Agenda item


Proposal: section 73 planning application relating to Condition 9 pursuant to planning application CM/78/14 at Anaerobic Digestion Plant, Samian Way, Aston Clinton operated by Olleco.


There was no public speaking on the application as the application was deferred from the previous meeting of the strategic sites committee.


It was proposed by Councillor A Turner, seconded by Councillor S Broadbent and resolved:


to approve the application as per the officer’s report subject to an additional condition that, following its approval, the Odour Management Strategy be reviewed every 5 years and any such review shall ensure that the strategy is reflective of operations at the site and any updates in odour technology/ best practice. The review to be conducted by Olleco and of which the results are provided to the local planning authority.


Councillors L Monger and R Newcombe abstained from participating in voting on the application as they had not participated in consideration of the application at the committee meeting 3 September.

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