Agenda item

To be presented by Makyla Devlin, Community Board Co-ordinator:


·       Funding report

·       Action plan

·       Community Engagement Action Group Update

·       Highways and Transport Action Group Update

·       Environment Action Group Update

·       Economic Regeneration Action Group Update


All the reports are included in the agenda pack.


Community Engagement Action Group

Cllr Carol Heap, Chairman of the action group gave a presentation which is appended to the minutes. The following points were highlighted:

  • The group had re-engaged with existing groups from the covid recovery sub-group and new groups.
  • The group had supported a number of local events including an interactive dementia experience to help make Marlow more dementia friendly.
  • The group supported the Buckinghamshire older persons’ action group which focused on engaging with older people after lockdown ended and more contacts for the community board were yielded.
  • There was an increase focus on health and wellbeing in particularly to support younger people in board area.


Highways and Transport

Cllr Mark Turner, Chairman of the action group provided an update on highways and transport schemes:

  • The following schemes were being considered by the action group: Speed restrictions for Medmenham, Fawley and Westhorpe interchange and Upper Hedsor Road. Yellow line applications, parking surveys to address traffic issues, active travel lines between Marlow, Wycombe, Beaconsfield and Slough and no waiting restrictions. The board was awaiting costings for these proposals. 
  • Parking surveys would be conducted as there was an increase in verge parking. The group had liaised with Buckinghamshire Council to increase patrols and ticketing with particular focus on Lock Road and Claremont Gardens initially. In addition, there were discussions with the Parking Manager at Buckinghamshire Council to consider the financial impact of a ‘park and stride’ period of free parking during school drop off time in Dean Street Car Park Marlow and Wakeman Road, Bourne End.
  • In relation to speeding the community board’s MVAS system was to be loaned to parish councils for pre-approved sites and to the police for enforcement.
  • An update on cycle routes was provided with Cllr’s Wilson and Johncock plotting cycle routes though their respective wards. Cllrs Collingwood and Barnes were liaising with the Carrington Estate for their routes. It was advised Buckinghamshire Council’s local cycling and walking implementation plan would be considered.     
  • In relation to public transport connectivity Great Western Railway would do a feasibility study into implementing a bus lay by close to Bourne End Railway Station.
  • The group had contacted Buckinghamshire Council to request a new bus service from Lane End to Marlow as the current route serves High Wycombe making the travel time too long for residents to access key services.                 
  • The group had been assisting Hambledon Church to obtain a superfast broadband connect and wifi ‘collection plate’. Lane End ultrafast broadband had been approved by a contractor scheduled for spring 2022 and local residents were encouraged to take an interest.
  • There would be an event in Spring 2022 to showcase electric vehicles with demonstrations and trials.


A member requested feedback on the car club and wireless charging in Liston Road car park. It was reported the scheme had been successful and was booked up with a point being trialled in Burnham too.


A query was raised on the approval of the Westhorpe interchange investment. There were no updates on this and the question would need to be raised outside of the meeting.


Environment and Climate Change

Cllr Neil Marshall presented the following updates on the environment and climate change projects:

·         The Trinity Road quiet way was in the second phase of consultation. There had been a positive response with an increase in walking and cycling.

·         The off street residential induction charging and electric vehicle hire were proving very popular.

·         Marlow Energy Group were seeking to purchase a thermal image camera which had been endorsed by the Council ready for board approval. The camera would detect heat loss in buildings so owners could be advised how to better insulate their buildings.

·         There was a Parish ecology assessment underway in Marlow and there was a request for other parish councils to get in touch if interested.

·         In relation to Eco Schooling, environmental education would be improved with the help of Chiltern Rangers.

·         Spinfield School were working as part of the solar school initiative.

·         The solar compacting waste bin would be placed on the edge of Globe Park.

·         Plans for Releaf Marlow would be ready for board approval, there were 3 sites allocated including Happy Valley Marlow.


It was reported Little Marlow Parish Council were interested in the parish ecology assessment.


There was a question regarding uncovered cycle racks at Sir William Borlase School and which working group should the application to fund a cover be addressed. It was confirmed the environment working group should receive this.


Economic Regeneration and Development:

Cllr Alex Collingwood presented an update on economic regeneration and development:

  • There was £25,000 set aside for the rural economy, which helped rural businesses diversification, improved public access, increased jobs and promoted shopping locally.
  • In relation to town centres there was increased footfall and improved footways with the ‘Build back better’ fund. There was the idea of ‘buddy benches’ in Liston Court with the idea to deck some of the car park. The board supported local events with £5,000 provided to Marlow Town Council for the Christmas lights. Further funding was mentioned for Bourne End late night shopping event and the Chamber of Commerce events such as farmer’s markets and comedy festival. There was the idea to replicate outdoor gyms across the community board area.
  • There was a focus on Globe Park and Bourne End Business Park to improve the gully and access. There was a focus on making the business parks more desirable to encourage people to work outside of London.


There was a discussion regarding Globe Park Business Park being unoccupied and the impact of the pandemic on this. In addition, the Westhorpe Business Park was discussed and the impact of hybrid working on occupancy. It was reiterated any decisions relating to this would need to be taken at a higher level.


It was confirmed that Globe Park was 90% fully let with the lowest availability of stock on site in the past 10 years. As businesses were operating hybrid models this was seen as being encouraging.



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