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Chairman’s Welcome and Appointment of Vice-Chairman pdf icon PDF 424 KB

Appointment of Chair, Online Etiquette and Introductions.

Additional documents:


Members noted the appointment of Councillor Wight as the Chairman of the Wing and Ivinghoe Community Board. The appointment had been made by the Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health in accordance with the Community Board Terms of Reference.


Members also noted the appointment of Councillor Cooper as Vice-Chairman of the Wing and Ivinghoe Community Board. The Vice-Chairman had been nominated by the Chairman and approved by the Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health in accordance with the Community Board Terms of Reference.




James Davies – Thames Valley Police

Karen Irons – Citizens Advice Bureau


Declarations of Interest

Members to declare any interests.


There were none.


Community Board Vision and how Future Meetings will be Influenced by Wider Community Partners.


Members heard a brief verbal introduction from the Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health, Gareth Williams, ahead of the commencement of the meeting.


Members then received a presentation from Councillor Wight outlining the vision and aims of the Community Boards. The presentation stressed the collaborative approach sought by the Community Board to tackle areas of local interest, particularly through the formation of Focus groups and Sub-Committees to explore priority areas and community concerns in greater depth.


The presentation also highlighted the key role which would be played by local external partners such as Citizens Advice, Public Health, the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub, Thames Valley Police, South Central Ambulance Service and the Fire Service through the sharing of data, expertise, insight and resources constructively with the Community Board to create a more holistic approach to create positive change in the local area.


Attendees noted the information in the presentation.


Parishes and Partner Introductions pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Representatives of Parishes and Partners in attendance are invited to introduce themselves and share their visions of the board.


Parishes and Partners present were invited to briefly introduce themselves to the meeting. Members heard introductions from the following External Partners:


Corrinna Martin - Early Years Aylesbury Vale Area / Family Services Community Coordinator

• Dr Shakiba Habibula - Public Health Consultant

• Derek Flint - South Central Ambulance Service

• Graham Hillary - Transport Strategy Freight Officer


Members also heard introductions from the following Parish Council representatives, Liaisons and members of the public:


• Abigail Bond – Whitchurch Parish Council

• Alan Williams, John Wilkinson and Penny Pataky – Edlesborough Parish Council

• Claire Bamber and Steven Lott – Ivinghoe Parish Council

• David Kellner – Chairman of Wing Parish Council

• Hannah Price - Wingrave with Rowsham Parish Council

• Jan Walmsley (Wingrave Resident Liaison)

• Joanna Rose – Weedon Parish Council

• Kate Curry and Jane Baylis (Chairman) - Aston Abbotts Parish Council

• Lucy Chidley (Cheddington Resident Liaison)

• Melinda Woof (Slapton Resident Liaison)

• Noreen ShardlowWatermead Parish Council

• Peter Brazier – Mentmore Parish Council

• Rob McCarthy - Pitstone Parish Council

• Trish Owen (Dagnall Resident Liaison)


Central Ambulance Service

A verbal introduction from the South Central Ambulance Service.


Derek Flint gave a verbal presentation in which he highlighted the importance of local community volunteering in the Ambulance Service and in a wider public health capacity.


The presentation outlined the efforts of South Central Ambulance to be an engaging partner with schools and a presence at public events to teach basic life-saving techniques to the public, as well as their work training volunteers to respond to medical emergencies in their locality as Community First Responders.


Attendees thanked Mr Flint for his presentation and stressed that building a constructive future relationship with the South Central Ambulance Service as a local partner would be discussed as an area of potential priority for the Board in the Priority Setting stage of the meeting.


Priority Setting


To inform the discussion surrounding potential priorities for the Wing and Ivinghoe Community Board, Katrina Kelly gave a brief verbal presentation outlining the three Community Board budget strands. These were as follows:


1. A Community Area Priorities strand of £86,563 – 50% of which could be dedicated to transport projects.

2. A Health and Wellbeing strand of £26,879.

• 50% of this strand was used to assist in the COVID-19 response, the remainder of which (£4,688) was to be added back into the Health and Wellbeing strand, leaving a total £18,127.50 to put towards future projects.

3. An infrastructure strand with an available £39,584


Councillor Wight reiterated the message of her presentation, that suggested Community Board priorities could be different to those that had been possible under previous structures (LAFs) and attendees were encouraged to think creatively about their suggestions to take full advantage of the large amount of discretion afforded on the use of the funds.


Roles of Localities Manager and Board Coordinator


Katrina Kelly (Wing and Ivinghoe Community Board Coordinator) and Marco Dias (North Buckinghamshire Localism Manager) each gave a brief presentation to attendees, introducing themselves and their responsibilities within the Community Board structure.


Covid-19 Response


Katrina Kelly gave a brief verbal presentation informing attendees of the Council’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, having worked as a Coordinator in the Aylesbury Community Support Hub. This was one of several Support Hubs established by Buckinghamshire Council to support vulnerable and shielding residents across the County.


The presentation reflected on the great work of the Support Hubs to effectively signpost people to support services and organisations, ensuring that local communities remained connected during this unprecedented time. The presentation also stressed the great opportunity the past few months have given to learn more about our communities and become more involved in local projects. It was hoped that this same sense of togetherness could be perpetuated through the Community Boards to tackle future problems positively and cohesively.


Public Health Profile pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Dr Shakiba Habibula gave a presentation in support of the Public Health Profile report. The presentation underlined key statistics to inform the Board of the general health and wellbeing of the local community and areas in which improvements could be made from a public health perspective. Dr Habibula also stressed the detrimental impact which the COVID-19 pandemic may have had on the physical activity and mental health of some residents, and that this should also be borne in mind when examining the report’s statistics, which were compiled before the pandemic.

The presentation concluded with five recommendations outlined in the report:


1. Wing and Ivinghoe had a higher proportion of overweight and obese children and a higher proportion of physically inactive adults therefore, reducing childhood obesity and physical inactivity were key areas for the community as they were major causes of preventable ill health and death. The Council’s Live Well Stay Well service could support the community to stop smoking, lose weight and get active. Anyone could self-refer themselves to this service.


2. Wing and Ivinghoe had a much higher proportion of working age adults and ranks amongst the highest for proportion of adults with depression and high blood pressure, therefore promoting healthy ageing through healthy lifestyles should be a priority for the community. For example, promote and encourage physical activity amongst middle-aged people; the evidence showed physical activity reduced the risk of depression, high blood pressure and dementia later in life.


3. This community had a higher proportion of residents with dementia. Additional dementia-friendly initiatives should be explored; these could help to ensure people get support before it becomes an emergency. Other interventions that should be considered were ones that promote healthy ageing.


4. Wing and Ivinghoe had a higher rate of uptake of NHS Health Checks compared to

Buckinghamshire but still less than 50% of those eligible. This programme addressed the risk factors of heart disease and kidney disease. Promoting the NHS Health check was strongly encouraged.


5. To reduce impact COVID-19 in Wing and Ivinghoe, as part of the local recovery plan, initiatives to improve mental health and wellbeing were important to consider. Initiatives that support resilience, employment and community cohesion were worth considering as part of the recovery.


Attendees thanked Dr Habibula for her presentation and noted the report’s contents and recommendations.


Parish Views and Questions


Parish representatives and Partners were invited to share their views with the Board, and make suggestions concerning the priority areas in their localities. The discussion indicated the inter-related nature of many issues, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, which in addition to having a detrimental impact on physical activity rates and mental health in the area, had also exacerbated other issues such as for the impact on local businesses who had not been able to trade during the lockdown. There was a discussion about considering the best response to this, and initiatives that might be put in place to support their recovery with the change to lockdown rules.


Representatives also reflected on the report delivered by Dr Habibula and commented that projects could be formed to improve public health holistically following a more thorough assessment of the data. A recent poll taken of resident’s priorities in the Wingrave area for example had highlighted traffic calming initiatives and cycleways as a top priority. It was suggested that if residents across the Community Board’s jurisdiction had similar priorities, this could be coupled with projects to improve public health by reducing the density and dependency on cars, and promoting cleaner, healthier transport alternatives such as cycling.


Agree Priorities


The views expressed by Parishes and attendees were considered by Members and condensed into four broad categories, which would be taken forward as initial priority areas for the Wing and Ivinghoe Community Board. These were as follows:


1.    Health and Wellbeing

2.    Traffic and Transport

3.    COVID-19 Response and Recovery

4.    Environment


It was then




That the four above categories be taken forward as initial priority areas for the Wing and Ivinghoe Community Board, and explored in further detail with Parishes to create the forward action plan.


Date of Next Meeting and Topics for Consideration


Members noted the date of the next meeting of the Wing and Ivinghoe Community Board, which is scheduled for 8 September.