ms M Parker, Community Board co-ordinator, referred to a report.


Ms Parker gave an overview of the spending in the year to date.


Ms Parker presented the following new requests for funding:


Action for Youth – mentoring project

Priority: Community Area

Requested: £8,389 (not £8,500 as per the report)

Description: To provide 1:1 support for approximately 10 young people aged between 11-17 for a 11-12 week period.

Discussion: The group had approached 6 different community boards (Aylesbury, Buckingham and Village, Haddenham and Waddesdon, Wing and Ivinghoe and Winslow). The application was to spilt the cost of a full time role across these boards based on both the number of schools and the number of eligible young people in each board area. This would equate to support for approximately 10 young people within this board area but it was acknowledged the exact figure would depend on the referrals being made by schools and social services.



Members of the board AGREED to funding of £8,389 to Action for Youth.


Halton Village Hall refurbishments

Priority: Local Infrastructure.

Requested: £5K funding bid (£7k match-funding)

Description: To enhance the kitchen facilities to encourage usage of the hall and also improve accessibility



Members of the board AGREED to funding of £5,000 towards Halton Village Hall refurbishments.


Wendover Canal towpath

Priority: Local Infrastructure.

Requested: £137,500- £524,250 (match funding not confirmed)

Description: Looking to renovate the Wendover Arm of the Grant Union Canal from the entrance at Wharf Road up to the Halton Parish border. Aston Clinton and Halton parish councils had also expressed an interest in extending the scheme into their areas.

Discussion: Local councillors and parishes supported the projects aims but felt further information was needed regarding:

  • Formal costings, including a more formal business case style report which outlined the individual pieces of work needed to achieve the larger goals.
  • Other possible funding options. It was acknowledged funding would come from several areas and BC support could “set the ball rolling” but no other funding had been secured at this time.
  • Whether planning was needed especially given the location within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB).
  • Whether improvements could be extended further for example as far as the A41.



No funding was award at this time. Ms Parker would work with X regarding possible funding options and the possibility of extending the scheme further.



Climate Change Strategy Presentation and Discussion pdf icon PDF 255 KB

Presentation by Cllr Bill Chapple and Ed Barlow, Head of Energy and Resources.


Round table discussion on how can we support this strategy locally?

o            Projects already happening within the local area.

o             Local areas of concern.

o             Projects to look into further.



Cllr B Chapple, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change and Mr E Barlow, Head of Energy and Resources gave a presentation a copy which was circulated with the agenda.


The following points were raised for discussion:

  • There were plans to plant trees equal to every resident of Buckinghamshire. It was confirmed this number would be in addition to replacements for tress removed for highway maintenance or those included for developers to plant as part of planning permission.
  • Going forward all trees removed by highways would be replaced like for like within the local vicinity. Where this was not happening parishes should contact Cllr Chapple.
  • Buckinghamshire Councils (BC) role was felt to be about listening to local people and groups to identify areas of interest and offer information and support for them to make those changes.  A communication plan would be created to support this goal.
  • The Kingsbrook estate was acknowledged as leading the way with environmental features built into its design. Kingsbrook Parish Council would continue to work with Buckinghamshire Council and lessons learnt could be shared with other parishes and developers.
  • Ms K Daly, Chiltern Conservation Board highlighted that the boards priorities were moving from improvement to expansion. They are looking at nature based solutions such as re-planting agricultural land for future forests and ensuring that appropriate trees were used for each site.
  • The Bucks Food Partnership would be producing information on minimising food waste shortly. They were looking for ways to work with Buckinghamshire Council and other partnerships and would speak to Ms Parker outside of the meeting.



Ms M Parker, Community Board co-ordinator, asked for those interested in joining the Environment and Climate subgroup to contact her.



Thames Valley Police Update

To be presented by Inspector James Davies.


Inspector J Davies, Thames Valley Police (TVP) Community Team, gave the following update:


The following points were discussed:

  • There had been not change to victim-based rates locally.
  • Residential burglary was down 74%.
  • There had been an increase in all types of domestic incidents.
  • There had been an increase in catalytic convertor theft.
  • Recent anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Weston Turville had been raised with the local neighbourhood team.
  • Speed enforcement had taken place on London Rd, Aston Clinton.
  • There was no information on when Community Speed watch could restart at this time.
  • Kingsbrook Parish Council (KPC) were interested working with TVP to support the new estate as it grew.



Kingsbrook Parish Council would arrange a meet up with Inspector Davies outside the meeting.



Community Matters

To be presented by Michelle Parker, Buckinghamshire Council.


Ms M Parker, Community Board co-ordinator, referred to a report, a copy of which would be appended to the minutes.



Neighbourhood Matters

Questions to be submitted in advance of the meeting to


No written questions were received ahead of the meeting.



Date of next meeting

22 June 2021, 7pm


22 June 2021, 7pm. Further details to be confirmed.