Agenda item


Angela Macpherson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Health and Well-Being updated the meeting on the Adult Social Care Transformation Programme that had been set up approximately 3 years ago.  The thrust of the programme had been to radically improve the quality of the service delivered.  This was being monitored through a Quality Practice and Improvement Board that had been set up with an independent adjudicator.  The following improvements were highlighted:

-                     The highest number of compliment ever had recently been received from service users.

-                     Audits of case work, that had been externally validated, had shown that 67% of them were rated as either good or outstanding (a 16% improvement on the previous year).

-                     Voluntary staff turnover had reduced from 17% to 10%, with 79% of leavers stating they would recommend Buckinghamshire Council as a place to work.

-                     New starter surveys were showing a 100% engagement level after 3 months of service.


Thanks were expressed to all staff who continued to work particular hard in this service area.


Gareth Williams, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration informed Members that the DHCLG had issued a new Local Design Guide for Housing Development.  The Council was one of 14 across the country that had been awarded grant funding to test the use of guides as part of the planning process..  Work would also be done locally, including engaging with local communities, to develop a local code.


Steve Bowles, Cabinet Member for Communities, informed Members that 2 induction sessions for Community Board Chairmen and Vice Chairmen had been delivered yesterday.  He looked forward to working with Community Boards going forward to deliver local initiatives.


Nick Naylor, Cabinet Member for Housing, Homelessness and Regulatory Services, advised Members that following a competitive process the Council had been awarded grants to bring forward housing as part of the Aylesbury Garden communities and to support the delivery of housing through the land release fund.  Typically, activity started on site within one year of the funding being awarded.


Clive Harriss, Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, reported that the Aqua Vale Swimming and Fitness Centre had recently suffered from a burst pipe that had caused the control room to be flooded and necessitated the whole facility having to be shut down.  Staff were thanked for their diligence in promptly evacuating the building when alarms had been triggered.  The facility was now back in operation apart from the water flume.


Anita Cranmer, Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services, informed Members that the Council was continuing to do its utmost for all children in Buckinghamshire including for those that were in care.


The Leader provided an update on the Covid 19 position in Buckinghamshire, as at 2 June 2021.  The following statistics were highlighted, with the figure three weeks ago then bracketed:

-                     The infection rate across the whole area was 20.6 cases per 100,000 people (10.5 / 100,000).

-                     Aylesbury Vale area figure was 20.7 / 100,000 (12.8 / 100,000).

-                     Chiltern area figure was 19.8 / 100,000 (6.2 / 100,000).

-                     South Bucks area figure was 12.8 / 100,000 (9.9 / 100,000).

-                     Wycombe area figure was 24.1 / 100,000 (10.3 / 100,000).

-                     328,000 (72%) of people had received their first Covid vaccination, with 220,000 (49%) of people having received both Covid vaccinations.  This was in line with vaccination rates nationally.


It was mentioned that the majority of new infections were in the under 60 age bracket and that it only took a small number of infections to see an increase in infection rates (e.g. Chiltern had seen an increase in 13 infections from 6 to 19, and Wycombe had seen an increase in 26 infections from 18 to 42).