Agenda item

Update from Councillor Peter Cooper.


Councillor Cooper gave an update on the work of the Action Groups.


Environment (led by Trish Owen)


Had been discussing improvements to electric car charging infrastructure locally. This discussion had been made pertinent by the recent Government announcement that conventionally powered vehicle production would be phased out by 2030.


The group was also exploring the development of new wild meadows and promoting natural biodiversity.


Finally, the group was seeking ways to tackle littering problems across the Community Board area, especially at the Ivinghoe and Watermead lakes. The Cottesloe School had expressed an interest in this area through the Youth Council.


Transport (led by Peter Brazier)


Edlesborough Parish Council had expressed an interest in a project involving the installation of MVAS devices. Councillor Cooper highlighted the success enjoyed by the neighbourhood Speedwatch programme across the Community Board area.


Local parking issues had developed where restrictions had been introduced and was now causing problems in some rural areas, as opposed to being predominantly seen in the larger towns. Councillor Cooper drew attention to the Traffic Calming Schemes that had been approved for funding at item 7 of the agenda as part of the efforts to resolve this developing issue.


The group noted that cycleways were in place along all major routes from rural areas into Aylesbury Town except along the A418. Wingrave residents had proposed a new cycleway to remedy this which would join onto those coming from the Kingsbrook estate. A continuous cycleway could then be seen from Wing to Bierton and on towards Leighton Buzzard. The Council had recently secured £1.2 million in Government funding to conduct major repairs to the A418 during the second quarter of 2021 and it was hoped that a new cycleway could be considered as part of that work.


Health and Wellbeing (led by David Kellner)


David Kellner had been attempting to contact The Cottesloe School and Overstone Primary School but had not yet received a response.


The group had been exploring ways to encourage a ‘dementia-friendly society’, to promote awareness of dementia locally, encourage people to learn about spotting the early signs of dementia and how to care for and support those suffering from it. Councillor Poll suggested that lessons could be learned from the ‘Safe Places’ scheme in operation within the towns across Buckinghamshire. Katrina also highlighted ‘Dementia Champions’ who could deliver dementia friends training.


Councillor Wight outlined her suggestion for a ‘Fun, Food and Fitness Fete’ to be held when social restriction eased. The event could serve a multifaceted purpose by connecting those wanting to improve their health and lifestyle post-lockdown with local businesses (martial arts/fitness instructors, healthy food catering from local restaurants etc) who had been hit hard by the pandemic to help rejuvenate the local economy.




Councillor Cooper drew Members’ attention to the Action Note Template included on page 23 of the agenda documents pack. Action Groups considering proposals were encouraged to utilise the template during meeting discussions in order to organise their thoughts and encourage further action to be taken on the proposals suggested.


Councillor Town highlighted that money which had previously come through the New Homes Bonus scheme would now be part of the Community Board Infrastructure Fund and it would be appropriate to consider other sources of funding for the Community Board in the future such as grants.

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