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That the achievements of the Council in 2020-2021 against the objectives outlined in the Buckinghamshire Council Corporate Plan 2020-2023 be noted.


M Tett, Leader of the Council, introduced the report and explained that as the first year of the new Buckinghamshire Council was coming to a close, it was important to recognise the (non-Covid related) achievements of the Council.  An annual report had been produced and highlighted the achievements against the 4 priorities set out in the agreed Corporate Plan for 2020-2023, namely:

-                     Strengthening our communities.

-                     Protecting the vulnerable.

-                     Improving our environment.

-                     Increasing prosperity.


The Annual Report sat alongside a complementary ‘Our Covid Response Report 2020-2021’, which highlighted the achievements specifically in relation to the pandemic response, and that would be considered separately on the agenda.


The Leader recognized the efforts that staff had put in over the last year in providing business as usual services for residents whilst also establishing the new Council, in responding to the Covid pandemic, and in supporting the most vulnerable residents during this period.


The Leader invited R Shimmin, the Council’s Chief Executive, to comment on the Annual Report.  The Chief Executive supported the comments of the Leader in recognizing the efforts of staff and stated that the Covid work had been done in partnership with many other organisations.  The Chief Executive thanked Cabinet for the work they had done together with the senior management team to accelerate the Council’s response to the Covid pandemic, and also thanked all Members for the work they had done to support their local communities.


Members highlighted the following services areas and achievements:

-                     Children’s Services team – for keeping children safe and sound, and responding to many challenges including providing free school meals and providing support for mental health / welfare issues.  Mention was also made of the support provided for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)and to the support provided for children of key workers during the pandemic.

-                     Schools, teachers and the Education Department – for supporting children and responding to the many changes and challenges during the year.

-                     Planning Service – for working to transform the new Service from the legacy 5 Councils, and in establishing the new Planning Committees.

-                     Economic Development – for helping to open up High Streets (more than once), setting up Regeneration Boards in High Wycombe and Chesham, and for the work of the Aylesbury Garden Town team.

-                     Localism team – as a new service, in establishing the Community Boards whilst also playing a central role in the Council’s response to Covid.  The Community Boards were allowing the Council to respond locally to issues.

-                     The success that the Council had achieved in increasing the number of foster carers and adopters during the last year, which had been life changing for these children.

-                     Housing and Homelessness – for their resilience and partnership working.

-                     Waste Service – for their work throughout the past year, including the re-opening of the Household Recycling Centres.

-                     That the Annual report highlighted the solid foundations that had been laid for the new Council.

-                     The progress made by Cabinet in agreeing a Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy and for large scale tree planting on the Council’s land holdings.

-                     Adult Social Care team, including improvements to service delivery and in the apprenticeship scheme for social workers.

-                     Parking Services – for working to transform the services from the 5 legacy Councils into the one service covering all on and off street parking for the whole Council area.

-                     Public Bus service – for services provided during lockdown and on improvements for rural bus routes that were anticipated for the future.

-                     Thanks were expressed to all back office staff, and to all staff more generally who were all embracing new ways of working.

-                     Property and Assets team, including modifying offices, supporting the Support Hubs, for liaising with and supporting property tenants, and in working to develop a longer term Accommodation Strategy.

-                     Regulatory Services – across all the different teams, including the Environmental Health team and cemeteries/crematoria staff.




That the achievements of the Buckinghamshire Council in 2020-2021 against the objectives outlined in the Council’s Corporate Plan 2020-2023 be noted.

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