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Representative from each subgroup to provide an update on progress.



The Committee Members had received the subgroup reports, appended to the minutes, and the Chairman of each subgroup provided an update.


Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour – Jackie Binning, on behalf of Councillor Bill Bendyshe-Brown, reported that one meeting had taken place since the last Community Board (CB) meeting; a number of local residents, Transitions UK, Thames Valley Police (TVP) and 7Roadlight had attended in addition to the subgroup members.    Transitions UK and 7Roadlight were able to offer solutions which could help young people who at were risk of offending and/or criminal activities and would present a combined proposal at the next subgroup meeting on 25 November 2020.  The Neighbourhood Officer from TVP was interested in working with the CB on delivering Cop Cards to year 6 children.


Economic Regeneration – Councillor Teif Jones stated that since the last CB meeting the subgroup had held discussions with Jacqueline Ford, Economic Development Officer, Buckinghamshire Council (BC) and Philippa Batting, Chief Executive Officer, Bucks Business First (BBF).  It had been agreed that more information was required on the needs of local businesses and that a survey would be carried out.   The next meeting would consider what information was needed to create and build a database.


Environmental and Climate Change – Councillor David Knights advised that the subgroup had thought about what could be carried out locally to make a difference and had approved the project proposed by Chiltern Rangers which consisted of 15 different schemes across the area.  The group would also consider how it could join up with other groups to support or fund economic development and transport schemes.  In response to a query on whether the subgroup had been in contact with the Chilterns Conservation Board regarding the Chalk, Cherries and Chairs Project; D Knights stated he was aware of the project and that Chiltern Rangers were involved in delivering the project.  However, it was not part of the funding bid from Chiltern Rangers as the Chalk, Cherries and Chairs project was funded by the Lottery.    Councillor Steven Broadbent highlighted that the Chiltern Society had recently held an online ‘Cleaner Greener Chilterns’ conference and the report emphasised the need to increase carbon literacy.  It was agreed that the subgroup would look into the possibility of educating residents on carbon literacy.


Traffic and Road Issues – Jim Stevens, on behalf of Councillor Bill Bendyshe-Brown, reported that the subgroup had met once since the last meeting.  The group had made good progress and agreed two new objectives:


·     Cycling and Cycle ways

·     Carbon Emissions Reduction (from transport – i.e. looking at how transport contributed, through exhaust gases, to climate change and local air quality)


The work on carbon emissions could be worked on jointly with the Environmental and Climate Change subgroup.   As detailed in the report, appended to the minutes, a range of issues had been discussed including two strategic issues:


·     A potential draft strategy for the A4010 had been agreed by the subgroup.  The blue light services used the A4010 and it was proposed for use as an HS2 construction route which would increase the traffic by approximately 30%. 

·     The subgroup agreed that a detailed draft area-wide transport strategy for the North West Chilterns area should be developed to underpin the BC Local Transport Plan. 


Both draft strategies would be discussed at a meeting with Transport Officers on 24 November 2020. 


Following a query from Councillor Reading on the status of a previous bid request for a package of road safety improvements by Bledlow-cum-Saunderton Parish Council (PC); J Stevens confirmed that the bid had been submitted along with three other PC complementary bids for investment to improve the route.  J Stevens stated he was aware that road safety funding had been provided by HS2 and that BC would decide how the funding would be allocated.  It was agreed that the Chairman and J Binning would make enquiries as to the status of the PC bids.

ACTION:  G Hall/J Binning


Councillor Reading expressed concern over the speeding problem in the Bledlow-cum-Saunderton and Saunderton village area.  It was agreed that he would discuss the matter with Councillor Bendyshe-Brown offline.

ACTION:  S Reading/B Bendyshe-Brown


Young and the Elderly – Councillor Graham Peart reported that the group had discussed possibilities which would make a difference.


The Elderly – the subgroup had discussed addressing the issue of social isolation and loneliness.  The Clare Foundation had been trialling a system called ‘Kraydel’ and a number of other CBs were also considering it.  However, it was now known that BC was looking into providing a solution and the work by the subgroup had been put on hold.


The Young – During the year ending August 2020, 53 families (124 children) were being assisted by the Family Support Service in the NW Chilterns area.  It was not possible to assist the families directly due to GDPR regulations but the subgroup had discussed creating activities for young people in the area.  James Cavalier, of Active in the Community, worked with those from a deprived background and the organisation had taken over the running of the sports facilities for Princes Risborough School.  Active in the Community had put forward a proposal to run a Friday evening session for children aged 8+ which would be based around sporting activities. Partial match funding was available and it would cost approximately £13,000 for sessions between January and March including Easter 2021.   The proposal would be considered at the next subgroup meeting.


Hilda Stearn, representing Hughenden Street Association, asked how the Street Association could feed into the subgroup as partnership working was important and would avoid duplication.   Councillor Peart thanked H Stearn for the offer of help and agreed to discuss off line.

ACTION:  G Peart/H Stearn

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