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This page lists the meetings for Finance & Resources Select Committee.


Information about Finance & Resources Select Committee

The Finance and Resources Select Committee holds decision makers to account for improving outcomes and services for Buckinghamshire. The Select Committee covers the portfolio areas of ; Leader, Resources and Property and Assets

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The Council operates a scrutiny structure comprising of a number of Select Committees. Scrutiny helps to ensure local public services are delivered effectively, efficiently and in the best interests of residents. It is an important mechanism through which public accountability can be exercised.


The Select Committees’ Inquiries enable members to investigate issues of public concern and interest. These are time-limited cross-party pieces of work which conclude with a report and evidence based recommendations to decision makers (Cabinet and Partners) on improvements.


Public speaking

Members of the public may ask questions at select committee meetings. A question may only be asked if notice has been given. Any questions should be submitted in writing to no later than midday 5 working days before the day of the meeting. The time allowed for considering questions from the public should not exceed 10 minutes in total without the consent from the chairman.