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Information about Shadow Executive

The Shadow Executive oversees the creation of Buckinghamshire Council.  The Shadow Executive has responsibility for the implementation of the transition arrangements and has decision making powers in relation to transition.


The Shadow Executive will carry out all of the Shadow Authority’s duties and responsibilities which are not the responsibility of any other part of the Shadow Authority, whether by law or under the Constitution, and in particular it will carry out those duties and responsibilities of the Shadow Executive which are contained in the Buckinghamshire (Structural Changes) Order 2019 (“the 2019 Order”).  The Shadow Executive will also exercise the functions of the Shadow Authority that are delegated to it by the full Shadow Authority under Article 16 (1) of the 2019 Order.


It will be responsible for making recommendations to the Shadow Authority on the setting of a budget for the Buckinghamshire Council and will be responsible for the appointment of interim and permanent Senior Officers in consultation with the Shadow Authority.