Agenda item

The Community Board will receive a presentation on funding.


Leone Dale (Community Board Coordinator) gave a brief presentation reminding Members of the funding application process and updating them on the current funding available in each of the Funding Streams for applications. This stood at £81,254 in the Community Area Priorities Fund (up to 50% of which could be spent on transport-related projects), £10,417 in the Health and Wellbeing Fund (following a reduction of 50% which was put towards the COVID-19 response) and £217,629 in the Infrastructure Fund. The remaining COVID-19 response funding stood at £7,549. Leone informed Members that the deadline for Transport schemes had been extended to 31 December, 2020.


Anyone still unsure of the process following the meeting, or who had ideas for future projects was encouraged to contact Leone for further details.


Leone then briefly outlined seven funding applications that had been submitted for ratification by the Buckinghamshire Council Unitary Members of the Winslow and Villages Community Board. These were as follows:


·         Great Brickhill Traffic Calming - Phase 2: £20,523.45 (submitted by Great Brickhill Parish Council)


·         Community Facilities Feasibility Study: £8993.50 (submitted by Winslow Town Council)


·         MVAS Traffic Speed and Volume Monitoring: £4150 (submitted by Padbury Parish Council)


·         Footpath Surfacing: £2587.50 (submitted by Newton Longville Parish Council)


·         Crisis Counsellor: £2,139 (submitted by the Aylesbury Vale & Milton Keynes Sexual Assault & Abuse Support Service)


·         MVAS Traffic Speed and Volume Monitoring: £2107.97 (submitted by Mursley Parish Council)


·         Repairs to Bus Shelter and Garden of Peace: £380 (submitted by Little Horwood Parish Council)


The full funding recommendations for all above projects had been published with the Agenda Reports Pack and made available to view on the Council’s website.


Victor Wright raised the issue of Soulbury’s roads requiring repairs and traffic calming initiatives to mitigate the negative effects of traffic passing through. Leone was happy to discuss ideas he had for future projects and applications in Soulbury outside the meeting.


Leone also clarified for Councillor Monger that the funding for the Great Brickhill application had been agreed pending the approval of a suitable location for the buildouts required as part of the traffic calming methods, as had been required by Transport for Bucks.


No objections were raised to the approval of the above projects. It was therefore




That the applications be approved.

Members were also updated on seven proposals that were in the pre-application stage of the funding process. This included a Traffic Calming Implementation in Swanbourne, a Traffic Scheme in Newton Longville and a Mursley Church Community Project. Interest for projects had also been communicated by Drayton Parslow and Great Horwood Parish Councils. Leone would continue to work with the applicants throughout the funding application process.


Leone reminded Members of the Councillor Crisis Fund which had been used in the initial lockdown, the necessary criteria for a successful application and the process by which funds could be requested. The fund was to be used for emergency COVID-19 funding and requests for use of the fund could be made to Counillor Renshell (as the Chairman of the Board) or Leone (as the Coordinator) by any local group, pending a conversation with Leone. Members would be asked for comment 48hrs before money was used from this fund. Updates on the use of the fund would be made through the Chairman. The remaining balance of the fund stood at £7,549.

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